Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The last Official Friend of Fiona for the Year 2010 is...Meredith Grace!

Dear Shannon,
Just wanted to share a few pictures of Meredith Grace sporting her SNOWYMAN collar out in the SNOW. We absolutely love all of our Lucky Fiona collars. Thank you for your hard work! --
Hilary C. ~ DogMom of Meredith Grace
*Oh Meredith Grace, we think you look dandy in your Snowyman Collar! We especially love the photo of you in your coordinating coat! (It's important to stay warm in this wintry weather! We are naming you our Official Friend of Fiona and you have the honor of being our last winner for the calendar year of 2010! Happy New Year and have your DogMom email us to pick out your free collar for being our winner!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dugan Does Not Care if Santa is Watching...

Perhaps Dugan is jealous of Pogue the puppy and Alex and I constantly taking photos of him and his deaf-puppy hijinks. Today Dugan made it clear who the original "bad ass setter" is around this house. While we ran to the bank and Sam's Club for a mere 35 minutes Dugan broke into the studio where some boxes all neatly wrapped and taped up on my wrapping table were awaiting a trip to the post office. He picked the one that had something edible and delicious in it and carefully opened it and helped himself. I am thankful the non-edible contents remained untouched, but as a nice little "don't forget the old guy can still make trouble" touch Dugan ate the Christmas card that had a heart felt message to the recipients in it.
He may be grey around the muzzle, he may be stiff in the morning, he may forget how to come back inside once out the doggie door, but Dugan still has it. He obviously does not care if Santa is watching. We get it Dugan...sigh.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


* Every year we whip out the camera to make the holiday are some of the photographs that didn't make the final cut.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First Snow for Pogue

*A personal and up close first dog account of experiencing snow for the first time.

"Ummmm, what the...ummmm, I'm confused. This is different. This white stuff is everywhere. I don't know what to do. Ummmm, anybody? I'm going to just sit. Yes, that's it. Sit. Sitting is my default reaction to not knowing what to do so I'm just going to ummmmm, sit here and figure it out. Yup."

(4 minutes pass)

"Hold the phone! This white stuff is in a bowl so it must mean I can eat it! That's it! EAT ALL THE SNOW! This is awesome! I'm going to eat it and eat some more and wait...more is falling! I'll eat that too! In the air! As it falls! This is incredible! Stuff I can eat in the yard that DogDom & DogDad are not giving me "No" or "Drop it" hand signals for! What a lucky day! This is incredible, but enough chit-chat, back to eating snow! Yahoooo!"

(10 minutes pass)

"Holy can run in this stuff! Lily showed me how and the next thing I knew we were running and sliding in snow and oh my gosh, there wasn't even time to eat any we were having so much fun!

Then I said to Lily "Hey - wouldn't it be fun to take DogMom's couch blanket through the doggie door and play with it in the snow!!!" Lily said "No, no, that would be wrong and I'm not comfortable with the idea." But I was all like "Don't be such a fraidy-cat Lily! I'm doing it!" Plus it was so cool to whip it around and it made a great tug-o-war toy and really all it was doing was just draping over the arm of a couch serving no purpose whatsoever. Obviously this is a snow toy that we simply were waiting for snow to play with. Yippee! I love snow."