Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lilly P.'s Love Match Candidate #2 - Asher

The Basics
Dog's Name: Asher
Dog's Gender: male
Dog's Breed: American Cocker Spaniel

Name of Guardian: Vicki and Marissa
Guardian's email address:on file 
Where was dog born:  Moundville, MO
Where does dog reside now:  Chanute, KS
Rescue? What organization:  no

About You
Your most brag worthy physical feature: my luxuriously soft ears, with long Chocolate-colored wavy curls

If you could change one thing about yourself it would be: I would have an actual tail, not a nub. So I could wag it MORE

One word starting with "F" to describe you: Flying; I can jump the height of short buildings in a single bound; my body and ears go FLYING
Favorite time of year: summer, when the ground is dry; rolling in the dirt and dust is the BEST
Favorite human: Vicki; she's my mama 90% of the time; I stays with Marissa for shows, for grooming, and when my mama goes somewhere without me (HMPH!)
Favorite thing to do on a Saturday: sit on the couch wiff my mama; and bark at the mail man when he comes

Favorite thing to steal: the other dogs' bones. MINE

Favorite Lucky Fiona collar and why:  I look good in anything orange, green, or blue; it goes well with my Chocolatey fur; currently the Thatch Roof would probably look sexiest on me

What Dog is Looking for in Perfect Match
Male? Female? Open?: female; girls are purty
Are you a player or looking to settle down? Player; the more the merrier. I can't help but wag my nubby tail at all the pretty girls I see
Most important thing in a significant other is: that they want to cuddle and let me sit by them. I'm very loyal.

Turn ons: play time, chasing tennis balls together, long naps on the couch together

Turn offs: chewing on my ears!!! that hurts!!

Where you see yourself in 5 years: maybe doing some agility stuff; I'm pretty good at jumping, flying, zooming, and listening to my favorite humans so I can please them.

Lilly P. Love Match Candidate - Jack Reacher

Hi Beatrix,
I am Jack Reacher..
I would like to help Lilly overcome her fearfulness, because I am FEARLESS. I think we are well matched in that regard.

I feel badly for her that she was tied to a pole at Target. That place is enough to make anyone afraid. All the cars going to and fro. That is scary, not to mention the security breaks where they steal your credit card info.

I am not a humper..not at all. Girl dogs here are rather elderly and that would just not work. They would collapse and then where would  we be?  On the ground, obviously. But seriously, I would not want anyone to get hurt.

I question why Lilly wants to sneak under the fence.. The grass is not greener on the other side. Misery is living outside in a pen that was escape-proof. Now I am inside with a couch or human bed to lay on. My sister used to sneak under the fence, but she would get stuck in crawlspace under the house. It is dark, damp and filthy dirty under there. A bath was always in order after she tried her shenanigans .

I am a gentleman and I don't want to act like a mud marine on manuevers.   Maybe I can convince her that what she is doing is potentially dangerous, especially if she managed to get out and down on the highway.

I am not much of a digger but I do like to roll in the grass. Lilly could dig and I would roll in the soil. Really a perfect scenario.
I have a big heart and I would love a second Valentine.
Time is short and I believe in making the most of it.
All  the best,
Jack Reacher

Photo credit to Elaine Tweedy

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
~Roger Caras~

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love Match Winners...

Beatrix The Matchmaker's



Prizes ~

Favorite Couple ~ $25 Gift Code to each Cricket & Abbott

Oddest Couple ~ $15 Gift Code to each Dixon & Lily B.
 (Lily will donate her gift code to a rescue in need of a collar)

* LOVE MATCH ALUMNI STORY and winners will receive $25 Gift Codes each! 
Wally & Lucy

Winner's guardians please email to claim your prizes! Thanks to all for playing!

Love Match - Lilly P. & ?

Lilly is a lovely lady who wants to be wooed, share some snacks, dig up flowers and escape under the fence with that perfect man. Beatrix feels the perfect match is out there but hasn't been found yet from the bios we received. So we are putting a call out to all male dogs...tell us why you want to be Lilly's special man. When we find that perfect pup we will make a special Limited Edition Collar & Leash Set for Lilly AND her man so they will match. Send your bio to with "I'm Lilly's Match" in the subject line. Deadline is 2/19/15
Humpers need not apply.

