Friday, February 27, 2009

This Week's Official Friend of Fiona is... Mia!

Our Siamese Sully kind of pushed Fiona aside this week and picked the lovely Mia as our weekly winner of the "Official Friend of Fiona" but I guess we should call her our "Official Friend of Sully" as Sully is smitten with those long whiskers and white tipped paws. (he says "Purrrr...Mia, want to go on a date and share a little mackeral with me?") Mia is sporting a custom "Gracie" Lucky Fiona collar and we think the collars compliment her coloring just perfectly. We invite her CatMom to take a look at our shop and we'll send her a free custom collar for sending in the photo for this week's winner. Concats! Oh, we mean Congrats!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fiona says...We're Going to Help Rishu!

Dear Friends of Fiona -

One of our favorite customers Leslie alerted us through her blog about a very hard case rescue she is taking in. Leslie is one of those people that always goes the extra mile for dogs in need and has our admiration for all she does. Please read her blog entry regarding Rishu:

Rishu's Journey
Meet Rishu. Rishu is an owner surrender at 8 years old. She was dumped at a high kill shelter that isn't known for their clean environments. Her time was very, very short. Only two-three days at max.Unfortunately, all the rescues were full and no one was able to take her in. Her time would be up in one day.I decided that we could not possibly let that happen. So we stepped up to adopt her as a private citizen in hopes of helping her find her forever home and having a second chance at the good life.After our decision to get her, the shelter discovered she is heartworm positive and understood if I no longer wanted her. They told me if I wasn't coming for her still that they would euthanize her immediately since she was already at the vet. OF COURSE I WAS STILL COMING TO GET HER!!She will be coming home tomorrow. She needs heartworm treatment, which is going to run around $500. Can you help give this old lady a second chance?
- Leslie
In response to this information we are going to donate $7 from each Cat's Pajamas Collar sale to this cause. Please help defray the out of pocket cost to Leslie for Rishu's heartworm treatment. Being an ex-vet technician I can tell you many dogs handle the treatment favorable and go on to have great quality of life. For Leslie to take this dog in with such serious health issues is amazing and we hope to help with any donation we can.

To purchase:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Come All Ye Sinners and Celebrate Mardi Gras!

Fiona is not saying there are any naughty sinning dogs out there...but just in case your pooch needs a little repenting we are offering "The Church Window" Dog or Cat Collar ABSOLUTELY FREE with any purchase in our shop today and tomorrow!(sure to make any sins during Mardi Gras forgiven) One standard dog or cat collar per household while supplies last. So just purchase any other item in your Etsy cart and list in the notes section what size free custom Church Window collar you'd like us to send along free with your order!
You can keep the sinning dog or cat's name private too - Fiona's not ready for confessions around here till she gets some forgiveness for eating the cat's food earlier.

Monday, February 23, 2009

We Hate the Wii

Finding things you have in common with your dog can be heartwarming. You both love to snuggle under the down comforter. You both love long walks on summer days. You both enjoy ice cream when nobody is looking at you eating a spoonful an hour before dinner.
Fiona and I have bonded with a new commonality this past week. We both are annoyed at Alex playing the Wii.
Let me preface this by saying it is all my friend Jen's fault. She sucker punched my husband and sucked him into her full fledged Wii addiction during a visit to her NYC apartment last month. Luring Alex into her Wii-Web with home baked chocolate chip cookies and a chilly January day he could not resist the pull of the Wii. Before we even left New York we owned a Wii. Yes, he bought one in Long Island and carried it on the plane home to Chicago like it was the crown jewels of Europe. Apparently the fear that no Wii systems existed outside the state of New York was too much of a risk for him to take.

Before I knew it Alex was speaking Jen's crazy Wii language and thought he was indeed a Guitar Hero and proudly announced when he hit pro status in golf and bowling. I feigned excitement in these earth shattering accomplishments and it was all mildly annoying until the worst possible thing could happen. Alex injured his back last week and was told by the doctor to "take the week off from work to rest" Nowhere in the doctors orders did it say to play Wii every day. I know because I checked. Alex claims the Wii was a healing tool as it is used for physical therapy in hospitals across the land. This is true as I read something to the effect in the Tribune. Alas, I also reminded him that true factoid was in a facility with trained physical therapists. Alex playing "Welcome to the Jungle" with no mistakes on Guitar Hero is not sanctioned physical therapy.

