Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Keep those Photos Coming!

Holy Guacamole we've been getting some fantastic photographs for the 2010 Calendar! I mean really clever and beautiful work. Now I am going to seem a little naggy here, but it is breaking my heart to get some photographs that we can't even consider because the dog or cat is wearing a different brand of collar or the submission is low resolution and too small to reproduce! So let me reiterate: The photo has to show some portion of a Lucky Fiona collar. It can be a sliver of a collar or a little peek-a-boo glimpse of one of our patterns, but the creature must be wearing our wares! Also: Send large format - think big with those photo files! (For examples see below: Dog on left is wearing another brand collar and format is small. Dog on right is wearing one of our collars and format is large) But do keep those pics coming! Fiona and I are having a blast reviewing them all!

Monday, September 28, 2009

2010 Lucky Fiona Calendar Contest

Head Bitch and Fiona
It's that time again! Calling all Supermodel Dogs & Cats! We are creating a 2010 Friends of Fiona Calendar that will be available for purchase in our Etsy shop at year's end. (just like last year proceeds from calendar sales will go to the shelter we rescued Fiona from) We need entrants and that is where you come in. Send us your photos of your pooch or kitty (or both together) and your furred child could have their month of fame! We will pick 12 winners and each will receive a FREE 2010 calendar featuring them and a Lucky Fiona Collar Gift Certificate.
Rules? Heck yes, we have some!
* Email your entry to and put 2010 CALENDAR CONTEST in tag line. Be sure to tell us the name of your animal companion in text and include your mailing address. If multiple animals appear in a photo please specify who is who.
* Pictures must not be copyrighted or owned by another party. Hence if it was a professional portrait you must have permission from the photographer before submitting it. (we will check!)
* Large format - we need as big of an image as possible to reproduce the image with our calendar
- so no teeny, tiny images please. JPEG format is preferred.
* Your animal companion must be wearing a Lucky Fiona collar. This would seem a given, but you'd be surprised how many entrants we get for the weekly photo contest who are wearing Petsmart collars. We do not care how much of the collar is showing in the picture, it just has to be somewhat recognizable.
* Get creative! We will try to match up the images with the months/seasons. So a pic of your cat with a pumpkin would be great for November or a photo of your dog in the pool would be fine for July. We are looking for creative, witty, serious & sweet photos.
* By submitting your photo you acknowledge we may publish it in a 2010 Calendar and give us permission to reproduce the image.
So get those cameras clicking as deadline is October 28th 2009!
If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact the Head Bitch at the above email address or call 630.253.2371. We will announce our winners on the blog and Facebook on October 30th and have details of how to purchase a calendar then.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

We Love a Rave...(and we're suckers for cute bulldogs)

Dear Shannon and Fiona,
Thank you so much for the beautiful collars you made for Dottie. They are absolutely beautiful. We can't go out on our daily walks without getting complements. I make sure to tell people where I got the collars with the full website address. Not only was Dottie psyched to get the collars, but she was thrilled with the package itself and the pretty paper the collars were wrapped in. She grabbed the envelope from me and went to town on the paper. Dottie is a bulldog and tends to get mistaken for a boy...a lot. Her Cherry Jubilee collar makes it clear to everyone that she is a girl. Dottie looks so cute and feminine in it. The Rosie O'Ryan martingale is fantastic. I am very pleased with it...such high quality!! I love it and Dottie snaps right back in line as soon as it is around her neck. Thank you so much again!! I look forward to my next collar purchase. Best of luck to you and your family with the adoption of Lily. I hope it works out. Please keep up the blog and the great work you do. You're an inspiration to dog moms and small business owners alike. Give your pack a pat for me.
Thank You -
Dottie & Christine

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dudley the SuperDog Model in Howl-O-Ween Style

Special thanks to Dogmom Lauren who sent in these awesome shots of our pal Dudley (Friend of Fiona veteran) modeling the Lucky Fiona Howl-O-Ween "Spooky Stripe" collar. What? You have not ordered your Howl-O-Ween collar for your pooch or kitty yet? Well, what the blood-curdling scream are you waiting for? Our holiday styles tend to sell out quick with wholesale vendors grabbing them up left and right so do not delay! Check out the bone chilling styles in the Etsy shop and get into the "spirit" of all things spooky this Hallows Eve.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When you think you're Pregnant with a New Rescue Dog

