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Where are the now? Jordie and her pups - A year later...

* I reached out to the folks who adopted Beatrix's litter mates and her Mama and asked for updates when the pups turned a year old at the end of June. We didn't hear from everybody sadly, but these were the updates we did receive! Happily all pups were placed in loving homes as well as Jordie. To see some wonderful dogs like these looking for homes go to - Shannon 

The puppies born June 26th & 27th 2011 - 5 girls and 1 boy!
Their Mom is Jordie the English Setter Rescued by OESR in May 2011.

Jordie the Mama Dog 
Hi Shannon,
I hope all is well.  Jordie has been doing great with us and has come such a long way such we got her last August.  All of her anxiety issues have disappeared and she is super content and happy to be with us. 
Jordie - The Mama Dog
Well, Jordie is very birdy and loves to "hunt" literally all day long.  We have bird feeders strategically set up on our deck which attracts at a ton of birds including our a few resident chipmunks and squirrels.  She runs up and down the stairs from our raised deck to her doggie door that goes to her outdoor kennel from 8 am until dark.  She grabs a nap here and there but she is basically in and out and on point all day long. She absolutely loves it!
After dinner I usually take her for a long walk.  Hard to believe that she has anything left but she does.  We have a plenty of robins in the neighborhood so the walk because a PULL as she points and chases after birds.  At the end of the day it's snuggle time on the couch with the family.
We also spend a lot of time in Maine during the summer (we have a seasonal place up there).  Every morning Jordie and I get up early and head to the kennebunk dog park where she runs around crazy chasing after all the birds.  Then we head over to the beach, which Jordie LOVES.  She get's SO excited so we have to keep our car windows closed as she has tried to jump out to get to the beach  She loves chasing after those seagulls and running in the ocean. 

Funny thing about Jordie, she's a people person and has no interest in other dogs whatsoever.  When we got to the beach in the morning there are a ton of dogs but she will not interact with them at all.  If a dog gets to close she will bark and snap a bit - not sure if this has anyhting to do with her back story but she wants nothing to do with other dogs.
Jordie's personalilty...... birdy, obedient, loyal and loving. She's a typical setter girl! She is also very quiet. She never whines and rarely barks. We call her the "precious puppy" because that is what she is to us.  
Hopefully you can see her smiling in the attached pics.
The Kenarys of Maine

Joy - Female Pup

In August of 2011 Joy went on her first road trip.  She was travelling to meet her "foster family".  I remember the first time we saw her how in awe we were.  She was an adorable little fluff ball, to us she looked like a little St. Bernard pup.  When we arrived home in Pittsford NY with her it took no time at all for her to become comfortable with us.  Her big brother's  Jay (OESR alum.) and Thunder (a Lhasa Apso) met her for the first time in the front yard and accepted her immediately.  Our original plan was to foster Joy until her forever family came along. We had just adopted Jay five months earlier and didn't think we could find another setter that quickly that would be as perfect as him.  We took her to the beach and the park and the lake with us. She enjoyed all her outings and her romps in the yard with her brothers and the neighbor dogs.  It didn't take long for us to realize that Joy had already adopted us, especially my husband Terry.  Jay has been my dog since day one, he travels the house with me throughout the day and whenever I'm sick he doesn't leave my side.  It was so sweet to see Joy had taken to my husband in the same way.  She stole our hearts and we decided that Pittsford NY would become her permanent home.

Now I'm not going to fool you this little girl is NO angel.  She has destroyed numerous pairs of shoes, loves to chase the kitties, takes the wet washcloths out of the laundry basket to chew and roll on, chews the paint off our back door, chewed our bottom step that we just refinished and has eaten a couch. But she still melts our hearts everyday with the cute things she does....the way she sits on the stairs the way a person would with her bottom one step higher than her feet, the way she brings a toy to my husband every morning to let him know she needs to go outside, the way she meets you at the door like you've been gone a lifetime even if you just walked down the driveway to get the mail, the way she walks on her hind legs like she's a circus dog, and the way she curls up next to you in bed.  She is surely no angel but she is definitely a keeper!
As she is quickly closing in on her first birthday Joy is growing up.  I couldn't tell you when the last time was she had an accident in the house (thank God!), she doesn't chew on the woodwork quite as much as she used to and she has learned that the kitties mean business when they give her the warning to back off.  Joy loves running around the yard now and chasing butterflies and birds, chipmunks and squirrels.  She loves running at the park and playing in the creek.  She swam for the first time at the lake at her Gramma and Grampa's house and loves it! As I write this letter she is laying in her favorite chair (the one that matches the couch she ate) and relaxing after a long day of play.  I can't think of any place I'd rather have her be and I'm pretty sure she feels the same.
The Kelleys
Derby - Female Pup
Hey Shannon -- here's an update on Derby and a couple photos :)
Derby is the funniest, snortiest little pig-dog ever. Weighing in at a perfect 41.8 pounds, our little pup has grown up so much! Everyone thinks she's such a pretty girl and folks are always curious to know her breed. We have lots of opportunities to share OESR info with people. She's a good little representative! Her favorite things to do: bark at people (we're working on this one), tug of war, hide and seek, "playing" with birds (there's no question she's a birdy dog, that's for sure), belly rubs, going to the park to play with her canine BFFs, car rides, shaking for treats, and "dancing" with her favorite humans. 

