Sunday, June 29, 2008

This Week's Official Friend of Fiona is Koopa!

Just because Fiona is recovering from her injury doesn't mean that business can't continue here at Lucky Fiona! We are happy to announce this week's photo winner... Koopa the 1 year old dachshund! This handsome fellow is one of a pack of happy dogs that include Arizona, Charlie, Kirby and Yoshi. (whew! that's a lot of dog hair to vacuum) His soft expression here just melted our hearts. Congrats Koopa - you are the winner of a free custom dog collar of any of the styles in our shop. Now go help your Dogmom de-fur the couch.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sometimes Lucky Fiona Isn't So Lucky...

Look at this sad pathetic face! Oh my poor spotty dog! Friday nights are really shaping up to be exciting for my husband and I - last week we counted Fiona's spots for the Etsy DogMafia contest and this Friday night we spent together at the Emergency Vet ER department! Fiona kindly waited until 6:15pm last night (15 minutes after our regular vet closes up) to wander over to me on our deck with a big laceration on her right side, spotty skin flapping in the wind. I yelled for my hubby to bring down the doggie first aid kit and attempted to figure out how in the world this happened. There were no dog squabbles with our crew and I was petting Fiona just 30 minutes prior and no wound then. My husband Alex (who watches way too many forensic TV shows) went all around the yard looking for blood splatter CSI-style. We think she may have caught herself on the fencing somehow, but honestly can't find any nails or sharp objects that could do this. I told my husband to put away the yellow crime tape and let's get her to the ER. Being dog savvy and veterans of the Animal ER system (sadly) I called the two closest clinics to see how long the wait was and we went to the shorter of the two! Once there Fiona put on a dazzling display of tail wagging and general setter wiggly happiness which made the vet tech who was doing ER triage exclaim "Why you'd never know she was injured!" (i.e. sit back and wait because you are now at the end of the line to be seen by the vet) Being an ex-vet tech I then annoyed Alex by diagnosing every other animal in the waiting area for the next 3 hours. It was a long night. So Ms. Fiona is now the proud owner of 7 staples in her side and this horrible plastic cone. We kept the cone off last night as she was still pretty sedated - but she started licking her wound this morning so back on it went. I ordered her one of the new fangled soft cervical rings that do the same purpose without so much bulk, but the quickest I can get it here is Monday so she'll have to deal with the plastic cone till then. She is so comical with it, she freezes and turns into "statue-dog" when it's on her, she won't move unless we lead her. May have to utilize this cone as a behavioral tool in the future when we want her still. She is also tugging at my heart strings because she so clingy to me since the ER visit, she slept next to me all night and I was up checking her wound every other hour because I am a nervous dogmom. She just gives me this sad "oh, Mommy face" I can't stand. Poor girl. We got her some good pain medication so she will be as comfortable as we can get her and I gave her canned tripe - her smelly favorite for breakfast so she'd take her pills. She's expecting her loyal fans to start sending her Get Well wishes so I better start clearing out the front living room for flowers, balloons and gifts. Will keep all posted on her recovery and if Alex and the crime lab can figure out how this happened.

Friday, June 27, 2008

To Further Prove Sully's point...

After the posting last evening this was the scene I stumbled upon this morning as I walked into our family room. No dog can escape the love of the Sully-kitten!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Inter-species love

Our new kitten rescue Sully is adapting well to life in the Lucky Fiona household. In fact as far as cats go we are pretty sure that Sully thinks he's a dog. We've heard Siamese cats are very responsive and can walk on a leash and play fetch etc. So pretty fun stuff to think about and train in the future. But Sully not only does dog-like behavior he also seems to love his fellow canine more than the average feline. We have 2 other cats and they get along famously with the dogs, but Sully...well Sully takes it to a whole new level. He nuzzles the dog's snouts, curls up next to them, walks on their backs, sticks his head in their food bowl as they eat. The wonderful thing is they seem more tolerant of him than our other kitties, even in his kitten-like "let-me-play-with-your-tail" phase. We look forward to falling in love a little bit more every day with our Sully and seeing if someday a little dog will pop out of a Siamese costume!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Fiona loves testimonials...

Check out this testimonial, heck we didn't even have to pay the person to say these nice things!

"Hey,I just wanted to let you know that we couldn't be more pleased with this collar we recieved from you. Penny abuses it and its still in great shape! It cleans up beautifully in the dishwasher everytime she gets it all muddy at the park from swimming and wrestling and it still looks as nice as it did when we got it.These are great products. Good work!"
- Abbey

Sunday, June 22, 2008

This Week's Friend of Fiona is Lady!

