Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Tips from the Setters at Lucky Fiona

* Candy is for everybody but dogs.
* Real spiders taste pretty good even though Mommy freaks out when we eat them.
* The doorbell ringing is not a reason to bark like a crazy banshee.
* The doorbell ringing is not a reason to bark like a crazy banshee.
* The doorbell ringing is not a reason to bark like a crazy banshee.
* I will not growl at my Dogmom because she is wearing a wig and a costume.
*Candy is for everybody but dogs, but nobody said anything about eating the wrappers.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Howl-o-Ween!

Fiona wishes all her four pawed pals a happy holiday! Here are some pictures from the Lucky Fiona library of some of our favorite pooches dressing up for Howl-o-Ween.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Speaking of cold weather...

Just when I was going to complain about the frost on the ground here in Chicago that is killing off all my beautiful garden vines and flowers I receive these pictures. I quickly realize I need to shut my yap and be thankful there is just a little frost because soon we too will have some of this white stuff! These pictures were sent by Lucky Fiona pal Ian K. who resides in Japan with his beautiful yellow Labrador Hanabi (seen here in her Lucky Fiona collar frolicking in Japan's first snowfall the other day) Ian runs a Japanese website that features some of our collars and leashes. Fiona has no idea what anything on Ian's website says since it is all in Japanese, but her products sure look pretty on it and she gets a kick out of telling dogs at the dog park her collars are sold internationally. Ian in addition to buying our collars has also been a wonderful email pen pal and knows more about American baseball than most Americans! He has kept me current on Japanese baseball leagues as well, which have peculiar names that sound like a meat market grocery list. Can you imagine rooting for "The Hams"? Sadly even he dislikes my beloved New York Yankees, I can't catch a break on that one, even with people who live a world away. Sigh.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sarah Update from SOS Blog

Final days to purchase a collar for this wonderful dog - we so want to meet our goal of 50 collars by the end of the month! Check out new fabric choices!

Update 10/25/08: Sarah goes at noon on Tuesday to have her stitches removed. The large slit in the sack under her neck where the drain tube came out is healing well. The swelling continues to go down. Instead of the cantaloupe-sized "turkey neck", she now has a sophisticated double chin! As the swelling goes down, it should shrink a little more. Her hair is starting to grow in and she is a happy girl. She has a captivating smile and looks at you with those big eyes, tilting her head to see through her abundant blonde bangs.
The sweet pretty girl is a countersurfer. She "borrowed" my Timbits off my desk at the office when I went out to take care of a customer. I think she is feeling a lot better. She romps in the backyard a little with the others now. One is a little shy of her ever since she stole his dentabone - walked right up and took it out of his mouth! But he likes to play and he runs a lot, so she is right there behind him going back and forth across the yard. She has been really good with the other dogs. I have them together most of the time, but separate them for feeding and for brushing, sleeping, etc.
Below are pictures of her neck post-op as well as the lump that the vet will remove during the next surgery. It is like one mammary gland has this large sack. It is not hard, so the vet suspects it is glandular. The rest of her body seems very normal, and free of growths.
She is very affectionate. She follows me everywhere and lies down close by. She refuses to get up on the bed when Dave is in the room. She readily sleeps on the bed when alone, or when I am there. Perhaps a man in her previous life didn't allow her on the bed. She has a pad next to the bed and sleeps there through the night. She is really afraid of things that beep, so I am convinced she had an underground fence and that it severely shocked her. I disconnected the buzzer to the front door at work. Trying to get her through the door was like pulling a two hundred pound mule!
She learns quickly. I heard her bark for the first time this week when she saw a rabbit on the other side of the fence. She is very gentle taking treats from your hand. Compared to my two little monsters, she is nearly perfect. I don't see how anyone could have dropped this sweet girl at a shelter...
Susan (Sarah's Foster Mom)

Friday, October 24, 2008

This Week's Official Friend of Fiona is...Cooper!

