Friday, January 30, 2009

This Week's Official Friend of Fiona is...Moosey!

Fiona loves a happy snout and what a mug on this guy! Moosey the weinmariner is our latest winner and the Official Friend of Fiona for this week and his picture makes us all smile big. Sporting a 1.5 inch width "Yoshi" Lucky Fiona collar Moosey shows us that custom is indeed a good thing, this collar looks fabulous in the extra wide width.
Moosey you big sweet pooch, tell your Dogmom to pick any of our current styles for your prize we are so pleased to gift you a new collar for being our big winner this week.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We love a rave... (and adorable pics of clients too!)

A recent feedback email:

Shannon & Fiona -
Great collars, great craftsmanship! Customer service & shipping times are also great. Max loves them & so do we!

Well our vacation is winding down and we look forward to getting back in the studio and making exciting new spring styles. This lovely hound reminds basking so regally in the Back Seat Bingo (extra wide martingale style) reminds us it's time to stop being a couch potato and get back to work!
- Shannon

Monday, January 26, 2009

We Love Reader Mail...

From the Lucky Fiona Mailbag:
This is my baby, Mr. Joe he's a six year old Boston, sunning himself on a cold Chicago morning. I saw your collars and they are adorable! Joey can't wait to be sporting one, I just have to decide which one once my husband has a chance to see them!
Have a great day!
Thanks for the email and photo Sydney - we love snoozy dog pics!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

No Animal Testing...But Humans are Okay

Here at Lucky Fiona we don't believe in animal testing, but we don't mind putting a collar on a human every now and then...

Thanks to Jill and Nick in Connecticut for giving us a good laugh today!

Friday, January 23, 2009

This Week's Official Friends of Fiona are Lily, Cameron & Hailey

Well they say labradors are kind of like potato chips where you can't have just we couldn't decide between these three gorgeous labs which one should be the Official Friend of Fiona this week so Fiona said "heck - let's pick them all!" So we did, because we do not question Fiona and we absolutely love potato chips.. and labradors for that matter! We also compliment the Dogmom of these lovely labs for sharing her life with a lab in every color they come in, which guarantees no matter what color you wear one of them will shed on you and it will be noticeable. So congrats Lily (yellow lab wearing the Cozy Quilt), Cameron (black lab wearing the Chilly Stripe) and Hailey (chocolate lab wearing the Marino) for being this week's winners. Tell your Dogmom to pick your three free custom collars!

p.s. Also Check out their Special Auntie's neato Etsy site:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome Home Obi! We need your comments!

The little pup we talked about last week from a shelter down south arrived to his forever home in Connecticut last night. Jill and Nick are so excited to welcome "Obi" to their home and hearts.
I talk a lot on this blog so I am turning the page over to you folks today! Please leave a comment here for Jill and Nick on your best new puppy/rescue/first time Dogmom and DogDad tips! Lets hear what advice or comments you have to share.
Have to throw a plug in!
Free Frosty Paw collar promo still on in the Etsy shop - take advantage while fabric remains. Just buy any item in the shop and get a free Frosty Paws dog or cat collar with purchase! You just pay 50 cents shipping! Whoo-hoooo, what a deal!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Reader Mail...

I was going to send this and then read your blog about your friends who adopted Bailey. My parents just adopted this little girl today at a rescue called The Haven. The Haven is a no kill shelter in Raeford, NC and they currently have 600 dogs. They also take in horses, cats, etc. It is amazing. They said last year they adopted 3,800 animals to new homes. They love these animals and one of the owners, Linden, teared up to see the dog go. It makes me realize there are still good people in the world who open their hearts to save these animals that have been abandoned. One little spitfire named Emmie was flying around the place with her doggie wheel chair. It was awesome to see! If you are looking for the next rescue to sponsor with your Lucky Fiona collars, this one has my vote!
Melissa Law :O)
Melissa -
What a great letter! I am contacting The Haven today to be our February charity. Thanks for the heads up about the great work they do there. ~ Shannon