Reminder of Lilly's details...
The Basics
Dog's Name: Lilly Pollack
Dog's Gender: Female
Dog's Breed: English Setter (possibly crossed with a hamster or other small boneless animal that can squeeze into tiny places)
Name of Guardian: why that my mom.. Marcie Pollack 
Guardian's email address: on file
Where was dog born: I am not really sure 
Where does dog reside now:Casa Del Setter (Painesville Ohio)
Rescue? What organization: I was found tied to a light pole in a Target parking lot and was taken to vets office who contact my mom who took me in..

About You
Your most brag worthy physical feature: My mom says my Amber colored eyes

If you could change one thing about yourself it would be: that I would no longer be scared of stuff and thangs 

One word starting with "F" to describe you: Fun
Favorite time of year: Summer
Favorite human: MY MOM 
Favorite thing to do on a Saturday: romp in the fields and chase those silly white moth things 
Favorite thing to steal: clean clothes right from the dryer.. Sometimes dryer sheets (I love to roll on those so I smell pretty) 

Favorite Lucky Fiona collar and why: the Gin Blossom because it's girly with out fluff 

What Dog is Looking for in Perfect Match
Male? Female? Open?:  Make
Are you a player or looking to settle down? I am happy go lucky but would love to find my true love
Most important thing in a significant other is: that they understand my idiosyncrasies and fearfulness.   And that they will sneak out under the fence with me..BOL! 

Turn ons: beautiful eyes.. 

Turn offs: HUMPERS 

Where you see yourself in 5 years: cuddling with my mom, loving life, 

What does the term "romance" mean to you?  Being wooed, sharing snacks, and someone to dig in the flowers with. 

Love Match - Junebug & Alex

Junebug loves little boys and nobody acts more like a 4 year old than Lucky Fiona's very own Alex. So Beatrix has matched them up! Juney is sweet as pie and looking forward to running in the blue bonnets with Alex and enjoying some tummy rubs on a warm Texas afternoon. Afterwards they will snack on some King Ca-y-ak and discuss future plans for a weekend at the Dirt. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

LOVE MATCH - Roman & Graci

Roman wanted to meet a gentle girl and sweet Gracie is
just that! Her wiggly butt and soft velvety ears and his copper coat and heart on his head made these two the best looking couple around! Beatrix predicts a lot of long candle lit dinners with these two while they discuss the finer points of cats and car rides. 

Love Match - Sparrow & Gabe

Gabe made it clear he wanted a real "looker" as his match and well...Sparrow is a SuperDogModel so Beatrix had to put them together. (both have a thing for feathery feet) We are sure Sparrow appreciates Gabe's lovely eyeliner and Gabe is ga ga over Sparrow's fluffy tail. Gabe likes to lay on top of his Dad and Sparrow is permanently velcroed to her Mum so these two will have a lot to talk about when it comes to attachment issues with parents. Beatrix predicts these two take so many selfies on their dates they may have to publish a coffee table book of them.

Love Match - Jack Reacher & Laney

Beatrix thought these two were the most loyal and honest bios out there! Jack wanted honesty and loyalty and Laney is very loyal once she finds the right one. These two plan to enjoy some deep conversations about life and Jack promises to help Laney get over her fear of things like thunderstorms and fireworks. Beatrix predicts these two will join a book club together and also shop the Farmer's Markets this summer.

Love Match - Amadeus & Annie

Ami was looking for a lady who was smaller than him and had a fluffy tail. Annie wanted a man to appreciate her feisty personality and pretty eyes. Both love soft beds. Beatrix predicts these two will really hit it off and be serious quickly. She cautions both to not get crazy drunk in love and really get to know one another before doing anything crazy like getting matching tattoos or changing their Facebook status to "serious" Remember Ami and is patient, so you both need to be! 

Love Match - Gemma & Bucky

Bucky can't resist that tail and Gemma is just drooling over Bucky's spots! Beatrix matched these go-getters up as she thinks they are the only two who can keep up with each other. Gemma wants to teach Bucky all about flyball and he wants to take Gemma on a few races with him. Beatrix predicts this power couple will soon start doing cross-fit, eating a paleo diet and making everybody they know feel bad because they are not as ACTIVE as they are. Couple most likely to be a blur when they get together. 

