Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It snowed again...sigh.

Why! Why! Why! It snowed again last night...is Mother Nature just ignoring me and my pleas? Yes I know it is February. Yes I know I live in Chicago. But please god and goddesses of weather above: I want spring. I is tired of shoveling and warming up frosty paws with little snowballs attached to them.
Well, at least Fiona is happy.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Petfinder is my Crack

I've got a wee bit of a problem as I find myself logging onto Petfinder.com like a crackhead every other day or so to see if any new setters or dacshunds are listed and available for adoption. My logical brain says "hey crazy lady- 3 dogs and 2 wacky kitties are enough!" Then the addiction takes over and says "C'mon, it's okay to just look...no harm in looking, right?" Next thing you know I am furiously clicking on sad stories of dogs and mapquesting towns in neighboring states to see how far I'd have to drive to go pick up said homeless dog in need. I'm mentally rearranging my family room to add another dog training crate. The high culminates in me saying "I can adopt another dog! He or She NEEDS me! I can make this happen and save this poor creature!!" (pant, pant, pant) As I slowly come down off the bigh I realize that I need to focus on supporting humane groups and giving my 3 pooches and 2 kitties some more time and attention. I walk away from the computer with some sweat on my brow and guilt in my soul.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fiona loves winter...I do not.

Fiona can sit out in the -15 below wind chills until her paws glaze over. It does not faze her in the slightest. I on the other hand cannot even stand near the sliding glass door (indoors mind you) to knock for her to return inside without cursing the chill. I hate denying her some outdoor time, and certainly I am aware of the dangers of dogs in the cold. (stop your hate mail now) But good gravy, how do I learn to embrace winter the way my silly setter has? I'm more like Dugan our 8 year old Irish setter. His creedo is "go out only when necessary, return inside immediately and burrow under warm blanket."

Silly Setter Helping Other Silly Setters

Fiona, Dugan and Caelan were all rescues so we feel it is time to give back a little bit to a great organization that helps English Setters find forever homes. ACES (Another Chance for English Setters) is a wonderful breed rescue group that unites setters with families and in the process enriches everybody's life.
Visit www.englishsetterrescue.org to see listings of setters in need. Part of the proceeds our Etsy shop receives from the sale of our Silly Setter Striped Collar will go to assist the great work in progress with ACES.
To see this stylin' fundraiser go to:


Since my hubby says we can't rescue every setter in need (dang him) this is the next best thing we can do!

Smooches to the Pooches-