She's a gentle, tender soul who likes to protect her humans and police the dog park. Without fail, if a human is correcting their dog at the park or dogs are fighting, Derbydoo will run over and bark at them. It's quite funny, actually. Always the little defender with a big heart and bigger bark! She's been swimming a few times, so we know she can do it and seems to like it, but would rather chase and be chased by her doggy friends. She's very smart and obedient, unless she's choosing to ignore us (like when she would rather stay at the park than go home.) We like to call it selective hearing :) 
We are so lucky to have her in our family. She's just quirky enough to fit in beautifully. 
Thanks for letting us share her with you!
Derby sends puppy love and kisses :)
Evelyn & Dan
P.S. Included a couple pics of Derby in her Saltwater Summer collar for you. You should've seen how happy she was to wear her new "necklace" -- she begged to put it on (she gives her paw for a shake when she really wants something. Doggy sign language for "PLEEEEEAAAASE gimme that thing you have there cuz I wannit!"

Beatrix - Female Pup

I think we knew after 5 minutes of picking up Beatrix in Indiana for foster that she was ours. But we waited a bit to try to prove to all the OESR know-it-alls we could be strong. But that face suckered us in. 
Miss Beatrix Elizabeth has been a delightful addition to our family and Alex and I continue to be amazed at the sweet and sassy personality of this little gal. Beatrix was the runt of the litter and still is wee compared to her siblings. She is currently topped out at 25 pounds and the most adorable little peanut of a pocket setter ever. 
Beatrix is silly and playful and loves to play with the other dogs and especially the cats. We have never had a dog so in tune to the cats. She brings them toys, she licks their heads, she "herds" them. She even sleeps like a cat sometimes perching herself on the top edge of the couch cushion. 
Beatrix is incredibly affectionate, she loves to cuddle with humans and other dogs. She always has a sweet kiss to share. I tend to think she is a Mama's girl, but she adores her human Daddy as well. They have a special game where he blows in her face and she makes little squeaks and yelping sounds. This game is reserved for Daddy only. I could blow in her face till the cows come home and she just looks at me quizzically like "hmmm, not playing with you lady." 
Beatrix does incredibly well off lead at the dog park and basically follows Pogue, who follows Lily. So we have a perfect little trio that stays together running through the tall prairie grass. She's not super birdy, but we've caught her pointing a few things. Mostly bees. She likes to dig. A little too much. She's directed several "unexpected" landscaping projects in our yard.
Beatrix loves to dress up. She adores getting groomed, wearing sweaters and being brushed. She likes being told how pretty she is, so we do that often around here. She loves to play in water, which often leads to an unexpected bath. She's done this since we got her at 7 weeks old. She paddles in the large water bowl we keep on the deck for the dogs to drink from, so we got her a doggie pool this summer and she loves splashing and playing with toys in it. She also adores her stuffies and is not often without one in her mouth. Favorites are Headless Raccoon and Baby Possum. She will greet every arriving person into the house with a stuffie toy. Sort of like a welcome gift. (such good manners) When she gets very excited she makes a little scrunched up face where her snout is all wrinkled and her teeth are bared in happiness. We jokingly call this her "Cujo Face" and it never fails to make us smile. 
She loves to eat everything. Fruit, veggies, fresh herbs out of the garden...whatever YOU are enjoying. She is the last of our three dogs to be fed at meal time and she is the first to finish (even with a slow-eat bowl). She then waits out the other dogs in case there is any leftovers. We call her "The Snarfer" as she will snarf up any leftover food her brother Pogue or sister Lily leaves behind in a New York minute. 
Beatrix is truly the love of our lives. She makes us smile every day and has an easy going and happy personality.  We are so pleased to have "foster failed" with her. She makes our family complete and the pack is just perfect with her in it. 
 - Shannon & Alex

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

GUINNESS is the champion!