Love Match - Ace & Poppy

Poppy's sister Beatrix is the Matchmaker and Poppy bribed her with 5 bully sticks, a lamb lung and a marrow bone to match her with Ace. Poppy saw those soft kissable jowls on Ace and had to make him hers. Poppy is not the sharpest tool in the shed so Beatrix is pretty sure Ace will be fine with this eye candy/trophy wife match. Poppy does like to cuddle and and she would never steal Ace's "Eggy" because she doesn't have the nerve to take another dog's toy. Have fun love birds, nobody ever said love was fair and Beatrix does love a chewy treat...

Love Match - Dapple & Canann/Rosco/Fenway

 Some Matches are easier than others and some leave Beatrix scratching her head. Hence the task of matching Dapple. Or should we say "Princess Dapple" as she prefers. She knows she's all that and a bag of chips and Beatrix quickly realized no one suiter would be good enough for Dapple.

So she has three Love Matches.

#1 The Faithful Good Guy Canaan - Canann loves to be warm and bask in the sun. Dapple insists upon it as Princess does not like to be chilly! Canaan just wants to sit on the couch with "his lady" and Dapple wants to be "blatantly adored" This match provides Dapple with a Steady Freddy.

#2  The Bad Boy Rosco - Every girl needs that bad boy to keep her heart aflutter. Rosco likes his LF Tattoo Be Do collar because it shows "his wild side" Rosco's turn on's are "confident pups" and Dapple grows tired often of being so "popular" (nuff said) This match will provide lots of excitement and spark for Dapple!

#3 The Boy Toy Fenway - Every lady needs a hot young man who knows nothing about love to make them feel youthful and vibrant. Innocent young Fenway has a self described "cute bum" which Cougar Dapple will approve of. He likes to run and play and run and play some more. Dapple will feel exhilarated by Fenway's youthful exuberance! (and she'll probably need a nap after their dates)

LOVE MATCH - Ruff & Gideon

Ruff Ruff loves to play hard and sleep hard and Gideon and his bad boy good looks loves to woo and roo his lady love. Beatrix sees these two really bonding over their shared love of their Mommies and playing hard outside. Can these two rescued pooches make it work? Keep us in tune love birds! 

Love Match - Poppy S. & Will

She's Irish and he's English; he's black and white and she's red and white... but these two are about to make a match for the ages! Like every good screwball comedy on Turner Classic Movies these two kids will get into all sorts of high-jinks but at the end of the day are deeply in love. Poppy's favorite time of the year is "breakfast" and Will loves the papazzi and napping upside down. But they both love fun and eating so the sky is the limit for love! If humans were to play them on film Will would be Cary Grant and Poppy would be Carole Lombard. Beatrix says pop some pupcorn and watch this romance unfold!

Love Match - Abbott & Crickett

Beatrix could tell you all about how Abbott and Cricket are meant to be. With deeply expressive brown eyes in common as their best features and their shared love of snuggling it would be easy to see why they are a perfect match. 
But shit is about to get real around here says Beatrix. 
And by shit she means that Abbott and Crickett sometimes like to snack on it...which makes them a truly perfect match. Now don't get all judgy dog folks. Coprophagia is real and these two plan to make it their platform as part of their romance. They will travel around talking about this very real dog stigma that is totally normal in the dog world but somehow repulsive to us humans. That's right. These two love birds eat the occasional poo and they will not hide it to a cruel world that doesn't understand! So open the conversation in your own home today'd be surprised how many dogs share in this habit!  

Love Match - Max & Pixie

Max's turn-ons are a good game of chase and an understanding of his deep love of squeeky toys. Pixie is looking for a perfect partner in crime to enjoy every happy day with while she chases butterflies in a field! These two make a perfect Love Match according to Beatrix. Just wholesome happy dog love at it's best. She thinks their first date will be dinner and a movie, maybe a puppicino afterwards at a local Starbucks. Max will always hold the door open for Pixie because he is a gentleman first and foremost and also because Pixie hates strange doors. Max said he wants to "take care of the girl of his dreams" and will do just that!