Sunday, January 18, 2009

There is Always Room in Your Heart for Another Dog

A few months ago I wrote about a dear english bulldog named Murphy who crossed the bridge and the sadness all who loved her felt with her passing. I'm pleased to report Murphy's family have adopted a 5 year old bulldog they have named Bailey. The wrinkly guy is fitting in wonderfully with his new family and enjoying the fresh start he has with his new home. Sure he looks sad and mopey in this picture, but believe me, he's happy! If you know bulldogs then you know they just kind of look this way when not sleeping or eating or sleeping or ummm, sleeping. You will note how handsome Bailey looks in his Carter LeDeux Custom Collar from Lucky Fiona. Fiona figured with a new start in life Bailey needed a new look as well so she sent a collar as a welcome to your new home gift.
I've been greatly encouraged lately with people adopting and the general awareness that there are so many dogs in need of homes there is no reason to ever buy one from a pet shop. In addition to Bailey this past month alone we've had friends adopt a lab mix named Popeye, a wonderful client of ours adopt a little apricot poodle also named Bailey and of coarse the setter mix now named Obi I wrote about earlier this week. It's wonderful that both seasoned dog guardians as well as first time dog guardians are seeking rescue. Goes to show every color, shape, size and type of dog is out there just waiting for a home.
Before bringing Bailey home I know his new guardians had concerns they were somehow dishonoring the memory of Murphy by adopting another bulldog. I've had people relate this fear to me in the past and I always say the same thing...there is always room in your heart to love another dog. You just have to open your heart and let them in. There is no such thing as replacing a dog, you just find a space in your heart to build new relationships in and the dog will crawl right into that gap, perhaps walk in circles a few time and then plunk down forever. The love you will receive back from your beloved pooch is tenfold and nobody should deny themselves the opportunity to love a dog again. I truly believe the dogs we've loved and lost would want us to be happy with another dog, to keep the connection going. Bailey's new Dogmom immediately found a peaceful feeling in hearing Bailey snore like Murphy used to, it felt like a piece of their home was complete again. I think for folks that adopt the same breed as they have had before there is a magic in seeing some of the similarities as well as celebrating the differences that the untrained eye may never notice. It helps us hold onto a small part of the dog we once loved deeply when we see the little idiosyncrasies emerge in the new addition to the family. It was meant to be this way.
So welcome Bailey and Popeye and Obi...there are hearts just waiting to burst with love for you. Be sure to thank your new people for keeping them so open to you.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

This Week's Official Friend of Fiona is...Dottie!

Yes cat lovers it is your moment! This week's official Friend of Fiona is one of the feline persuasion. We are pleased to announce the beautiful Dottie as our weekly photo contest winner. Those whiskers and stripes had us smitten and we are happy to gift Dottie with a free custom collar of her choosing. Thanks for the great picture in your custom Lucky Fiona Collar and congrats on being this week's winner!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blizzard Sale Today Tuesday 1/13/09

Gee, it's snowing again here in the midwest. We have almost a foot of snow on the ground and now the weatherman is predicting back to back BLIZZARDS the next 2 days and arctic wind chills. Yippee.
Fiona says since we are stuck inside she is going to offer BUY 2 GET 1 FREE on any styles in the shop. So stock up now while the wind is whistling and snow is falling. Great chance to get some of those new lovey Valentine collars! We'll be here if you have any questions, just convo through Etsy or email Not like we're going anywhere.