It all started this weekend with a queasy feeling when I read an email from Ohio English Setter Rescue's Head Bitch Susan England. She innocently sent a picture of a new foster she put a Lucky Fiona collar on. A picture of Lily - a young female English Setter was accompanied by her story. She was pulled from a high kill shelter in Kentucky, she is skin and bones, barely 30 pounds full grown and she relishes human contact. She is a quiet little lady with a soulful look about her who just wants to be near a kind hand to pet her. The vet said it looks like she had a litter already at her young age and no Baby Daddy in sight. Her eyes were golden and they stayed with me hours after I saw her photo.
Could I be pregnant with another rescue dog?
I quickly counted the days since my last rescue and was surprised to see it had been awhile. My first reaction of coarse was "I can't possibly!" and I went on with my daily routine. Then the queasy feeling returned and I looked at her picture... three more times.
My frame of mind went from casually brushing off the notion of adopting another dog to thinking "well why the heck not? Why not us - we're dang good dog people!" A check list quickly formed in my mind as I played a ping-pong match of pros and cons. My head volleyed between the serene vision of providing a loving forever home to Lily complete with Christmas card photos, birthday cakes and snuggles as we napped in the summer sun to mass chaos as dogs and cats alike bounce off the walls in mass hysteria hating me for messing with the balance of animals already in place. It was dizzying.
I realized upon waking up at 2:00 a.m. Saturday night thinking of Lily that I might already be in the first trimester of adopting. I got up and went to my studio and looked at her pictures again. Was she calling to me? Why was I feeling this way? If animal companions truly choose us then who am I to ignore this? In my line of work I hear about and see animals in need of homes daily. I didn't feel this way about any of them. Why was my heart pulling for Lily?
It became obvious I had to take the next logical step and tell my husband we may possibly be expecting another set of paws.
This was met with nervous laughter and a long stare the following day along with "How did this happen?"
I told him her story, we went over the pros and cons in detail, he told me I was crazy. He reminded me of the recession and sagging collar sales, shedding, food costs, vet bills and the fact she was 6 hours away in Ohio. He told me we could do a fundraiser for Lily's rescue group and help her that way. He gave me the "you can't save them all speech" Slowly I could see the initial shock wearing off...then he said the magic words. "If you truly feel this in your heart, we can try to do the right thing for her." This is why I married this man.
So I filled out the application. I have talked to her foster Mom. I realize that there is another person interested in her that may offer a better home/situation for her and I may have to live with that.
Now like any other expectant family...we wait.
I told the other dogs we may have another family member coming and ask how they feel about it. I ask for us all to keep our hearts open -and remind myself the most. I'm nauseous and nervous and have butterflies over the future of this creature and the impact we could have on each other. I question how I could fall in love with her already over the mere notion of her coming to live with us. She'll spend another week in foster care for assessment and let her guardians decide her best future.
I tell myself I'll be happy if they choose us or not - because I know either way she will be loved. Selfishly I want her to be ours.
Yes, I am knocked up with the prospect of a new set of paws to adore. Sigh.

For more information on available setters waiting for homes:

Monday, September 21, 2009

This Week's Friends of Fiona are...Sammy & Moxon!

Nothing says togetherness like matching custom made Lucky Fiona Collars! Here we see this week's stylish winners of our weekly photo contest Sammy and Moxon both wearing "The Lyla" quite fetchingly. We don't care what breed you are or how alike or not alike your pooches may be. We say cause a little doggie-unity in your household with matching collars as well. We invite Dogmom Marty to contact us with her pick of FREE collars for being our big winner and ask all others to send in their photos of their pooches wearing Lucky Fiona to get their chance at our weekly prize. Contact us at

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lucky Fiona Street Team Hits Pottery Bayou

The Lucky Fiona Street Team hit the mad streets of Naperville to show off their painting skills (no not spray painting Lucky Fiona graffiti) but painting pottery this morning at Pottery Bayou. The Head Bitch had a tough time telling Fiona this was a non-dog Lucky Fiona event, and she must stay home, but she understood as her poor Dogmom has been house bound post-knee surgery. So desperate for human interaction is the Head Bitch she would have met up with the team in a garbage dumpster if asked.
Alas, Pottery Bayou was no dumpster! Instead the Street Team was treated to a glorious fall morning painting dog and cat food bowls out on the deck of Pottery Bayou overlooking the Naperville Riverwalk. We were treated to live string music directly across the river from us as Naperville's Art Festival was in full swing. It was easy to be inspired to create our own works of art as the music floated behind us.
Props to Joe and Brad for being secure enough in their own manhood to paint with us. Also a shout out to Amanda for teaching us all how to not use a paint stamp. I like to think the life lesson here is that when life gives you a shifted fish stamp on your cat food bowl - just laugh and pretend it's a thunder cloud.
Sorry to the team members that missed it this morning due to work and other commitments but we will hit the Bayou again, probably this winter when it's too chilly to bring the dogs outside for a Street Team jaunt. Can't wait to see our finished products once they are glazed and kilned. Thanks again for a terrific morning Lucky Fiona Street do Fiona proud!
UPDATE: Next Lucky Fiona Street Team Meeting will be Saturday October 17th ~ Details to be Announced.