The Wii has to be the most confusing game ever for your dog to comprehend and I think this is why Fiona too is frustrated with the Wii. Here is your DogDad waving his arm rhythmically above his head and from the side back and forth. Here is Fiona in a play bow looking for the ball/frisbee/fling toy that surely you are playing with her with. Except there is no ball or frisbee or toy. She doesn't get it. Why is DogDad acting like he's throwing the ball with that white controller in his hand? It's a fake out. And every dog out there knows there is nothing worse than the person "pretending" to throw something and then you going after it. It's downright humiliating...especially when you the dog fall for it repeatedly. Poor Fiona is confused every time Alex plays Wii tennis and she is not involved in a game of fetch. Oh the humanity.
Today the Wii sat in the family room silent. One because Alex finally went back to work and two because I have no freakin' clue how to even turn it on. It was delightful and I noticed even Fiona skipped through the family room with a certain type of glee. Like "Ya-hoo, Daddy won't be teasing me with his fake fetch game today!"
While the Wii is a great step towards video game addicted adolescents to get off their bums and move around a bit I think we have forgotten the cost it has on our poor dogs who think all that arm waving is a great waste of a game of fetch with them. For wives of the world we just wonder how we can get our spouses to muster that much enthusiasm for things like the Honey-Do list. "See honey, painting that wall you promised to paint for a year now is just like the movement you make with the Wii controller! Isn't this fun? You'll be a pro status painter in no time!"
For now Fiona and I will let her DogDad have his fun...but come warmer weather all that arm movement better manifest in some ball tossing. So says Fiona, so says I.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Styles Give a Touch of Collar Color When We Need it Most

The cold chill makes us dream of spring Fiona decided to bring some new collars out to make spring seem not so far away! Order today and feel the color.

Friday, February 20, 2009

This Week's Official Friend of Fiona is... Chloe!

Well what do we have here? It's Chloe the schnauzer wearing a Lucky Fiona custom collar, yet it is so much more. You see people - Chloe is wearing the "Kitchen Sink" Collar while sitting IN THE KITCHEN SINK. This type of silliness is what we thrive on around here so Chloe was a shoe in as this week's winner! Congrats on being the Silliest Friend of Fiona ever! We hope you'll inspire some other entries to get creative with their photographs. Thanks for the chuckle Chloe and as soon as your Dogmom takes you out of the sink have her let us know what free collar you'd like us to make for you for being our winner!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sully's In the Inbox...Your Questions Answered

Dear Sully,
I want to order a Lucky Fiona Custom Collar but I don't know if my dog will be a medium or a large size. His neck size is kind of in between both sizes. What do I do?
- Perplexed in Poughkeepsie
Dear P.P.,
First off thank you so much for complimenting me on my gorgeous coat and beautiful piercing blue eyes. I know I'm so handsome it can be distracting, it's a curse us Siamese have to live with. In the sunlight my coat sometimes looks the color of cocoa powder... and I am just as sweet...purr.
What? Collar size? Oh, right. Every Lucky Fiona collar is custom made to order so we will make it according to your dog's neck size so don't get so hung up on picking a size from the guide, it's just a guide. Now back to my whiskers, do you see how long they are?

Send your questions about well...anything to Sully at
If we pick your question for this new weekly feature Lucky Fiona will donate $5 to an animal charity of your choosing in your pet's name.

Monday, February 16, 2009

We Love Obi and Obi Loves His Whiparound Toy

We couldn't have found a better spokesdog for the large standard size Whiparound Toy than Obi! Everybody asks what exactly makes a Whiparound so dang great and well, as shown here it is the all-around perfect dog toy! Made from heavyweight high quality anti-pill fleece the Whiparound is a safe alternative to those rope toys that can fray and end up in puppers tummies. Dogs chew on them (good for those teeth and tartar) play tug with them and Whip 'em around - hence the name. Best part is they are completely machine washable so once they get a bit well, um, doggie you just toss them in the washer and dryer. Perfect! Lucky Fiona makes them in all sizes for all size pooches so check out the Whiparound in our shop today! Special this week - BUY 2 GET 1 FREE. Just order 2 in your cart and we'll include a 3rd free. Email or convo through Etsy for more details.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Me **** Love My DOG ****

Celebrate the LOVE! Fiona says Happy Valentines Day to all the Pooches out there that are adored! SPECIAL SALE - Today in the shop Purchase ANY 2 Collars and GET ANY DOG OR CAT COLLAR THAT HAS THE COLOR RED IN IT FOR FREE! Simply put 2 collars in your cart and then list in Buyer notes what free collar you'd like. : )

