Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This Week's Friend of Fiona is Meredith Grace!

Dear Fiona,
I just wanted to share how much I absolutely LOVE my new PattyCake collar. I look so cute running around, chasing after bugs, and making messes in the yard that it is nearly impossible for my Mom to get mad at me when I get into a bit of mischief. I am also the envy of all the neighborhood dogs who howl with jealously as I prance by wearing my Lucky Fee collar. Hope your diet is going well, as we all know how important it is to impress those men in our lives. Thank you for your awesome paw-work.
Meredith Grace

* We are a suckers around here for a cool photo collage! Thank your Dogmom Meredith for doing such a "pawsome" job on that! Also have her contact us with your pick of a free collar for being this week's winner and Official Friend of Fiona!
Keep those photos coming folks to

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Birdie is a Good Egg

Hi Shannon,
I just wanted to send you over a few pictures of Birdie sporting her Lucky Fiona collars.
Birdie is such a busy girl, she's really not happy unless she is working and she loves to be on the go. Of course, when she isn't working enough, she gets bored & decides that taking pots & pans out of the cupboard, hoarding slippers or continually bringing me things she thinks I need are good things to occupy her time. I think Birdie is the only one in my house that constantly manages to get the dirty laundry into the laundry basket. Then again, I think if I gave them treats for hitting the basket, the rest of my family might not miss so often.
Enclosed are pictures of Birdie doing a therapy visit at the nursing home wearing her Clam Bake collar. She received so many compliments about this collar. I'm trying to find some complimenting fabric to make her a doggie dress to match it. Yes. I am that kind of dog owner. But Birdie is such a Diva, she loves wearing her dresses & little costumes when we do therapy visits.
I have to say that I really really love the Butter & Eggfly collar, it compliments her fur color & looks absolutely smashing with her service vest. She has received many many compliments about this collar. She actually pulls it down off of her collar rack when she gets her gear when I tell her to suit up. While they were nuking me in radiology, Birdie was off making her own therapy rounds at the hospital with the orderly who was sitting with her. He told me that she received many compliments on how pretty her collar was. I just found some fabric to compliment this collar so I can make her another outfit for therapy visits.
These collars are really awesome, I've been referring people to you already.
~ Noel
* Not only is Birdie an amazing service dog but so is her generous Dogmom Noel. I say this not only because she pushes through personal health issues to do therapy visits to benefit others but also because she herself is an artisan who creates dog collars!!! Yes, she runs a dog collar business and here she is spreading the word about Lucky Fiona. Thank you Noel for all you do with Birdie to brighten the days of others, but also for being so kind hearted to support another collar artist. Noel will be launching her website featuring her hand crafted leather work collars in July, visit her at

Friday, June 18, 2010

Great Photographs and a Great Cause!

So thrilled to share a great photo contest that benefits a wonderful humane group called Shelter Outreach Services. They offer low cost spay and neuter services not only to individuals but also breed rescues and shelters.
Now I am not going to tell you that you have to vote for one of our Lucky Fiona clients, but really why wouldn't you? They had a lot of entries and it's no surprise that Lucky Fiona wearing pooches made the finals. You get one free vote so give it a whirl!
Want to place more than one vote? You can easily online and at a buck each! The vote monies go back to the rescue. Win-win!
This is such a cool website for running a photo contest we will use it when we ask for entries in September for the yearly Lucky Fiona Friends of Fiona 2011 Calendar Contest! We'll pick a great humane group to donate the vote proceeds to and have you folks vote the 12 winners. (takes the heat off of Fiona to have to pick 12 from all the awesome entries we receive!)
* Please vote with your heart and LOOK AT ALL THE ENTRIES and not be like my husband who fell in love with Pokey and took all the votes in his vote bank on him alone! So many adorable dogs and cats and remember first vote is free!
Here is:
Pokey (Puppy in bowl currently in foster with OESR & Lucky Fiona collar wearer), Oakley (in bandanna & adoption pending with OESR & Lucky Fiona collar wearer), Grayson (stick in mouth - Current Collar of the Month Club Member), Carter (red background - Current Collar of the Month Club Member & previous Friend of Fiona), and finally the adorable Guiness ( charcoal background - Current Collar of the Month Club Member)

Visit for more information: Great people who do good work for animals in need. Great website to fundraise with photo contests! Awesome photographer who took shots of all 38 entries. Fiona's fave rescue group who has many available dogs for adoption!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This Week's Friend of Fiona is...Storm!