Ohhh doggie is this one handsome fellow. Fiona is giving her wolf-whistle at these pictures of the dashing Cooper. He looks simply fetching in his Lucky Fiona custom made "Boo" dog collar in martingale styling. He captured Fiona's heart and is this week's winner of a free custom collar of his choosing. Fiona also wants to know if her is available for dinner sometime.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dog-O-Nomics... It's No Cat-astraphy for Beloved Pets

This nation's economy is in the crapper and you know who is riding high through this economic crisis? Well loved dogs and cats. Let's face it, we have all felt the pinch of these hard times. My husband and I have adopted several budget strategies to help make up some of the lost revenue we are all feeling. However there is one area I just can't cut too far back on and it's the part of our budget called "animal care".
I just recently had to put to paper all of the monthly costs involved with caring for our zoo of 3 dogs and 3 cats and it's enough to frighten anybody this Halloween season. Let's put it this way - I even "accidentally" omitted some of the usual pet related costs (my husband doesn't need to know everything right?) and the number was still really high. Like car payment high. Like I could pay for a whole village to eat for a year in Namibia high. Um, it's a lot of money a month.
But I look at those furry faces and say "It's not your fault we're in a fiscal crisis!" I can't punish the four pawed children because our government screwed us bad these past years, right? I mean they didn't vote Bush in, heck they growl at him when he comes on the TV.
Here are some warning signs that perhaps you are in the same boat as me:
* Have you stopped going to the high priced salon to have your cut, styled and dyed and opt for self trims and the $12 box of Nutrisse Hair Dye at the drug store.... yet your dogs keep their standard grooming appointments at $50 a pop for each of them every 4-6 weeks?
* Have you resorted to cutting coupons and buying generic brands at the grocery store for your own food needs but your animal companions are still eating $45 bags of holistic -hormone free - antibiotic free-grain free Dog Food from non-traditional protein sources like Buffalo and Kangaroo?
* Have you stopped buying meat as frequently due to the high cost and find yourself preparing pasta more nights of the week for dinner than your husband cares for.... yet your dogs and cats get whole beef, salmon and quail treats routinely?
* Have you denied yourself that great smelling $12 candle at Target because "it's not a necessity and times are tight" .... yet you spend $33.99 on dog and cat toys at Target to add to the giant bin of dog and cat toys in your family room?
* Have you stopped buying the fancy body lotion at Origins that smells like grapefruit and opted for the Suave brand at Walgreens instead in an effort to save a few bucks.... yet your dogs are still using Happy Tails Fur Breeze Aromatic Spa Mist in Citrus and Vanilla because it "freshens dog body and soul" at $16.99 a bottle?
* Have you glanced at the cheap no-name cat litter on the bottom shelf of the pet supply store and thought "well it is $4 cheaper and they are just going to go potty in it!" and then talked yourself out of it as you don't want the cat's to be "subjected to change and it's not their fault the stock market is bottomed out."

If you can relate to any of the above you too are a victim of Dog-o-nomics. Let's hope times will get better in the coming months or sigh...years and that above all people will keep buying custom made dog and cat collars! After all it's not your dog and cat's fault that times are so ruff...they still need to look good. Even if your hair looks like crap and you long for a nice steak.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Unruly Cats

Yes, I know technically these are children and I primarily like to keep the talk very animal related around here...but c'mon! How dang cute are my nephews Rowan and Kieran? I took this photo last week while visiting them in NY. I wanted to get them dog costumes but was disappointed to find the puppy dog outfits had a bone attached to the front of them. Not a cute sewn on one, but a large cumbersome one. It was very odd and as my sister in law pointed out rather phallic as it was located on the part of the costume where little boys have little parts. Alas, not wanting to subject them to "boner" jokes in puppy dog costumes I bought them lion costumes. I can't stand how adorable they are. Perhaps I am a biased Aunt and Godmother, but have you ever seen cuter cats than this?

Friday, October 17, 2008

This Week's Official Friend of Fiona is...Ruby!