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Puppy Advice

We all know the story well - a young couple falls in love, gets married, buys a house and then a few short months later have a grand announcement...they're getting a puppy. Such is the tale of my dear friend Jill and her husband Nick. Imagine my delight to hear that not only had they found their perfect pup on but that it was an english setter mix! This was surprising to me as Jill loves pomeranians and Nick wanted a beagle. It seems Jill was inspired by a visit with me last March when she fell in love with our dear Fiona and her soulful eyes. Yes, the english setter spell has been cast! The sweet little male puppy is going by the name Dashel and will be transported from a foster down south to the shelter in Connecticut near their home that Jill and Nick are working with. What an exciting time that all us Dogparents can relate to...that anxious period waiting for puppy to arrive.
Jill emailed me and asked if I had any puppy pointers to share. I almost immediately emailed her back as my mind raced with a million things! Favorite dog training books, crate training tips, obedience drills, toys to buy, toys to avoid, heck I could write a short novel on nutrition alone and what foods I suggest. Then it struck me ...what mundane advice.
Here's what first time dog parents really need to know:
* You life is about to be changed forever. You will now refer to everything as "life after the dog". All life decisions will focus around the dog. Gone are the willy-nilly days of floating through life at your own pace, late dinners out and spontaneous travel. Trust me, it will become second nature when your husband suggests a romantic weekend away and your first thought is not candles and champagne but "can we get the pet sitter those dates?"
* Stop watching HGTV with a wistful eye. This will be particularly difficult for Jill who is an interior design buff. You will never have the perfect home decor you see on television. Sure it can still be gorgeous and wonderful, but all future decorating decisions will be based around the dog. You will at some point find yourself at the Home Depot pleading with the salesperson to give you a testimonial on what carpeting holds up best to a dog puking, peeing and scratching at it. (don't forget diarrhea!) You will become an ardent fan of slipcovers and you will never buy a velvet couch. You will realize that Pergo flooring is a gift from God as a dog's nails can't harm it. Your home may start to resemble one of those old abandoned haunted houses on tv shows where bed sheets cover every piece of furniture. You will find yourself at Target end caps shopping for those bed sheets on super sale for the mere function of keeping dog hair off of something. Think of me and say a silent "thank you" when this happens.
(I should add you can keep your house looking like it could be on HGTV if you ban your dog from certain rooms or don't let them on the furniture. I won't even try to delude you with that type of fantasy. If you have a dog in your life...let the dog in your life.)
* Invest in a good vacuum. (see my summer post on my full blown love affair with my Dyson)
* Buy Nature's Miracle by the gallon. You have a puppy. The small little spray bottle they sell at Petsmart if for amateurs. Chuckle at the thought of it as you heave the gallon jug into your cart.
* There will be fights between you and your husband over the dog. They could be as innocent as "why is he sitting with you instead of me?" to the very serious "did you not see the big pee spot on the living room floor - Have you let him out the 4 hours I've been gone?" When you first get the puppy you will fight over who gets to hold the leash when you walk. A few months later you will fight over who's turn it is to get up at 2:00 a.m. to put the puppy on said leash when puppy is crying to go outside. You will learn how to negotiate like never before, you are potty training a dog in winter and your bed is toasty and warm. I suggest cash or sexual favors as your bargaining chips, my husband has been known to cave for the promise of fresh baked brownies the next day.
* Your puppy is better than everybody elses puppy. You will find this smug attitude creeps upon you like a dense London fog your first day at puppy training class or the dog park. Your puppy is cuter and more charismatic and smarter than every other dog you meet. You look at other dog's like they are mere peasants and your dog like the little prince that he is. I don't care how silly this sounds, it is true and I defy any dog guardian to admit otherwise.
* You will become organized. Gone are the days of throwing your shoes on the floor or leaving your W-2 form on the coffee table. Anything of any importance will be put out of puppy reach. A tip about setters - they seem to have a desire to get things you are specifically keeping away from them. It's a game they play to show you how smart they are and how dumb you are to leave a bag with tissue paper in it where they can reach.
* Your life is about to be changed forever. You will find yourself so in love with this little bundle of fur your heart feels like it will burst sometimes. You will count his spots and marvel at his whiskers when he sleeps. He will love you no matter what you say or do, he will love you when you need love the most. He will be so happy to see you regardless of how long you have been gone - a long day at work or a trip to the mailbox he will have equal enthusiasm to greet you. He will show you a side of your husband you never knew that will make you love him even more. He will make you slow down and look at the world in a new way when you walk, to appreciate things you may have rushed by before. He is your first dog that is all your own, he will be the bar you set to compare any other creature you bring into your life down the road. You will learn patience and compassion from him and realize that no amount of dog hair is a big deal for all the gifts he gives you on a daily basis.
*Enjoy all the puppy moments because in the blink of an eye the muzzle greys and his movements slow and you ask where has the time gone? Savor this time and realize the importance you have made in this dog's life by rescuing him. Be wise enough to know he rescued you too.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Goodbye to a dear friend...

We awoke this morning to receive a very sad email from our good pal Leslie who has been a wonderful customer and friend of Lucky Fiona for some time now.
Yoshi the Basset Hound seen here as Mr. July on our Friends of Fiona 2009 Calendar crossed the bridge this morning to go to doggie heaven. We are so sorry for this tremendous loss and send our heartfelt condolences to Leslie and Zac and her 7 other dogs who are missing their old pal Yoshi. Leslie is the type of person we admire here at Lucky Fiona. She helps animals in need unselfishly and we know Yoshi was a very lucky dog to have all the years he did with such a warm hearted and loving guardian.
In Yoshi's name Lucky Fiona is making a donation to Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia Inc. We know this is a group that Yoshi supported at last year's Basset Bash and we hope to help another basset in need with a contribution in his honor. We ask our friends to keep positive thoughts flowing to Leslie and her family today as they reflect on the wonderful life that Yoshi had with them. He will be missed here on earth but doggie heaven has a wonderful long eared addition to the pack and we know he is in a place where he is young again and running and baying and howling with the best of them.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sully makes exciting discovery...