Love Match - Finley & Autumn

Finley wanted a real girly girl who wears pink and well Autumn has more matching pink sweaters and collars than any dog on the planet. Perfect Match says Beatrix! These two have a great future ahead of them and Beatrix envisions lots of shopping sprees where Autumn bats her little eyelashes till Finley says "yes dear" Beatrix suggests Finley perhaps getting a part time job or a credit card increase. 

Love Match - Flapjack & Peanut

Love is blind but a dog's smell isn't. Beatrix once again wants to show opposites not only attract but work out. Peanut's turn-offs are "gassy boys" and Flapjack describes himself as "fartastic". Can these two see past all the flatulence that true love is so much more than toots? Peanut can run fast and Flapjack wants an active lady. Beatrix hopes with all that running around maybe the gas issue won't be a dealbreaker. If anybody can get Flapjack to get over his Daddy's Boy complex it's the wise and beautiful Peanut. Smells like love to Beatrix! 

Love Match - Lily B. & Dixon

Beatrix knows sometimes what a dog wants may not be what he needs. Take Dixon. He sees himself in 5 years "curled up in front of the fire with all the bitches he's conquered" He thinks he's pretty much large and in charge. He needs a lady who will "submit" 
So Beatrix matched him with Lily B. The biggest ball buster bitch on the planet. A female who is known to make boys cower with one withering look from her glinting green eyes. Lily plans to tame this International Bad Boy (what? he was born in Canada) into the perfect boyfriend. She'll do it with her strong alpha prowess and lots of feminist literature. When Lily is done with Dixon he won't have to wonder where his balls went. Lily will have them in her back pocket. 

Love Match - Lexi & Dexter

Pointing to LOVE! Lexi and Dexter are on the move and true love is their final destination! Dexter says he'd like to slow down and smell the roses a bit but his energetic personality keeps him zigging and zagging. Lexi to loves to run, hate on garbage trucks and run a little more. Both love to counter surf. If these two can take a moment to chill Beatrix thinks they will realize they are crazy for one another. If nothing else they can hunt a few birds together and sniff butts. It's all good. 

Love Match - Ellie Mae & Rougaroux

Ellie Mae was looking for nice guy and Rougaroux is just that! Beatrix knows Ellie will look into those baby blue eyes of his and it will be LOVE. Both enjoy cuddles and think they are lap dogs (one is telling the truth) Beatrix envisions a good old fashioned romance with these two - long walks and bashful glances, picked daisies on the side of the road. Their names also lend to very cool combinations like the Hollywood jet set such as "Ellaroux" or "RougaMae"!

Monday, February 9, 2015

LOVE MATCH 2015 Bio #33 - Dexter

The Basics
Dog's Name:  Dexter

Dog's Gender:  Male
Dog's Breed:  
German Shorthaired Pointer 
Name of Guardian: Michelle Salyers
Guardian's email address:   on file
Where was dog born:  In a foster home in Indiana
Where does dog reside now:  Ohio
Rescue? What organization:  Mid-Atlantic GSP Rescue

About You
Your most brag worthy physical feature:  My stunning good looks and my markings. 

If you could change one thing about yourself it would be:  Id like to slow down from time-to-time, so I could savor special moments. I liken myself  to a wrecking ball, moving swiftly from place to place, leaving destruction in my path. Id also like to cure my greeting disorder. I dont WANT to jump on people and lick their teeth, but I cant seem to help myself. 

One word starting with "F" to describe you:  Fireball
Favorite time of year:  Summer. (dog pool time)
Favorite human:  My mommy.
Favorite thing to do on a Saturday:  Run. Run some more. Sniff stuff. Then run. Romp a bit. Pee on some stuff. Run  a bit longer. Rest briefly. Repeat. 

Favorite thing to steal:  Produce off the counter. Im especially fond of apples, bananas, zucchini, sweet potatoes and cantaloupe. I like to dismantle and devour the produce on the best area rug in the house, while the juices drip down my face, my chin, and  my legs. Then I jump on the furniture. Good times.  

Favorite Lucky Fiona collar and why:  The Zagnut. I zig and zag all about, looking for fun, adventure, and things to bark at, people to jump on and stuff to pee on. 

