Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2013 Friends of Lucky Fiona Calendar

After careful consideration - we're talking hours of agony folks - our judges made their final picks for this year's Friends of Lucky Fiona 2013 Calendar. We'd like to thank everybody that entered and helped us raise $285 when all was said and done for the Dekalb Animal Shelter with their $5 donation submissions. Our judges were perfect in that they picked purely on what they truly loved and thought best represented Lucky Fiona, they had zero information on previous winners, on who's dog was who's or if they were dogs from the same household or Collar of the Month subscribers or first time collar buyers. We think the resulting calendar is incredible and since we had so many favorites in the runner up category we actually had some 8X10 photo collages printed to showcase the top 20 that did not make it onto the calendar. See the shop to order either and we are offering FREE SHIPPING on both products. 

The 2013 Friends of Lucky Fiona Calendar
2013 Cover Dog & Official Blue Belton is Carter - every year we pick a blue belton for the cover in honor of Fiona and Carter and his pile of collars was a unanimous decision. 

January - Daphne, Theodore, Buckley & Lucy 

February - Makley

March - Mary

April - Baxter

May - Teddy

June - Izzy

July - Scout

August - Gemma

September - The Barto Trio - Alex, Addie & Emma

October - Phoenix & Alladin 

November - Guinness
* This was supposed to be Molly England's month for winning our Makeover contest, but sadly her photo was too small of a file to be reproduced on the calendar so we used her brother who was in the top 10 cut to make our printer's deadline. We say it every year folks - only submit large format! We think Guin Guin represents his pack well. Check out our Glossy 8X10 of runner up dogs to see Molly in all her glory. 

December - George

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Our Black Dog Friday SpokeDog is Wally!

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Wally The Official SpokesDog for Black Dog Friday Sale at Lucky Fiona
Listen to Wally - our contest winner as the Black Dog Friday spokesdoggie -
"Every dog should have a Lucky Fiona...or two, or three, or ten, or thirty, or ninety (if you live in the Barreau house) Don't miss this chance to get top quality products for half the price! Black Dog Friday is almost here!"  - Wally

Saturday, November 17, 2012

2013 Friends of Lucky Fiona Calendar Contest

2013 Friends of Fiona
Photo Calendar Contest
Submissions Wanted
It's that time of the year again! We have 11 photo slots open for submissions to the 2013 Friends of Lucky Fiona Wall Calendar (including the coveted Cover Shot)
Submit your favorite dog or cat photo wearing Lucky Fiona gear for our yearly calendar contest! It's just a $5 donation to submit per photo - 100% of donations go to Dekalb Animal Shelter - a non-profit animal shelter in Genoa, Illinois where we adopted Fiona from - Your photograph will be reviewed by our panel of animal loving judges and 11 will be picked. The top 11 submissions will be featured in our high quality Friends of Lucky Fiona 2013 Calendar. Up for grabs is 10 individual months and the coveted cover photo! Submissions accepted now through Saturday November 24th at midnight. Click here to purchase $5 donation chance to submit: Lucky Fiona Shop  Calendars will be for sale starting Monday November 26th 2012 - due to the high cost of printing and shipping calendars we decided to make this a fundraiser by charging a donation fee for submissions. To see the good work Dekalb Animal Shelter does go to: Shelter Fiona was Adopted from - click here
* 1 Photo Submission per $5 donation. Send Invoice Number from $5 donation purchase from Lucky Fiona shop and attach photograph file. Email to  Include - Your name, subject's name, age & breed. Your submission is acknowledgment we can use your image for reproduction of our yearly FOLF calendar.
* Please only submit photographs you have personally taken or have rights to. No professional shots without written expressed permission of the photographer. No watermarked photos.
* Make sure Lucky Fiona is represented in the photo! We don't have to see the whole collar, leash, blanket and/or toy, but it needs to be featured somehow in the photograph. 
* HIGH RESOLUTION/LARGE FORMAT PHOTOS only!!! Please understand we need big files in order to reproduce a picture on the calendar. Every year we get fantastic photos that cannot be considered because they are very small files that come out pixelated if reproduced. Be wary of camera phone submissions unless they are shot in large format. 
* Be creative! We love to see what you come up with. Our impartial judges will judge on content and do not care about breed or how many Lucky Fiona collars you own. Keep in mind we like to match photos to months, so if you are interested in your pooch being Mr. February? Submit a snowy shot. How about your dog being Miss July? A swimming photo perhaps? Keep in mind September and October are already filled with previous contest winners, the other months and cover are up for grabs.
One photo submission per $5 donation.Purchase however many photo chances you wish and each $5 donation goes to Dekalb Animal Shelter Email photo with Invoice Number from $5 purchase to 
Questions? Email *** This is a fundraiser for a 501c3 Animal Charity so please do not submit photos for consideration without buying a $5 chance from the shop. Photos submitted without a donation will be returned to sender and not considered. Judges decision is final. ***

Sunday, November 4, 2012