We are receiving so many awesome photos lately of Lucky Fiona customer's pooches it has been hard to choose! We were smitten however by Ruby and her wrinkly face. She wears The Marino with a lot of style and if she could just stay awake for a few minutes (we know that is tough for English Bulldogs) she could show that collar off even more! Congrats Ruby and tell your dogparents to get a hold of us soon with your choice of a free custom collar for being this week's official winner.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Update on Sarah from Save Our Setters Blog

We still need to sell 18 collars this month to make our goal and help defray Sarah's huge vet bill. Check out her listing on our website as we are updating fabric choices in the hopes of soliciting more sales! Thanks to all who have purchased one on her behalf.
- Shannon w/ Lucky Fiona
From the Save Our Setters Website
Update 10/09/08: Sarah's surgery was done first thing this morning, and she is doing well. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEE!! In fact, Sarah is doing so well, the vet says she can go home today! Thanks for keeping your paws crossed for her!!! The surgeon started underneath, and was able to follow the trail up to the salivary glands - on the LEFT side!! At least one of the drainage ducts was visibly abnormal, so the surgeon removed the entire left bank to eliminate the possibility that other damage that was not visually apparent would not necessitate the need to go back in at a future date. She also looked for pharyngeal cysts, but found none. Hopefully, the problem is fully resolved with only one surgery!!!
Sarah now sports a drain tube (unfortunately, they were out of designer penrose tubes, so she got a plain cream colored one), which will come out next Monday assuming all is well with the incision.
Sarah will get to rest and recover for several weeks before we go back in to resolve the mammary issue. After all she has been through, we feel that she could use a bit of a break!
Update 10/10/08: Sarah had a rough night last night. The pain meds and anti-inflammatory drugs helped considerably, but she still cried whenever Susan left the room. She is doing better this morning. She has not wanted food or water yet, but that will come later today.
The drainage is minimal, so we are optimistic that the issue is resolved. She is itchy from being shaved on both sides of her face, but is leaving the drain tube alone... for now!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Love Your Animal Companions Every Minute of the Day

We received the letter below upon our return from our trip and our hearts are broken. If anything it is a message for us all to love and appreciate every minute you have with your animal companions as they could be gone in just the blink of an eye. Alfie's Dogmom Julie has kindly allowed us to share his story as she needs support right now. Please share your messages here as she needs some words of comfort from other DogMoms and DogDads. Alfie was a rescue from the ASPCA and was just given a second chance only a year ago. His time with his furever family was way too short, but how lucky he was to find such patient and loving guardians. Julie spent a lot of time helping Alfie get over his anxiety and fears as he did not trust humans when she rescued him. We hope all the happy memories with Alfie will help his family heal as they mourn this tragic loss.

In Loving Memory of Alfie

Hi Shannon,
I don't know why I'm writing you this. I think I just need to hear from some other dog people. I don't know if you remember but I bought a collar from you a few weeks ago. I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, my dog Alfie ran through the invisible fence on Thursday and was hit by a car. Our poor pup died in our driveway a few minutes later. It has been really traumatizing and every time I look at his little collar it brings tears to my eyes. I had taken some pictures of him wearing it because I wanted to send one to you to show you how it looked. I never knew that those would be the last pictures I would ever take of him. I'm so sorry if this is depressing. I just needed to reach out to someone who knows what I'm going through.Thank you for everything.Here is Alfie wearing your beautiful collar. I think he liked it and thought he struck quite a picture in it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Politics are Ruff...Choose or Lose!

Limited Edition Lucky Fiona Collector Collar! Fiona doesn't care if you are a Republican or a Democrat or a Retriever. She just knows it's important to vote this Election year. Exercise your rights by purchasing your choice of Republican or Democrat Custom Dog Collar. Please note these are available in any size as all collars are custom made to order but the fabric shows best on widths 3/4 or larger. Festooned in Red, White and Blue this collar is perfect for campaigning with your dog guardian or heading to the polls in style. Fiona thinks dogs should have a chance to vote as they could do a grand job leading this country...let's face it, an English Setter could do better than our current commander in chief. (Ouch!)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cats & Dogs...and it's not even raining.