Meet your 2012 Setter Showdown Champion...Guinness


Lucky Fiona Setter Showdown Collar Results - July 10th - FINAL
Guinness - 106
Carter - 91

$1970 raised for OESR! - Pogue will kick in $30 to make it an even 
$2000 raised for OESR
We are so thrilled with this record breaking year. Thanks to all who participated and made this such a wonderful contest. Gorgeous collars for dogs, money for dogs in need. WIN - WIN! 
Bask in your win Guinness, well deserved!
To see more about Ohio English Setter Rescue click here

Saturday, July 7, 2012

What will you do for a free collar for your dog?

Zac serenading his dogs for a free collar. That's love.

*New* Ongoing contest ~
Parlor Tricks for Collars

Summer television is boring and it's a million degrees out so we're all stuck inside. So show us something!
We are so in need for some entertainment around here in the Lucky Fiona/Head Bitch Studio that we are looking for YOU to submit your video to us doing something silly/talented/absurd/impressive/heart warming/laugh worthy with your dog(s).
We'll pick our favorite video each week and the winner gets to pick any Custom Collar they want and we'll ship it to you free for sharing your talents.
Congrats to Zac C. and his crooning talents for being our first brave winner! He will get his requested Lucky Fiona Custom Silly String for hound dog Cid. His rendition of Elivis' "Hound Dog" to his many hounds has won our hearts. Who knew he had that cute Southern twang? We feel America's Got Talent will be his next stop. 
So show us what you got - send videos to and we will post on the Facebook wall and blog our faves. Questions? Just give a shout. Good luck and we look forward to your creativity.

Introducing Flynn Chauncey

I got a name and I love it!
A message from Michael...

This has been a genuinely exciting time for me.  I am thrilled to welcome the newest member of my family, Flynn!

I must express my heartfelt appreciation to four outstanding individuals: Nicole & Brian, and Shannon & Alex.  Their support throughout this process has been invaluable and I cannot thank them enough.

The contest was conceived by the aforesaid Fabulous Four.  It was a great idea that was made all the better by the fact that all the proceeds will go to such a deserving charity as Grateful Greyhounds!

Arriving at a decision was difficult.  

First, I must note that the response was overwhelming.  It is touching to know that there are so many people out there who care about these wonderful pets, all of whom are loving and in need of a home.

Second, it is quite evident how much thought went into all of the entries.  Thus, I wanted to ensure that I carefully considered each one.

Chauncey was a solid second in my selection process.  In the end, however, Flynn was in.  Out of all these superb entries, Flynn seems the best overall pick for this pooch.

Once again, my sincerest thanks to all those who participated.  You contribution means so much me and to all those loving hounds rescued by Grateful Greyhounds.
~ Michael 

* Welcome home Flynn Chauncey! We are so thrilled with the response we got through Lucky Fiona followers and since 2 names got to be such contenders we are pleased to announce 2 winners of the Custom Collar & Leash Set with designer poo-poo bag holder. Thanks to all the entries $155 was raised for Grateful Greyhounds.
Congrats to:
Elizabeth Skinner for submitting Flynn
Jennifer Haverty for submitting Chauncey 
- Please email to claim your prizes.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Name that Greyhound!

Thanks to all who submitted name ideas and much needed dollars for the good folks and dogs at Grateful Greyhounds. To visit their site and see some really awesome dogs in need of homes click here:Grateful Greyhounds Winners to be announced tomorrow!

             $31 Raised today - $155 TOTAL!
125. Ricardo
126. Heath
127. Frederick/Freddie
128. Carlos
129. Brownie
130. Speedy Gonzalos
131. Mercury
132. Trevor
133. Gunnar
134. Thor
135. Atlas
136. Milo
137. Marley
138. Ted or Teddy
139. Mattie
140. Bandit
141. Bruiser
142. Santas Little Helper
143. Sheriff
144. Scout
145. Sonny Boy
146. Supersonic
147. Dexter (so good it was suggested twice)
148. Frankfort
149. Halveson (after my favorite book character)
150. Ripley
151. Tater
152. Lulu (we think this person missed the memo that this is a BOY!)
153. Donald
154. Cullen
155. Mickey

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Name that Greyhound!