Hi Shannon! I got Storm's collar in the mail yesterday - it looks great! I laughed when I saw it was addressed to him. ;) Here's a photo we took of him in his new duds:

Thanks again!
* That's all it takes to become an Official Friend of Fiona - just a quick email and a wonderful photo of your pampered pooch in Lucky Fiona. We love Storm in the Church Window in a extra wide martingale style. Fabulous! Hey - Storm, tell your Dogmom to give us a shout with your free collar choice and the rest of you get on the ball! Send in your photos to

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This Week's Friend of Fiona is Chloe!

Hey Shannon,
Just wanted to send you a few pictures of my sweet Chloe in her Lucky Fiona collars. She's a little furry, so her collar is a little hard to see in some of the pics. We absolutely love your collars and leashes! Chloe is so special to me and she deserves the best! Chloe is 1.5 year old wheaten terrier/goldendoodle mix and the love of my life!
I consider Chloe a rescue dog, not because I rescued her (she came from a lovely breeder), but because she rescued me. In the summer of 2007, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, my mom under went 2 emergency back surgeries, and my elderly grandfather moved in with my parents. I dropped out of college in the middle of my senior year to move back home to be caretaker for everyone for a while. After getting through my dad's cancer and recovery from my mom's surgeries, I went back to school. Not long after going back to school, my parents gave me Chloe. In so many ways, she has helped to heal my heart after going through so much. She is one of the happiest dogs I have ever met. Everywhere we go, people comment on how happy she looks and how she looks like she is smiling. Her happiness is infectious and I can't help but smile when I look at her! She is such a source of joy and happiness for me. I can't imagine my life without her!
Bekah & Chloe
* Well, Bekah - you and Chloe have brought a lot of happiness to Fiona and I reading your email. We are happy to announce that Chloe is this week's Official Friend of Fiona! Give us a shout to let us know what custom collar you would like as your prize. For the rest of you happy dogs have your DogMom or DogDad send us your photo wearing Lucky Fiona and you could be our next winner.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More Goat News at Lucky Fiona and This Week's Friend of Fiona is KID!

Hi Shannon,
I wanted to pass on the good news of a new (and last) addition to our goat family. We did not want Lilla to be alone, though I kind of think she would rather be an only child, so we found her a little brother. His name is Kid, full of spunk at just about 10 weeks old. He is a Pygmy as well but will probably be a bit bigger then Lilla. We found out about him though one of Goat-Dads friends. One of those, best friends parents neighbors had baby goats and wanted to give them away, so we were lucky enough to be given him. Lilla as I mentioned was not so thrilled to have to share her attention with a little one, but they are working things out. Ginger can not figure the little guy out. He runs and screams whenever she gets into the pen, it only took Lilla about 48 hours to figure out that all Ginger wanted was to play and eat the droppings (I think she has decided the goats are secretly M&M dispensers for dogs, we are trying to break her of this rather annoying habit). Hopefully Kid will figure it all out soon! I had an extra Veronica Cat Collar from when I ordered gifts for everyone for Christmas and it fits him perfectly. I will have to get some photos of the whole family in their Lucky Fiona collars! But I figured I would send you a photo of him when we first got him home. Hope all is well with your family and that Fiona is successful with her diet!
Best wishes to all,
Love Dog/Goat Mom
* Oh Ayres, we can't have Kid sporting a cat collar when Lilla has her very own Lucky Fiona Goat Creation. Fiona loves that she gets to make another goat collar so we will be naming Kid this week's Official Friend of Fiona! Shoot us an email with his neck size and we'll get him stylin'! For the rest of you Dog/Cat/Goat Moms ~ send us your photo of your animal companion in Lucky Fiona and you too could be our weekly photo contest winner and receive a complimentary custom collar of your choice.