Friday, February 13, 2009

This Week's Official Friend of Fiona is... Buddy

The Budster. Need we say more? Who can resist the provocative and handsome Buddy? Well we sure couldn't which is why we are pleased to announce Buddy as this week's Official Friend of Fiona. He looks so snappy in his coordinating custom Lucky Fiona Silly Stripe collar and leash set. We dare say he seems quite at home posing in front of the camera as well, look at that on the back shot! Centerfold material for sure. We invite Buddy's Dogmom to pick any collar style from our shop as The Budster's prize for being this weeks winner. Now on to the bigger question...are you single Buddy?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fiona and I are clearly not ready for Westminster

It occured to me after watching Westminster that dog shows are the new beauty pagents of my life. As a younger gal I took delight in watching Miss America and doing what most gals and gay men do...pick apart the contestants unmercifully. Don't judge me...we all have done it! Alas, I've grown up and Miss America is now like a reality show where phone judging plays a part so there is less fun in even making fun of the judges. Dogs are now such a central focus in life it was only natural I turn my daggers towards professional dog shows to get my ya-ya's. Well the night before last I found myself snuggled under my favorite down blanket, wide awake and ready to dissect as Westminster was in it's final night. First off let me get the disclaimer out...I know dog shows are serious sport with some really great dog people doing wonderful things for the breeds, yadda, yadda, yadda. No disrespect to the serious dog show folk out there, I obviously know nothing about your world. But for the rest of us armchair quarterbacks let me just say this year's show was a humdinger if for nothing else than we don't have to hear about that damn beagle Uno anymore. As if having short legs and a stocky body type didn't win over most of America - who incidentally has the same body type, myself included. Alas we have had to hear repeated about how he took all his earnings in 2008 from his title and gave them 100% to charity. He's too much of a do-gooder, like Miss Tennessee who puts vaseline on her teeth to keep that perfect smile and knows sign language because she has 3 brothers she helped raise who are deaf.
Like most dog guardians I wanted my dog's breed to win, thinking the whole time my dogs are better looking than the perfect breed standards being presented. Sure Fiona has mud between her paws at this very moment and her snout is not the desired length, but she is sooooooo beautiful. The English Setter did take 3rd in sporting proving that my brain waves do effect judging on some level. I digress to some of my favorite Westminster moments...
* Sadie the Scottie taking a pee-pee during Best In Show judging. Nothing makes the at-home viewer happier than seeing the most perfect dogs on the planet relieving themselves on the green carpeting of Westminster. The audible gasp of the crowd at Madison Square Garden as Sadie tinkled was icing on the cake. (also noteworthy was the fact that Sadie's handler looked a lot like Tony Soprano with nerdy glasses...not quite what you expect of a dog show handler)
* Conrad the Puli's handler kept her bait in her bra (or seemingly so). Now I know handlers have to have those delectable little treats to bait their dogs to standing just so and looking a certain direction, but at such a high level when you are on national television, couldn't she have picked an outfit with oh, I don't know...pockets? It was a bit unnerving to see her reaching under her jacket for a piece of jerky that magically appeared from the boobie region. I haven't seen so much bra diving since my high school prom. (ba-da-da-dum)
* Tiger Woods the Scottish deerhound looked like he owned the place. The way he strode around the ring he had an air about him like he could take it or leave it, he had better things to do. He was my Best in Show favorite as he clearly did not give a hoot about all the pomp and poop and circumstance. He was like Miss Oregon, great looking but never one you bank on for winning when Miss Texas is standing nearby.
* If this was America's most watched dog show couldn't they gather more advertisers? I know the economy is rough, but if I had to watch that damn Petco commercial with the dog looking in the mirror one more time I was going to shoot myself. It was cute the first time but the dog in the sweater lost it's charm the 63rd time I saw it. Conversely the Pedigree commercial with the homeless dogs in cages made me get weepy every time they showed it, which was roughly 75 times during the dog show. I'm still loosing sleep over the one with his snout peering outside the bars of the shelter kennel.
* I don't think it was necessary for the commentators (one of whom was a female named Mary - which I did not realize until they showed her face 3/4 of the way through the evening, I thought it was two guys talking!) to talk so much about the Standard poodle's lineage. The fact that the dog's sire was dead for 20 years and they used frozen seamen to create him was a little too much information and frankly a little creepy. It was like learning Miss Rhode Island had a plate in her head or something...some things are better left unsaid.
* Finally a word about Stump, the spaniel who took best in show. He took the prize at 10 and won America's hearts by being the oldest winner ever. Kind of like Cloris Leachman being a fan favorite on Dancing with the Stars, this guy for sure got the senior vote. But when he sat up on his hind legs after winning, who didn't love him to pieces? And let's be honest, who didn't think "My dog can do that!" Fiona is practicing the pose as we speak.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sad News about our Friend Sarah