What Dog is Looking for in Perfect Match
Male? Female? Open?:  Love is love. I do not discriminate.

Are you a player or looking to settle down?  My lifestyle is far too busy to settle down. But I can promise to be loyal. I cant be with some girl (or boy) who expects me to pay attention to only them. I mean, I am a busy man. I have things to do and places to go and people to jump on.
Most important thing in a significant other is: a zest for life

Turn ons: 
, a wagging tail and a happy disposition, active, sporty dogs. Love for and appreciation of fresh produce. 

Turn offs:  Snarky bitches. Life is short. Dont be hatin'

Where you see yourself in 5 years:   Run. Run some more. Sniff stuff. Then run. Romp a bit. Pee on some stuff. Run  a bit longer. Rest briefly. Repeat.

What does the term "romance" mean to you?   Loyalty.  

Sunday, February 8, 2015

SUCCESS STORY - Della & Pogue Matched 2014

From Della:
When my mom told me that she was sending my information to a matchmaker, I thought she was an idiot but I was not surprised because she is a total doofus. However, I was pleasantly surprised to be matched up with Pogue Mahone. He truly is incredible; naughty, nice, smart, hot as hell, and I can yell and growl at him all I want because he can’t hear a damn thing (this benefits him too)!
Even though we have never met, we have exchanged letters, gifts, and we have tagged each over. We are planning an adventure though. We want to visit every dog park in the lower 48. We are going to run, run, run our asses off. We are going to visit as many pizza places as possible too. He is going to teach me some sign language so I can master ignoring it just like he does!
I am Pogue’s Bitch and he is Della’s Fella always and forever. I dare you to try to screw with us…
P.S. It was very hard to write, well dictate, this without any cuss words.

From Pogue:

Last year during the LOVE MATCH CONTEST Beatrix got a lot of emails from people saying things like "please for the love of all things holy do NOT match my dog with Della" and "if you match me with Della I will move out of the country" You see Della kind of has a bad reputation. So do I. So naturally we were a perfect match. Also Beatrix said something like "take one for the team" but I don't really know what she meant.
Della is awesome. If anybody bothers me she contacts them and uses so many curse words and threats that they end up apologizing to me and offering gifts of cash. It's pretty cool. I got a collar tag that says "Della's Fella" because Della wanted to originally brand my ass with a blazing hot cattle branding iron. The tag seemed so much simpler and luckily she agreed after I sweet talked her. I have found our relationship works well because the minute my love starts complaining I say "tell me all about your feelings darling" and then she talks for 5 hours and I just say "um-hum" over and over because I'm completely deaf. We work out really great. I'm terrified of her but I love her. Wait. Don't tell her that first part.

LOVE MATCH 2015 Bio #32 - Canaan

Canaan ain't short...he's Fun Sized. 
The Basics
Dog's Name: Canaan
Dog's Gender:  Male
Dog's Breed: Boxer
Name of Guardian: Megan Ramirez
Guardian's email address: on file
Where was dog born: not sure
Where does dog reside now: Alabama
Rescue? What organization: My first dad found me on the interstate

About You
Your most brag worthy physical feature: My serious underbite

If you could change one thing about yourself it would be: My height.  I'm pretty short for a boxer.  Mom says I'm "fun sized"

One word starting with "F" to describe you: Funky
Favorite time of year: whenever its warm, I love to sit in the sun.
Favorite human: My dad!  If anyone gets too close to him, I will hump them.  It's what I do
Favorite thing to do on a Saturday: Sit by the glass door or window and watch the world go by.

Favorite thing to steal:  Food. I don't care what it is, I'll eat it.

Favorite Lucky Fiona collar and why: Anything blue.  Dad doesn't like it when people think I'm a girl, so I have to wear blue.

What Dog is Looking for in Perfect Match
Male? Female? Open?: Female.  I tend to be very mean to boys.
Are you a player or looking to settle down?: I'm looking to settle down, I'm going on 7 years old!

Turn ons: younger ladies and bitey face.  I've got a bum knee so I can't run like I used to.

Turn offs: Cars, buses, vacuum cleaners, cats.  Oh and the nail dremel, lets not leave out that stupid thing.