Monday, September 14, 2009

This Week's Friends of Fiona are...Mary & Keeton

Fiona wants to give a shout out to all the four pawed friends that make running this little collar company such a delight. A special thanks to all the Dogmoms and Dogdads that send in pictures for our weekly "Official Friend of Fiona" Photo Contest.
This week's winners are Mary and Keeton who look lovely in their Heebie Jeebie and Sweetie Pie custom Lucky Fiona collars. We invite their Dogmom Kari to contact is with her pick of 2 FREE custom collars for these lovely lassies. You both look fabulous and Fiona is pleased to name you Official Friends of Fiona!
Send your photo of your dog wearing Lucky Fiona to


We listen Lucky Fiona Fans, we really do! We've heard from a number of you that our sewn on logo labels start to fray and fall off with average wear and tear and that is a bummer. So, henceforth we will not be fabricating our collars with them. Quality and durability is what we are all about and we are looking into other options to brand our spiffy collars that will stand up to your dog.
As always we appreciate your feedback so we can bring you a great product!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Our Blog contest winner is....GinSpaghetti! A Collar & Leash Gift Certificate is coming your way - email me with your address information! Thanks to all who entered and stay tuned for more fun contests in the future!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We Feel Very Lucky Being Part of Such a Special Occasion

My husband ordered a "Little Collar on the Prairie" collar from you several weeks ago for our dog to wear to our wedding. She got so many compliments on her lovely wedding attire! I know you asked for a photo of her in her collar- there aren't any great close-ups of her yet (professional photos aren't in yet), but here's one where you can see her collar a little bit. Will send a better one when we get them!
Thanks again for the lovely collar!
-Megan (and Chris and Winnie the Corgi)

Friday, September 11, 2009

What Happens with Dog-Grandmom Stays with Dog-Grandmom

My dogs are sad. Not because summer is ending or because Obama has not solved our National Healthcare issues. They are sad because my Mother-in-Law left.
My in-laws were here in Chicagoland visiting from New York the past week. It was a delightful visit since it's been a few years since they have visited us since we get back to New York a few times a year. It's always a happy time to have family close when you are Midwest transplants like Alex and I.
Our joy in having family near and dear to us under one roof was overshadowed by the immense joy the setters felt. Yes, they very quickly decided that Renate, my Mother-in-law was the most fantastic person ever. You see "Omi" (as her two legged grandchildren call her) fed my dogs anything and everything their little hearts desired. It took my dogs exactly 2.4 seconds to realize that Omi was the equivalent of winning the food lottery and henceforth they stuck to her like velcro and looked at her with adoring eyes wherever she went. My holistic-grain-free-antibiotic-hormone-free-raw-diet feeding regimen was all but a memory when their Doggie-Grandmom started handing out cold cuts and potato chips to 3 very happy setters.
I thought I could control the situation by having baby carrots in the fridge and healthy grain free biscuits on hand. However, giving Omi an option of opening the refrigerator to retrieve baby carrots was just an invitation for her to see what else the dogs may like from the fridge. When a cookie jar of biscuits dissipated in one day and two new treat boxes appeared I attempted an intervention. "Are you breaking the cookies into pieces?" I asked. This was met with a bewildered look and an explanation that "the dogs like to eat one whole biscuit at a time" When I pointed out that a jar of biscuits usually lasts weeks as I break the biscuits into 3 parts before handing them out I was told again with the shake of a head and a "tsk,tsk" my three dogs prefer to eat their cookies whole. Fiona, Dugan and Caelan stood behind my Mother-in-law nodding in agreement as if I lost my mind suggesting otherwise and I better get on board with the new protocol.
Like most Mama's-boys my husband was of no help to me whatsoever. Since his Mommy was making him some of his favorite foods he too was lost in the food-trance and looked at her with the same soft expression and drool hanging from his mouth that the dogs had. He did step up and stop her when she fed them grapes, which we all know are toxic to dogs. This gave me a mild heart attack when I was told the story after the fact and forced me to go over with her things in the fridge & pantry that could kill the dogs. My Mother-in-Law just chuckled like I was a silly overprotective hen and told me a story of when her dog ate a bowl of chocolate in 1986 and was just fine. Sigh.
One early morning while my husband and father-in-law were out golfing I awoke to eerie silence. I scanned my bedroom through bleary eyes and noticed I was completely alone, I patted the bed covers and no furred children were burrowed around me. This was alarming as dogs and cats alike usually lounge in bed with me in the morning. I then heard the clang of a pot downstairs in the kitchen and quickly realized I was left high and dry because Omi was downstairs cooking. Yes, the gravy-train known as Omi made all my loyal companions completely abandon me.
As I entered the kitchen that morning Omi was full of exciting information about my very own dogs that I might find useful. Like for instance did I know that Dugan likes mayonnaise? Fiona does not like celery but all three dogs enjoy pasta.
This went on pretty much all week. My Mother-in-Law would be amazed at what my dogs would actually eat and the dogs followed her from room to room like they were in a trance. She gave them delicious things and achieved Sainthood in their eyes while I poopy-scooped doo-doo mounds out in the yard that were 4 times the normal size and multi-colored.
On Wednesday my Mother-in-Law announced the following incredible realization to me with a straight face "Gee, your dogs will eat just about anything!" This exciting discovery was the culmination of hours of scientific research in which she would feed my dogs anything she was eating or preparing. "Uh..Yea!" I said in sound defeat "They will."
So now Omi is back in NY and 3 forlorn setters remain staring out the front window in disbelief she is gone. We are back to regular feedings and I am getting evil glances when I do not share the contents of my leftovers on my plate. Caelan - a dog that used to live for baby carrots, now snubs them as Omi has opened her up to the world of other foods that live in the fridge. The silver lining to all this is the In-Laws probably wont visit again for another year...plenty of time to re-program my dear dogs. And perhaps win their love with a few licks of my ice cream bowl.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lucky Fiona Street Team Announcement

