Thursday, August 1, 2013

A little old message from the Head Bitch...

August 1st 2013
My Beloved Lucky Fiona Family,
   I've been dreading writing this post for some time now, but I must. Lucky Fiona is in trouble y'all. For the past few years this little collar business has been a true labor of love. If we broke even we were happy, even though the accountant said we were nuts we knew making collars was more than just making a profit. We loved this community of dog lovers we created and the fun we all have and that was enough. You were happy, dogs were looking snazzy, we helped some rescues along the way and all was good. 
  But the past 4 months we can't ignore that things are not good. We're not breaking even, we've had to slide into personal savings again and again to keep things going. I've gone back and forth about if we can continue. 
  After a lot of soul searching we have decided to try to keep Lucky Fiona going till the end of this calendar year and reassess then our future. Until then there has to be some minor changes. We can no longer offer the Collar of the Month Subscriptions which is personally heartbreaking to me. It is very easy to see if you do the math that we offer them at very low pricing. They were always a loss leader - and most COM subscribers purchased outside the subscription. In the past year we realize this is no longer the case and with shipping fees and hardware and textile fees continuing to climb we are losing more and more on them then we can handle. We will honor all current subscriptions until they are up but we cannot renew or sell any new COMs. We also will no longer offer Gift Certificates or leashes. 
   What we will do is thank those that have been loyal to us and have stuck with us and do order faithfully. It is for you we are going to give it our all to continue Lucky Fiona. We are planning a big launch of Halloween styles this month and also have the second annual Basset Battle Collar Sale to benefit BHRG coming up too in September! We will continue our work with rescues regardless of Lucky Fiona set backs, that part of the business will never change. 
   So hang in there with us. Refer us to a friend. Buy a collar for a doggie pal or shelter dog. One collar at a time we will keep this all going the best we can. Thank you for standing by us.
Smooches to the Pooches,
The Head Bitch