Dateline - January 9th 2008 - Lucky Fiona Sewing Studio - Chicagoland Suburbs -
Sully the cat here. I was sleeping today inside the sewing machine cover in Mom's studio and when I woke up I was greeted by a sea of pink and red and hearts aplenty! Yes, the Lucky Fiona Valentine '09 Collection is now available! Be sure to check out the new styles in our Etsy shop and treat your dog or favorite kitty to a custom collar.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

This Week's Official Friend of Fiona is... Mabel!

We love her name, we love her serious pose and we love her wrinkles. This week's winner was easy to pick and we are proud to present Mabel as this week's Official Friend of Fiona. Mabel's Dogmom calls her a "princess" in her new Lucky Fiona ChocoBloom custom collar but we call her a fashionista! If Mabel can find a few moments to break away from her pretty pink cushion we invite her to pick out a free collar from our shop for being this week's winner. Congrats Mabel!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Working from Home

Oh I won't lie. Working from home is the best. I can wear my scottie pajama bottoms until 11:00a.m. and nobody is the wiser. I am a naughty child that nobody is looking after...I eat cookies for breakfast and I watch Regis & Kelly. (a delicious privilege I have long thought was only available to the very rich, stay at home mommies and senior citizens) I use my big important business owner voice on the telephone with vendors and act like I am sitting behind a grand cherrywood desk with brass accents tapping a manicured hand. Really I am seated upon funky Ikea furniture in my studio and I am wearing two different colored fuzzy socks because guess what...I work from home! My nails have not seen polish since that wedding we went to last October.
I have a high priced designer cat bed that I envisioned the cats lounging in when I set up my studio, but it remains perfectly tufted and hair free.(it does match the decor very nicely though, a fact that does not seem to impress any feline enough to actually use it) My kitties far prefer my metal invoice in-box on my packing table which is neither designer, tufted or as far as I can tell even remotely comfortable. Still, I like to think the cats are wiser than I. Sully, ever the zen kitty has a knack for identifying my busiest moments working and demands/yowls that I hold him close and whisper him sweet nothings. Yowling continues until I submit to this ritual. I don't know if you've ever attempted to tell a Siamese to leave you alone, but it's not an easy task. I always give in and he makes me realize that sometimes you have to take a break and just "breathe" when you are so very busy. It feels nice. I think all work places should have a mandatory Siamese on hand for this life lesson.
The dogs take turns coming in and staying a bit, sighing and leaving eventually as nothing I seem to be doing in the work studio produces any type of food which seems to disappoint given the amount of energy I am expending. The shag area rug is their studio napping spot and due to lack of space we have a 2 dog maximum on it so they shuffle in and out throughout the day. I love that I can tell without turning around from my sewing machine who is laying down based on movement alone. Dugan plops down with a thud and sighs a bit to let me know once again there seems to be no food in this horrible room. Caelan prances in quickly like a high strung pony and digs an imaginary hole before finding the perfect laying position. Fiona twirls like a ballerina before curling herself into a little spotted snoring setter ball.
Running a home business in this economy is scary. Every day is a challenge but one I love facing, even when I have two different colored socks on. We had a wonderful holiday season thanks to you and so look forward to serving our customers and friends in 2009. We have some new products we're looking forward to releasing this New Year as well as continuing to provide wonderful quality collars that you have grown to love. Thanks for allowing us to continue this labor of love and allowing me an office experience I would not trade for the world. Or at least as long as Regis and Kelly are on the air.

Friday, January 2, 2009

This Week's Official Friend of Fiona is...Zoom!

We think Zoom's DogMom says it all here...

"Here's my border collie/fox terrier wearing his beautiful holiday collar at the beach in our town, Montara State Beach. It's a bit avant guard, but so is Zoom. :) "
Congrats on being our first Official Friend of Fiona for 2009 in your Holly Jolly Custom Lucky Fiona dog collar! Zoom gets a free custom collar of his choice for being our weekly winner. Thanks to his Dogmom for sending in the photo and great description of Zoom. Fiona says welcome to the pack and congrats!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! 2009!

Fiona stayed up till Midnight - can't understand why it was so hard for her people? If they just napped all day like she did they could have made it easily. To celebrate a New Year full of new possibilities Fiona is offering Buy 2 Collars Get 1 FREE today in the Etsy shop. Start the New Year off right with some Lucky Fiona pizzazz! Happy and Howlin' New Year to all! Make 2009 a wonderful year full of color and style and many new Lucky Fiona collar favorites!