Thanks to all who donated a dollar and submitted a name idea for this special pooch! This wonderful dog comes home Saturday July 7th!  ONE DAY LEFT! Tell a friend! To submit a name idea go to:Lucky Fiona Shop 
Submit as many names as you like for just a $1 each and all monies go directly to Grateful Greyhounds. Follow prompts in transaction and list name ideas in SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box. If you miss this step simply email your name ideas and receipt number to 
                               $7 today! $124 total as of end of day July 4th. 

118.  Wally
119.  Trot
120.  Trevor
121.  Cyrus
122.  Marcus
123.  Griffith (Griff for short)
124.  Grayson/Greyson 

Name That Greyhound!

Thanks to all who donated a dollar and submitted a name idea for this special pooch! This wonderful dog comes home Saturday July 7th! Tell a friend! To submit a name idea go to:Lucky Fiona Shop 
Submit as many names as you like for just a $1 each and all monies go directly to Grateful Greyhounds. Follow prompts in transaction and list name ideas in SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box. If you miss this step simply email your name ideas and receipt number to 
                               $27 today! $117 total as of end of day July 4th.

91.  Nick (Nicholas) in honor of Nick Lidstrom
92. Chance - as in this is chance of a lifetime
93. Dwane - as in the Rock
94. Dave/Davie/David - beat Goliath
95. Hercules
96. Nemo - in honor of an awesome Elkhound
97. Dan/Dan the Man
98. Andy - in honor of Andy Griffith
99. Opie
100.  Stewart
101.  Zeus
102.  Apollo
103.  Pharoah
104.  Brian
105.  Yukon
106.  Pickles
107.  Flash
108.  Coach
109.  Motor
110.  Maurice a.k.a. "Mo"
111.  Comet
112.  Lachlan
113.  Scout
114.  Winston
115.  Jesse
116.  Duke
117.  Samson

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Will you pick the Carter?
Will you pick the Guinness?

         Setter Showdown 2012
It's that time again folks! It's the 3rd Annual Lucky Fiona Collar Setter Showdown to benefit Ohio English Setter Rescue. It's a "Battle of the Blue Beltons" once again as Carter Barreau and Guinness England (with a little help from their DogMoms) have picked 2 fabrics for their signature collars. For the second year in a row they have kept their collar fabric picks secret from one another and still picked from the completely same color family. All the makings of a world class bout we say! $10 from each collar purchase goes to Ohio English Setter Rescue. A wonderful non-profit 501c3 rescue dedicated to helping setters all across the country. Your collar purchase helps a fantastic cause and keeps your dog in wonderful style.
The dog that sells the most of their collar styles by midnight July 10th central time will have bragging rights as "Top Dog" for the next year. So join the fun! Purchase a Carter Collar Link or a Guinness Collar Link or sit on the fence and purchase Both Collar Options.
Please pass this along to friends and as always if you have any questions on ordering simply email May the best dog collar win!
The Guinness
The Carter
The Guinness Fabric

The Carter Fabric

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Name That Greyhound!

Thanks to all who donated a dollar and submitted a name idea for this special pooch! This wonderful dog comes home Saturday July 7th! Tell a friend! To submit a name idea go to:Lucky Fiona Shop Submit as many names as you like for just a $1 each and all monies go directly to Grateful Greyhounds. Follow prompts in transaction and list name ideas in SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box. If you miss this step simply email your name ideas and receipt number to
                               $45  raised again today! $90 total as of end of day July 3rd. 
46.  Ciaran
47. Icarus
48. Pegasus
49. Zoran
50. Hermes
51. Orion
52. Phineas
53. Poe
54. Sproket
55. Chauncey
56. Humphrey
57. Clive
58. Basil
59. Tavish McTavish
60. Scout
61. Flash
62. Kramer
63. Quincy
64. Newman
65. Piper
66. Clement (means gentle)
67. Abner (means light)
68. Bes (means protector)
69. Jabir (means comforter)
70. Albert (means noble, bright)
71.  Alden (means friend)
72. Cyril (means lordly)
73. Boone (means blessing, good)
74. Harding (means brave, resilient)
75. Canice (means good looking)
76. Quinn
77. Alex
78.  Gent
79. Casey
80. Cody
81. Charles
82. Eli
83. Blaze
84. Max
85. Owen
86. Flynn
87. Geoffrey
88. Zuma
89. Spider
90. Smith

Setter Showdown Fabrics Released!