Where you see yourself in 5 years: Sitting on the couch with my lady.

What does the term "romance" mean to you?  A nice quiet evening just me and my girl watching some TV and maybe sharing a bully stick or a trachea.

LOVE MATCH 2015 Bio #31 - Poppy B.

The Basics
Dog's Name: Poppy a.k.a. PopTart 
One...singular sensation, every little step she takes!

Dog's Gender:  Lady
Dog's Breed: English Setter of the Fancy Pants Bench variety
Name of Guardian: Shannon & Alex
Guardian's email address: on file
Where was dog born: Chicagoland
Where does dog reside now: Chicagoland
Rescue? What organization: Rescued before going into rescue. 

About You
Your most brag worthy physical feature: My long graceful snout and curly mop top. My heavenly roan spots. My gorgeous topline (that does not roll thank you very much) My pretty paws and my deep brown eyes and my beautiful smile. 

If you could change one thing about yourself it would be: I'd hear out of both ears. It's such a bother asking everybody to repeat themselves when they talk in my deaf ear. This is so bothersome I just ignore most of what people say even when I can hear them in my good ear.

One word starting with "F" to describe you: 
Favorite time of year: Tuesdays
Favorite human: Mommy. She knows how to open the food container.
Favorite thing to do on a Saturday: Have people look at me and adore me and pet my curly-whirly mop top and tell me I am sooooooooo pretty. Then I blink my orange eyelashes really slow and let them take photos of me. 

Favorite thing to steal:  Your dinner. Off your plate. While you are eating it. You don't mind right? What? Sorry I can't hear you. La dee da. 

Favorite Lucky Fiona collar and why: The Tea With Beatrix because I love Beatrix and think she is my Mother.

What Dog is Looking for in Perfect Match
Male? Female? Open?: Open
Are you a player or looking to settle down?: I like to bite boy dogs and then play bow and make them think it's their fault I bit them. 

Turn ons: cameras, cupcakes, 
catamarans, cheese,  jazz music & dryer sheets

Turn offs: Boys that come on too strong, the grooming comb, listening, bed hogs

Where you see yourself in 5 years: more famous than I already am

What does the term "romance" mean to you?  I think it's a type of lettuce isn't it?

LOVE MATCH 2015 Bio #30 - Finley

The Basics
Dog's Name: Finley
Dog's Gender: Male
Dog's Breed: Saint Bernard
Name of Guardian: Maureen
Guardian's email address: on file w/LF 
Where was dog born: He likes to think Ireland...but boring Indiana
Where does dog reside now: Cedarburg, WI
Rescue? What organization: Nope - he rescued me!

About You
Your most brag worthy physical feature: My soulful brown eyes - looking for my Brown Eyed Girl

If you could change one thing about yourself it would be: mom says I am perfect just the way I am.

One word starting with "F" to describe you: Faithful
Favorite time of year: Winter - love playing in the snow with my mommy and doggie friends
Favorite human: Mom - she loves on me, feeds me, and takes me to fun places to explore!
Favorite thing to do on a Saturday: Chillax at home; maybe hit a dog park or two

Favorite thing to steal: my mom's attention when she is trying to work on computer

Favorite Lucky Fiona collar and why: The Owl In The Barn (The ladies like it)

What Dog is Looking for in Perfect Match

Male? Female? Open?: A girly girl
Are you a player or looking to settle down? Just looking to have a little fun - my mom says I am too young for anything serious
Most important thing in a significant other is: patience - I can be quite sassy

Turn ons: I am a sucker for a girl that wears pink

Turn offs: not knowing how to share toys

Where you see yourself in 5 years: Settled down with my soulmate; she must understand that I always want to live with my mommy though (that's a deal breaker, Ladies)

What does the term "romance" mean to you?  Laying paw in paw; going for an evening walk together after dinner; not minding if a little drool falls on her during play.

What do ya think, Beatrix? Anyone out there for me?

