Sunday, January 29, 2012

Products we want to HOWL about!

Beatrix says "Back Off" from my Antler!
We are just pleased as punch around the Head Bitch studio to find another chew toy option to keep the pooches happy and occupied. This mild winter has not only taken it's toll on my floors (read next week's entry on "How Muddy Paw Prints Drove  Me to Insanity") but also have taken a toll on the dog's amount of outdoor activity. When your back yard and local dog park are mud bogs and it's way too cold to bathe outdoors like we do in the summer post-mud the dog's outside time is curtailed. 
My dogs have to get their ya-ya's out or they start to eat items like my micro suede ottoman or their super high end dog beds. Which as dog people you know cost about the same as your first vehicle in high school. 
I needed a chewing alternative to provide hours of fun and hence started researching antlers. I've seen them at dog boutiques and events but was always scared off by the price since I need more than one for multiple dogs. One local shop sells a medium split antler for $25, yikes. Lo and behold I found Grateful Shed Antler Chews and pricing that was wholesale yet direct sold to the public! NO MINIMUMS. I called Jeff (Head Antler Dude) at Grateful Shed and he gave me a whole education on how antlers are awesome chew toys for dogs. They are organic, contain vitamins naturally and are a renewable resource as the animals that have the antlers naturally shed them off seasonally, so no animals are harmed in harvesting the antlers. Jeff explained his high quality antlers do not splinter, have no odor, are awesome for dog's with allergy issues and do not stain carpeting. He also said he does not cut his antlers into small little sections like many sellers do or add chemicals to them or flavoring. Jeff explained with his antlers you get the whole antler width and that buying the proper size is important, he can help you based on your dog's breed and chewing habits to figure out what antler is best. He said every antler has a different taste and some dogs respond more to one or the other. He said it's similar to people, some prefer beef over chicken, it seems in the dog antler game some pooches prefer elk over moose. I ordered 3 large Mule Deer Antlers (always a favorite for most dogs)for $24 and had them in 2 days! The dogs are in love, literally chew them for hours and they have not worn down at all. They are the first thing they pull out of the toy bin in the morning and I actually have to put them out of sight at night time as Pogue brought one into our bed Saturday night. We're on Day 4 and they are still as excited as they were on Day 1. Dog Bliss and my furniture remains stuffed!
So check out Jeff's site for more info. on this great and natural option for dogs. He is on vacation 1/28-2/7 but will be back in a week to personally answer your questions and fill your orders. Did I mention ANOTHER reason to LOVE this company? He has a monthly photo contest where if you send in a photo of your dog chewing one of his antlers and get picked you not only win an antler of your choice but also Jeff will DONATE TO THE RESCUE of your choice! Plus he will plant a tree in your name and your dog's name with the Arbor Day Foundation Friend of Trees Program. I mean talk about a win-win-win! Also: If you live in Northern Illinois he offers FREE SHIPPING. Yes, we are in love with you Grateful Shed, next order? I'm thinking Caribou! 
Click here to go to Grateful Shed's Website

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter is here your pooch stylin'? Coupon Code!

Lily says "Get your snow on!"
The Pez

Well Winter 2012 finally arrived here in Chicagoland this week. We had a little snow and some brrrr temps to remind us that yes indeed, it is January and winter.  

So we are asking our loyal friends and fans to take a close look at their dogs. Now be honest...are they still wearing Holiday collars? It's time for some new style! To help the cause we are giving you $5 to shop with! So no more excuses, get a new Winter 2012 Lucky Fiona Collar or maybe one of our sweet Valentine styles. Use code WINTER5 at check out to get a $5 credit on your order now till 1/22. This week only, so shop away pals!

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Heart Your Dog
Let's Get Ready to Go Racing
Mr. Duffy Has His Boat Shoes On

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A dog's eye view of my recent illness...

I've been sick since December 19th. Or maybe it all began December 16th when I passed out prior to vacuuming (which by the way is a totally cool trick to get your husband to do the vacuuming)At any rate, I have been out of routine laying in bed, praying for a day the Kardashians are not mentioned on television every 7 seconds. 
So my dogs have been out of routine. The highly regimented pack has been in a state of chaos for some weeks now. Hence being creatures who love habit, they have gone into some type of bizarro land routine Alex has created where apparently there is no routine. To get a better understanding of what is going on with my carpets and disheveled looking hounds I took a glimpse into their diaries to get a first-paw account of what they really were thinking as I lay in bed wheezing...

"No amount of sacrifice is enough till my DogMom is better."
Lily -  - December 2011/Jan. 2012  - Thursday 7:45 a.m. ~ 
"DogMother continues to lay in sickness on the big bed and I have stood vigil never leaving her side. I stare at her adoringly, lick her fever ridden forehead and will only leave if forced by DogDad. I do not need food, I do not need water, I will only go out to potty if forced after staring at her for 8 hours. I will follow her to the bathroom in case she needs me and then recoil myself at her side again when we get back into bed. I don't want to play, do not talk to me, I just want her to be better and I am not moving until she is better." 

"Where's the party? I'm the party. Oh, yeah."
Pogue -  - December 2011/Jan. 2012 - Monday 4:05p.m. ~
"Dude! This has been the best 3 weeks ever! DogMom is like upstairs in a coma or something and never leaves her bed and I am totally downstairs and DogDad is in charge. There are NO RULES man! The doggy door NEVER closes, it's a blast! Nobody is constantly bugging me about my muddy paws, in fact DogDad doesn't even seem to notice them! I go on the couch with them and counter surf and there is none of that frantic flailing sign language that DogMom is always flashing in my face. I've been hitting the litter box for snacks and digging holes in the yard, it's been so gnarly. Sometimes I run upstairs to see if DogMom is breathing and she gets all cranky flashing that "no" sign because my paws are all muddy and apparently she minds if her bed is muddy which is ridiculous because the ENTIRE DOWNSTAIRS is muddy! Get with the program lady, MUD is where it's at. Lily is being a real kiss-ass staying up there with her, but that's okay, it's given me a chance to bond and teach Beatrix some really cool things like how to shred the family room chair! DogDad doesn't use measuring tools to pour our food out like that persnickety DogMom of ours and gives us pizza crusts! I hope DogMom never gets better!"

"I'm confused."
Beatrix - December 2011/Jan. 2012 Tuesday 6:25p.m.~
"What the hell is going on? 
I haven't been to ballet or French lessons for weeks. I have some type of sap on my head from screwing with the Christmas Tree which Pogue said we had to do or Santa would not come. Nobody is cleaning the sap off my head. It's unsightly. 
DogDad seems nice enough, he gives us whole cookies instead of pieces like DogMom does. But sometimes I tell him I have to go potty and he is watching the big big picture box and he'll say "in a minute". He does not understand I have a puppy bladder and I can't wait a minute. Shamefully I had to go potty in the laundry room on the throw rug in front of the door. I need therapy over this. For the love of God, I KNOW BETTER!
DogMom just lays upstairs oblivious to my life being ruined. I have been trying to get messages to OESR to save me from this mayhem that has become my life. Unfortunately, OESR President Susan England does not read and understand Swedish which I foolishly wrote all the emails in. I need culture and a good brushing. Somebody help me."