"Oh Shannon, don't you worry that when you are not at home the dogs will torment the cats? Yes I have heard this question many times. Now due to the technology of hidden cameras I am able to unlock the secrets of what exactly goes on between the dogs and cats when I drive out of the garage. Please be forewarned the following photographs are graphic and shocking in nature. Diabetics and those sensitive to sweetness, turn away now!

Monday, October 6, 2008


A message from Ted - His Parents are Getting Married this Saturday

Dear Lucky Fiona Collar Fans-
Well hello there nice dog and cat loving people! I'm Ted, you know me as the cutest dang puppy on the Upper West Side. Some say the cutest Rhodesian Ridgeback ever, but I think that may be carrying things a bit too far. (I am really adorable when I tilt my head though) I'm here with a very important message about Lucky Fiona. Those nice people who make all the cool collars are closing down the studio for just a week so they can come and visit and watch my parents get married. I know that's a drag if you want a collar in a super big rush but please have no fear - all orders will be taken care of in the order they are received. They promise to get their paws sewing like little devils when they return to their studio/workshop on October 14th. In the meantime they are checking convos daily and returning emails so they are still in touch.
I'm just so excited my parents are getting hitched, even if the non-dog loving minister won't let me in the church. You can bet I'll get pictures with my Dogmommy in her dress though. Sure hope my big goofy puppy paws are not muddy, for some reason people are worried about that.
Okay - I have to go back to hanging out in NYC w/celebrities (did I mention I've met Kevin Bacon and hang out with Billy Squire's dog?) and being well... Ted. It's a tough job but somebody has to do it.
Big Puppy Breath Kisses-

Saturday, October 4, 2008

This Week's Official Friend of Fiona is... Bailey & Max

Look at this dynamic duo! Fiona thinks these boys are just about the most handsome fellas she's seen around the blog in some time so she had no problem naming both of them this week's "Official Friends of Fiona" Talk about Snazzy Schnauzers - Bailey looks dashing in Lucky Fiona's "Fallback" and Max is all zen-like in his "Lotus" collar. We also like how they posed in profile to show off the styles so about supermodel pups. Dogmom Trish now has the ruff' choice of picking 2 FREE custom collars for her boys - with their good looks it will be hard to go wrong. Thanks for sending the pics and keep them coming Fiona-fans!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Holy Red Headed Dogs!

This is Dugan's happy face! Why is he rolling on his back smiling you ask? Well he is THRILLED that we sold 25 collars for Sarah yesterday alone! That is half our goal in ONE day! Whooo-hooo! We are so thankful to all who purchased collars and encourage you to keep it going by purchasing one of the 4 fabric styles of our charity collar. 50% of each collar sale goes towards Sarah's $2300 medical bill. If we hit 50 sold collars soon we will add more fabrics and keep this going. Thank you, thank, thank you.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sarah the Setter Needs Our Help

As you know we donate proceeds from our Silly Stripe Collar every month to a different Humane Organization. In September we worked with Save Our Setters and I was made aware by SOS that our donation from collar sales were going to a very hard luck medical case they have in foster in Ohio. Her name is Sarah and she is just 4 years old and needs extensive surgery to get healthy enough to be placed in her forever home. Collar sales in September for the Silly Stripe resulted in an $84 donation from Lucky Fiona to SOS. We are so thankful to all who bought collars in September for this great cause but we want to do more. Sarah's vet bill is currently at $2300 and it is staggering to me to fathom that high of a bill for a dog that has really no home or family to call her own. The fact that SOS is the type of group that will not give up on a dog like this is true testimony to the wonderful work they do. We are extending our commitment to helping Sarah throughout October. We are offering not one, but four, count 'em... 4 different collars for sale where 50% will go to Sarah's medical bill. It is still a drop in the bucket even if we can sell 50, but that is our goal. Please purchase one to help this pretty red head, even if you don't have a need for a collar at the moment! We gift wrap remember and these collars make awesome gifts. Heck the holidays are right around the corner.
To see the listing for Sarah's Collar Sale go to :
To read more about Sarah's story and the dedication of her foster mom in caring for her go to:

We also plan to give Sarah the most special custom collar for her to wear after her neck surgery has healed and she is feeling happy again. We'll be sure to feature pictures here.