Sincerely, Finley "The Finkster" McGuire

LOVE MATCH 2015 Bio #29 - Ace

Don't mess with his Eggy. For reals.
The Basics
Dog's Name: Ace
Dog's Gender: Male
Dog's Breed: Boxer mix
Name of Guardian: Nikki
Guardian's email address:  on file w/LF
Where was dog born: unknown, possibly Kentucky
Where does dog reside now: Ashland, Ky
Rescue? What organization: Boyd County Animal Shelter

About You
Your most brag worthy physical feature: My best physical feature is my floppy, kissable, jowls. I like to hop in my Grammies lap and use them to get what I want from her. She cannot say no. 

If you could change one thing about yourself it would be: I would love to be able to share my food bowl, but sadly I can't. Mommy said if she had spent 4 months in a shelter she wouldn't want to share her food bowl either though! 

One word starting with "F" to describe you: Flawless
Favorite time of year: Fall is my favorite time of year. Not too hot, not too cold. Lots of outside time with my eggy.
Favorite human: My mommy, of course.
Favorite thing to do on a Saturday: Cuddling with my mommy and daddy. Also, playing with my eggy. Saturday means my Grammie and Papa might come over and I get to cuddle with them...Did I mention cuddling? 

Favorite thing to steal: Steal? I don't steal. I'm the favorite. I just have to keep my brothers from stealing my eggy. 

Favorite Lucky Fiona collar and why: I don't have a favorite. I do look pretty handsome in The Hold Fast, though.

What Dog is Looking for in Perfect Match
Male? Female? Open?: Female
Are you a player or looking to settle down? Settle down. I'm a one woman kind of guy.
Most important thing in a significant other is: You must be like my mommy. You must like to cuddle.

Turn ons: Someone willing to give lots of kisses. 

Turn offs: When my mommy talks about having a human baby one day. I am THE BABY.

Where you see yourself in 5 years: Hopefully playing with my eggy in an even bigger yard. 

What does the term "romance" mean to you? Romance means cuddling as closely  as possible. So close you feel as though you cannot breath. 

LOVE MATCH 205 Bio #29 - Ellie Mae

The Basics
Dog's Name: Ellie Mae

Dog's Gender: female
Dog's Breed: Chihuahua/Boston Terrier
Name of Guardian: Amy Blankenship
Guardian's email address: on file w/LF
Where was dog born: Huntington, WV
Where does dog reside now: Pittsburgh, PA
(I'm a small town girl living in the big city now!)
Rescue? What organization: she and her sister were brought in to my local shelter, Cabell-Wayne, when they were 4 weeks old. A shelter worker bottle fed them for 2 weeks and I adopted her at 6 weeks.

About You
Your most brag worthy physical feature:  Although everyone always tells me how pretty I am, most are intrigued by my curly-q tail!

If you could change one thing about yourself it would be: I'm really quite happy with my appearance and want to promote a positive body image to all the females out there, I do wish I could get rid of these unsightly tear stains under my eyes. It sometimes causes people to think I'm older than what I am!

One word starting with "F" to describe you: Fancy!

Favorite time of year: I'm really not a fan of the cold, so I'll say spring time is my favorite. 

Favorite human: My mom, of course!

Favorite thing to do on a Saturday: curl up under a blanket or on mom and sleep. I do like my beauty sleep! Or, a car ride! Love car rides!

Favorite thing to steal: I really don't steal anything, but when there's peanut butter around,  or my favorite cheese and bacon filled bone, watch out!

Favorite Lucky Fiona collar and why: I'm really a fan of pink and black, and really loved last year's Valentine's collar (that I'm wearing in my photo), and digging the new one mom just put on me today.

What Dog is Looking for in Perfect Match
Male? Female? Open?: I'm looking for a nice guy. 

Are you a player or looking to settle down? Although I may not be ready for marriage (I mean, I did just turn 3), I'm a one-man woman. 

Most important thing in a significant other is: someone who can make me laugh. 

Turn ons: Naps, warm blankets, pretty collars and sweaters, car rides and walks on sunny days. 

Turn offs: Typical boys doing typical, gross boy things that they think are funny. 

Where you see yourself in 5 years: I'm a pretty simple girl. I do like pretty things, but know that they aren't necessary. I hope to still be happy and healthy, living with my mom and sisters, doing the little things that make me happy. 

What does the term "romance" mean to you?  That feeling of mystery and excitement that surrounds love or the object of your affection.