Lucky Fiona Street Team Event
Saturday September 19th 2009 10:30a.m. - noon
Pottery Bayou ~ Downtown Naperville 117 Water Street
Let's paint the town! Or at least a dog bowl. The Head Bitch is still recovering from knee surgery and not ready to hit the mean streets of Naperville for our monthly outing/walk but found another way for us to meet and share our love of our pooches. We'll meet at the Pottery Bayou for some creative fun. Lucky Fiona will pay for team member's studio fees and team members just pick a piece to purchase, paint and personalize. Pottery Bayou will glaze and kiln your work of art and it will be available for pick up within a week. Pieces range from $5-$40 each so something for everybody's budget. Dog bowls come in various sizes and range from $15-$25 each. If weather is lovely we will sit outside overlooking the Riverwalk to inspire the creative spirit. Please RSVP via our Facebook group "Friends of Fiona" by Sept. 14th.
Also: Looking forward to our October gathering as The Head Bitch will be off crutches and ready to stroll! Fiona will be having a costume contest for our October meeting so stay tuned for details.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This Week's Friend of Fiona is...Bonnie!

What's black and white and fashionable all over? Well it's our darling pick of the week Bonnie! She looks super in her Rosie O'Ryan custom Lucky Fiona collar! We think the bright red on her black and white coat is a fab style choice. We invite her Dogmom to contact us for her free collar that Bonnie has won for being this week's winner! To enter your dog's picture simple email Congrats Bonnie for being this week's big winner!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hi Fiona,
The FedEx man just delivered my new collars and my mom put them on me right away. I love them. The wider collar makes me look hot!!! I just wanted to say thank you for
thinking of me. You're the best. I hope your mom is feeling better. My Auntie Donna said she has a bum knee. My cousins are really missing her.
Thanks again,

Dear Bogey ~
I'm so happy you like your new wider width collars! I agree they make you look very handsome and somehow...taller. Yea, my Dogmom has a bum knee but as far as I am concerned it's the best thing ever! She's home all the time now and we snuggle all day - it's pretty cool but I do have one complaint. People keep sending her flowers, cookies and chocolate covered strawberries and things that smell heavenly, but not one dog biscuit has arrived to the front door! I mean really, don't people realize I may want a treat too? She keeps going to the People-Vet so hopefully she will be fixed up soon there and not need too many shots or that thermometer they stick in your bum. Thanks for writing and sending the pictures, hope all is well in Sunny Florida.
Setter Smooches -