This week's picture contest winner is the lovely "Lady" a recently rescued lovely who is seen here sporting our very popular Coley collar. We thank her Dogmom Lauren for sending in her photographs and for rescuing a dog in need of a wonderful fur-ever home. Lady is recovering from heartworm treatment and her Dogmom wanted to give her something pretty to lift her spirits. We think she looks just fabulous and we hope she feels just as good as she's recovering. Since Lady is of the herding variety we invite her to nip at the heels of our shop and pick out a free custom collar for being our weekly winner.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Carter LeDoux Sports the Carter LeDoux!

Oh my...doesn't Fiona's love interest look absolutely "fetching" in his namesake collar the Carter LeDoux? Fiona would love to bum around the beach any day with this handsome boy. Check out our Nautical Inspired Custom Collars in our shop - they are selling like hotcakes and we anticpate being sold out of not only the Carter LeDoux but also the Gnaw-tical and Ahoy Matey very soon, so don't dally in ordering if interested!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Etsy Dog Mafia Turns One!
Happy Birthday Etsy Dog Mafia! The team of dog crafters is holding a caboodle of awesome contests on their blog. Even Fiona is in on the fun with her "Guess How Many Spots I Have" contest. Winner gets a free custom collar/leash combo.
Visit the many talented artisans who make up the Dog Mafia and don't worry - you won't get wacked if you don't participate. (we think)
***Special Offer - many Etsy Dog Mafia team members are offering free shipping on Friday June 20th as part of the celebration. Lucky Fiona is part of the group offering free US shipping. Shop away!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fiona gets a new little brother! Meet Sully.

Oh goodness...where did it all start? A Lucky Fiona customer alerted me that her local shelter was adopting 2 kittens for the price of one adoption fee to help place the abundance of kitties they had available. I did a little reading and realized our local animal shelter was also overloaded with kittens, hence why June is National Adopt a Homeless Kitten Month. Always one to help with a good cause my hubby and I went down to our local shelter with a bag full of collar donations and well, we had to just look and see right? Sigh. We're pleased to introduce our newest four pawed family member... Sullivan Arhcibald Mudflap a.k.a. our little "Sully". Note he is sporting a custom kitten size Lucky Fiona collar, we think he looks quite dashing and look forward to him inspiring new styles.

Friday, June 13, 2008

This Week's "Friend Of Fiona" is Echo Doppler!

With all the crazy weather our nation has been having...heat waves, severe storms, tornadoes, etc. we had to pick this handsome hound as our official weekly Friend of Fiona winner. His name ladies and gentlemen...Echo Doppler. Now I don't know if Echo Doppler can predict the weather but I can tell you one thing this Great Dane mix can do and that is look sizzling hot in his extra wide Silly Setter Stripe collar. Now point your snout Westward Echo and let me know if I'll need to water my garden in the next few days or not. Oh - while you're at it also sniff out your choice of a free collar for being our weekly photo contest winner.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Martingales...they're just not for Greyhounds anymore!

Pictured here is the lovely and delicate Olive of Brooklyn, isn't she lovely? Sure we get requests all the time from our little Italian greyhounds, whippets and greyhounds for martingales. Par for the course no? But what has delighted and surprised us at Lucky Fiona is the many requests we get from just about every other dog breed out there for martingale styled collars. Once again showing that custom made to your liking is how we do it! Any of our collars in our Etsy shop can be made into an extra wide width (1.5 or 2.0 inch) or a martingale style. Just convo us for details.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dugan's New Gal Pal Responds...

Ode to Dugan
O Dugan, O Dugan,
You handsome boy
When I read your poem
My heart jumped for JOY!
Setter Smooches,

Friday, June 6, 2008

Dugan responds to "secret crush" rumors...

Word on the street is that the lovely English Setter Punkin (Yoshi's dog-sister) has the hots for Dugan. Can their love be true? Dugan would like to sum up his feelings with a little poem...

"Oh sweet Punkin,
please say you'll be mine.
I know that I'm Irish and your
English and that's just fine.
My coat is fiery hot red,
just like my love for you.
Your black and white spotted
and so lovely a-rooooo."

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Yea...Fiona is not too picky as a judge.

Well the Spotty Dog photos are coming in and so far Fiona has been a sucker for every dog that enters. She's giving Hottie Dottie collars away like there is no tomorrow. We had a long talk today about what a "spot" actually is. Fiona then got all existential on me and said..."What is a spot really? Is it a feeling? A memory? A moment in time when all is right in the world? Who are we to define spots!!!" (I knew I never should have let her take that Art History Theory class) At any rate here are some lucky customers who have spots. Including Zoe the shihtzu who according to her guardian "has a sassy spotty attitude" which was good enough for a free collar from Fiona.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Spotty Dogs Unite...

Hey there...It's Dugan. Fiona's older and very attractive older dog-brother. Did I mention I'm a single Irish Setter? Oh yeah. Anyway...I read about this promotion thing and here are my spots. Where is my free collar?
Setter smooches-
Don't be shy lady-dogs, I'm a sweet fella. Drop me a woof if you've got a minute.