My heart is heavy today as I was just notified of the saddest news. Many of you remember Sarah, the fostered Irish Setter we raised funds for last fall through a special collar sale to defray her surgery costs. We reported a few months ago what we thought was the happy ending to Sarah's story, her foster Mom adopted her and she was healing from her surgery and living a happy setter life. This morning I learned from Save Our Setters that Sarah's Dogmom was faced with the heart wrenching task of helping her cross the bridge. What was thought to be a suture reaction was discovered to be inoperable cancer. It had spread quickly to organ involvement and the vet said with tears in her eyes there was no hope, it would be in Sarah's best interest to take her out of her pain.
Words cannot express my sadness and how sorry I feel for Susan who nursed Sarah through the last months of her life and thought only a happy future was ahead of them. I want her to know that her efforts was not in vain as she gave Sarah for the first time in her life a loving home and gentle loving care. I wish things had turned out differently but I am happy to live in a world with people like Susan in it. She took a dog in that not many people would have and she gave her round the clock care and dedication. It is not fair that Sarah's life was not long enough, but I know how grateful she is looking down from doggie heaven that the quality of her life the last months of it were so wonderful. Rest in peace darling Sarah, you were thought about and loved by many people.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Lucky Fiona Dogs Feel the Luck of the Irish

Top O'The Mornin' to all you lucky pooches out there that love Lucky Fiona Holiday Collars! We've got some real exciting styles this St. Patrick's Day for all you shamrock lovin' hounds out there. Remember...every dog is Irish on St. Patrick's Day so be sure to be wearin' of the green lads and lassies! We are filled with glee like a leprechaun sitting on a pot of gold this season as many of our styles transcend St. Patrick's Day and can be worn all year long (now that's more than luck!) We are also pleased to announce "The Seamus" collar which is a very special Celtic inspired print that is sure to be a Lucky Fiona classic. Named in memory of our first Irish Setter rescue Seamus we are giving $3 from each collar purchased to help Irish Setters in need with Save Our Setters.( So buy one today and spread a little luck to dogs in need while keeping your pup in style this St. Pat's Day!
Go to to see all our current collars.

The Seamus

Saturday, February 7, 2009

This Week's "Friend Of Fiona" is Lazlo!

Yes, it's the ears...we couldn't get past those delicious ears of Lazlo. Couldn't you just eat them they are so adorable? Sure Lazlo looks handsome in his custom made Lotus Collar from Lucky Fiona, but there is something else going on here. Something behind that cool Basset-Lab exterior that Fiona cannot put her paw on. Hmmmm, we like a man of mystery around here and hence Lazlo is our weekly winner as the Official Friend of Fiona. We want to know more about you Lazlo and we also want to know what collar you'd like for free as your prize for being our weekly photo contest winner!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wemi Rage...Ruby Barks Back

Just the other day while we were looking at your site..... Ruby became so upset at your love and adoration of ANOTHER WEIMARANER!!! How could this be... ISN"T she the WEIMARANER OF YOUR DREAMS!!!! I have tried to console her but she is quite distressed!! After all he (Mookie)was it? is a MALE...I will try to convince her that you have not traded her in.... dropped her like a penny in the sewer, moved on to newer younger Wemi friends.... We will still go on loving Fiona, Dugan and the rest of your family....
For now-
Kathy and Ruby

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My new muse... Teddy

Ted Williams Jr. a.k.a. "Teddy" 8 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

She's One of Us Now...