The Guinness

The Carter

Let's Get Ready to Rumble...
*Sneak Peek* at this year's fabrics. Will be made available
in the Lucky Fiona shop later tonight.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Today's Name that Dog Submissions!

Name me already!

Thanks to all who donated a dollar and submitted a name idea for this special pooch! Off to a great start and contest runs till Friday as this wonderful dog comes home Saturday July 7th! Tell a friend! To submit a name idea go to:Lucky Fiona Shop Submit as many names as you like for just a $1 each and all monies go directly to Grateful Greyhounds. Follow prompts in transaction and list name ideas in SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box. If you miss this step simply email your name ideas and receipt number to
$45 raised today! 
Monday July 2nd submissions:
1. Ramesses (after the Egyptian pharaoh)
2. Elliot
3. Zach
4. Finnegan
5. Hawke
6. Linden
7. Monty
8. Tray
9. Nelson
10. Rocket
11. Tristan
12. Galen
13. Ramesses (Again! Great minds think alike)
14. Otto
15. Duma (means cheetah in Swahili - pronounced DOO ma)
16. Finn
17. Ruarc (means hero or champion in Irish - pronounced Roo ark)
18. Dexter
19. Vincent
20. Samson
21. Omar Sharif or just Omar
22. Cormac (a fine upstanding name for a handsome fellow)
23. Reacher (for my favorite fictional character)
24. Lucky
25. Spencer or Spence for short
26. Danny Boy
27. Finster 
28. Finnegan or Finn for short
29. Henry
30. Riley
31. Charley
32. Brady
33. Sebastian
34. Clover
35. DEE-OH-GEE (it's the spelling of the word Dog)
36. Bosco
37. Russell
38. Magic Mike
39. Rusty
40. Finton or Finn for short
41. Concobhar (Gaelic) or "Conor" - means hound lover in Irish
42. Ryan (Gaelic for Little King)
43. Allastar (Gaelic form of Alex which means "little helper")
44. Clancy
45. Morrissey


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Name That Dog!

This Dog Needs a Name! 

I'm getting a new lease on life and deserve a great new name too.
A great friend of ours is adopting a dog and doesn't know what to name him! We need YOUR ideas. F.O.F. Micheal specifically asked for Lucky Fiona client's help because he knows what a creative and enthusiastic bunch you all are.
Don't you hate it when people name their dog fluffy? Don't you wish you could give them a proper sounding name for their wonderful animal companion. Well now is your chance to do that AND help a wonderful animal welfare group. Michael is a personal friend of Lucky Fiona and he just went through the wonderful process of adopting a dog from Grateful Greyhounds 
This past weekend he met his wonderful new companion and he will be joining Michael and his family this Saturday July 7th. Now all he needs is a name for him! This is where we need your help. For each $1 chance you can submit a name, Micheal's family will review every single one and pick a winner for their new dog's Home Coming July 7th.  100% of proceeds will go to Grateful Greyhounds. Winning name submitter will also receive a Custom Lucky Fiona Collar and Leash w/designer doo doo bag holder ($50 value) courtesy of patrons Nicole & Brian Rice. 
Please don't name me Rover.
So look at this lovely hound and submit a name idea in the notes section of transaction. ONE NAME per $1 but enter as many names as you wish! Names will be shared on the Lucky Fiona blog and Facebook week as proceeds. Have any questions? Simply email 
What we know about this dog: This boy was born in January 2011 and luckily never had to race on the track because he had a broken foot that was not properly vetted.(his new family will take care of that) He is white with brindle spots and has a spunky and sweet demeanor. What does he look like to you? Name that dog! 
How to submit your name idea &
 donate a $1:
Go to the Lucky Fiona shop and click on the contest button. Lucky Fiona Shop Purchase as many name chances as you please by adjusting the quantity button. As you check out at the VERY END of the transaction there will be a SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS option. This is where you type in your name(s) submission(s).
If you goof that up simply send your transaction number and name submission to
Thanks for helping a dog that needs a name and a wonderful rescue group. We'll be updating frequently via the blog and Facebook page on name submissions, status and of course the big winner! 

I needed a home. Got one. Now I need a name.