My friend Jennifer is one of those people that you can't help but adore. She's smart, she's beautiful, she's silly to the point of absurdity and she's fiercely loyal to her family and core group of friends. She can tell you the top notes in any perfume by taking a brief whiff and she can recite quotes from Will Ferrell movies with deft accuracy and coordinating facial ticks. She leads a stylish life in Manhattan with a great career and her gorgeous husband Dave who has a British accent that makes girls like me swoon. Yet, something was missing in this charmed life. Then came Ted. Yes, life changed last August when Teddy the Rhodesian Ridgeback came onto the scene and I realized my dear friend was hopelessly in love with four freckled puppy paws. A visit to her apartment on the Upper West side last week confirmed what I was long suspecting...she is an official Dogmom. She's in deep. She's one of us now.
Her classically decorated apartment with wood floors, wide original moldings and leather furniture is now strewn with dog toys with names such as "Camo Beau-Beau" and "Hedgey the Hedgehog" Dogmoms world round give the most ridiculous names to toys and act like the dog themselves named them such. It's one of the first symptoms of Dogmomminess.
Teddy is Jen's first dog, she waited years for the right time in her life to have a dog and researched the breed and all things dog with the zeal of a woman on a mission. I don't think Jen ever studied so arduously for anything in life. I say this with much confidence as we once took a 7:30a.m. Science class together in college and we would be at the bar at 3:30 a.m. wondering how to get sleep and our homework done in the upcoming 4 hours. (sleep often prevailed - but to be honest she did get a full letter grade above me in that course so who am I to question her study methods?)
So when Teddy came into Jen and Dave's life she was ready. But I guess I wasn't ready for what a Dogmom she has become. It sounds patronizing, but I'm really proud of her. She's no rookie, she's the real deal. Lord knows I had no idea what I was doing with my first dog a Labrador named Fergus. I mean for God sakes I fed him Puppy Chow from the Grocery store! (I know, I know...I was young and stupid though)
Jen has all the signs of a Dogmom in love. She murmurs sweet nothings into Teddy's ears and when she calls him silly nicknames he looks at her like she is speaking their own secret language. She gets up at dawn in the dead of winter to give Teddy a dog park romp before she goes to work. She knows how many whiskers he small task as their are over a 150 of them. Ted eats holistic food and has a closet full of gourmet treats and Jen knows all their ingredients. Is she protective like any Dogmom worth her beans is? Well, Jen was ready to take a swing at the lady she met in her dog park Rhodesian group who said Teddy's head was too small for a Ridgeback. Us real Dogmoms know hell hath no fury like a Dogmom who's four pawed child has been talked negatively about. Don't go there.
Sure Teddy has a personal dog walker three times a day, has been to a top notch day care facility, has embroidered dog coats and a bed that cost more than my first car. But these things aren't where the love is held. What really showed me the love his Dogmom has for him was a simple exchange I witnessed last Tuesday night. Jen and I sat on the couch at the end of the day with Ted curled up between us and Jen enthusiastically showed me the "B" marking on his tummy, where the crowns were on his ridge and where his hair zippers on his legs. She pointed all this out without looking away from him with a smile on her face and in her heart.
You can't fake this stuff. She's a Dogmom.

Lucky 13 Sale is your lucky way to save!

*LUCKY 13 - END OF THE BOLT SALE*! We're cleaning out the fabric closet and offering some classic Lucky Fiona styles for just $13 buckaroonies each! We're working off the end of the bolt and clearing out some held fabrics that boutique vendors never paid for so we cannot stress how limited supplies are. Fiona does not want to hear any crying because you saw the collar available one day and it was gone the next. DO NOT DELAY...these styles are very limited, we may be able to only get 1 or 2 collars out of the fabric left. Stock up on some old favorites and celebrate the cold of winter with one of these hot deals!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fiona has a new gentleman suitor...

Will you be my Valentine? I will share my toy with you, too.
Love, Pete
PS - I had to have my pet parent write this and send you my picture because I don't know how to type.

Monday, February 2, 2009

More Vacation pics...

No trip to New York would be complete without checking in on our East Coast Senior Sales Executive Rebecca Marino. She really knows how to impress the big bosses and put on a lovely brunch for us complete with homemade crepes and quiche! Heck she even whipped up a belated Birthday cake for Alex with her famous homemade peanut butter frosting. (sans salmonella thank you) Rebecca is a prize employee and we so appreciate her sales savvy. A recent shoulder surgery (not work related mind you as her Lucky Fiona health plan does not cover anything that cannot be paid off in free collars) could not even stop her from spreading the word about Lucky Fiona collars - while stuck at home recuperating she resorted to hawking our collars to the furnace repairman who came into her home! That's dedication! We'd make her employee of the month if only we had more than one employee! Pictured above is Rebecca and our top test marketing kitty Jack to the left. Below is animal-loving Avery (Rebecca's son) holding Jack and a shot of the demure Fiona, our other favorite orange New York feline.