Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why our Readers are the BEST!

The Head Bitch continues to rest and heal and is so happy readers have answered the call to assist with Blog stories to keep things going around here. This story in particular warmed all our hearts. Daisy needs your collar style vote and it goes without saying we will be making her collar on the house...such a kind deed by DogMom Leslie needs rewarding, so let us know what style you think is best and we'll get it to her free of charge.
Keep the stories and photos coming our way!
- Alex (Shannon's Hubby)

Hello there!!! I'm Daisy!!!! My mom just rescued me from
Texas.....see, I was on death row in a small town outside of Dallas
where puppy mills are common business. My mom was in Dallas at a
convention when she saw my face on Petfinder. She worked with all her
rescue contacts and was able to get someone to pull me, house me, and
get me to a vet for our big journey. I didn't know, but I would soon
be FLYING to my new home in Georgia where I would have several other
basset brothers and sisters. I was pretty scared at first, but once I
landed I knew everything was okay. Everything has been great here and
now I get to pick out my VERY own collar. I'm so excited I even have a
name for a tag and the need for a collar. My mom says I need to pick
out a Luckyfiona collar because those are the ONLY ones she will buy
for us. They have the best quality and are so soft for our long
squishy necks (or so says mom). I need help picking one out.I
just can't decide which one would be fabulous for me. Can Lucky Fiona blog readers help me choose? Post comments here!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Success story...

As The Head Bitch continues to recuperate we ask our friends and clients to take over with some blogging duties - send us your pics and stories! We'd love to hear them!
- Alex (The Man Behind the Bitch a.k.a. Shannon's Hubby)

Hi Shannon and Alex,
I received Lucy's three beautiful collars in the mail a little while ago...the only problem I had was figuring out which collar she wanted to wear first! I thought I was being silly getting three collars for a cat, but now that I see how well made and trendy they are I have no regrets! Now I just need to leash train Lucy so more people can see how stylish she is (kidding).
I saw your note about the weekly photo contest. Two of the things I love most are taking pictures and Lucy, so here it goes! I realize I might have gone a little overboard, but there are plenty for you to choose from :)
As I told Shannon before, Lucy was a stray I busted out of an abandoned house about 4 months ago. When I first found her she was almost black with dirt, covered in fleas and ear mites, and severely emaciated. Just look at her now!
Thanks Again - Devin

Friday, January 22, 2010

Impoerant Announcement

To Our Wonderful Friends and Customers -
We apologize for the delays in fabrication times on orders placed earler this month. A planned surgery for our Head Bitch/Owner Shannon turned into a more serious recuperation time than planned. Be assured all orders will be completed. Please direct any questions/concerns to Alex (Shannon's Husband & Business Partner) at or 630.253.2371

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mail Call!

I ordered two cat collars back in December 2009. I finally got the kittens the collars were meant for and thought I would send you pictures of my beautiful kittens in their fancy Lucky Fiona collars. My kittens are two Abyssinians, a girl and a boy. He is Luke, she is Leia (Star Wars reference). Right now, they are both wearing your Tattoo collar. Thank you for making a solid, unique product! The kittens are comfortable in their collars and I love how they are well made and beautiful.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When the Dogmom's Away...

This is what happens when Dogmom goes into the hospital for a few short days and DogDad is in charge of caring for the dogs and cats and keeping everything in order.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This Week's Friend of Fiona is Zoe!

This week's Official Friend of Fiona is Zoe! Darling Zoe apparently thinks she is a Princess in her custom Adelaide collar and does us proud by having that gorgeous white curly coat to offset the vintage print. We appreciate Zoe's Dogmom's daughter sending in the photo and invite you to do the same! Tell us how your pooch or kitty feels in their Lucky Fiona creation and send us a pic and you could be a winner! Fiona picks winners weekly and sends off a free custom collar of their choice for being the Official Friend of Fiona. Zoe - if you can step away from your royal duties contact us with your pick and we'll get it out to you. Please email:

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dog People are Good People

I often tell female friends of mine to not even consider marrying a guy unless he loves animals. This personal barometer of what a person is made up of seldom fails in my humble opinion and last week in a very non-scientific manner I proved my point again that there is something about people who love animals. Heck, they are just good!
As it turns out The Head Bitch here at Lucky Fiona has two bum knees that need replacing. The first replacement is set for this upcoming Friday. I have been telling all the setters and kitties that Mommy has to go to the vet for a few days and all will be fine. The cats think I am getting declawed since that would be the only reason for an overnight stay.
Anywho, in a serious of medical mishaps that are cartoon worthy it was discovered that my own blood was no good and on the 11th hour I needed a blood donor. In a bit of a panic since it takes time to process the donated blood prior to transfusion I did what any serious medical patient would in my shoes...I posted a plea on Facebook for O + Blood. (Craiglist seemed too impersonal)
Much to my delight I had multiple offers from kind people to donate to me, many were old pals from New York which brought a tear to my eye, unfortunately due to the time constraint I needed a local option. Much to my chagrin however I noted that several people who also offered were people I have met through Lucky Fiona. In a million years I never would have thunk it...people who have bought and enjoyed these silly little collars of mine were willing to donate blood to me for a medical procedure. Love of all things Dogs had brought us together. Pretty amazing, no?
I am super thankful that Dogs (yes I am capitalizing on purpose because I think they are worthy) have been the conduit to bring people into my life that are so compassionate and selfless. I had 2 people who live near me that were O positive willing to donate and both of them are members of The Lucky Fiona Street Team. Wonderful individuals I have met over the past year because we dig hanging out with our dogs and putting patterned collars on them. Never just customers, but friends and I am honored to call them that.
It came down to scheduling availability with the Blood Bank that Laura turned out to be my donor. She is Dogmom to Dio and Jett who are the adorable cockers you may have seen on the blog over this past year. I cannot put into words how thankful I am to Laura and I am sure if I did it would make her blush and feel weird so let's just leave it at I am so very appreciative. Last Thursday as major snow fell Alex and I took Laura to the donation bank and bought her and her hubby Joe dinner afterwards. They just give you cookies and juice at the Blood Bank so we thought she deserved more for her good deed. (Yes, she will receive a special you-gave-me-life-saving-blood-discount on collars forever more)
So I stick to my theory that dog people are some of the best people in the world. Selfless, kind and compassionate. The kind of community I am happy to be a part of. On Friday I am sure surgery will go well and my transfusion will make me stronger than ever because I will have the blood of an animal loving person flowing through my veins. I wonder if I will wake up loving cocker spaniels?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Is your dog "in" with the "In-Crowd"?

Fiona LOVES this photo we lifted from the gallery of our Facebook group! Not yet a member? Simply log onto Facebook and click on Groups and type in "Friends of Fiona" and then join! Thanks to Danica for capturing this moment and for proving the point that you can never have too many dogs and/or dogs wearing Lucky Fiona Collars!

From l to r: Lelou (wolfish) is wearing The Lotus , Ginger (golden) has the Coley, Lucy (beagle) is wearing the Tattooed Bitch, Scotch (herding mix) has the Starlight Red, Carter (setter) is wearing The Wonder, Apollo (golden) is wearing a Frosty Paw, and Dixie (golden hidden behind Apollo) is wearing Starlight Lime.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter Dogs

Fiona has received so many gorgeous pictures this week from her pals wearing their Lucky Fiona style this chilly January. Keep those photos coming to

Fiona (left) Maddie & Maizie riding in the car (right)

Remy & Burberry (left) Dudley (right)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

No Good Can Come from a Cheatin' Heart..

Teddy & Lily in happier times...

A Letter to Teddy - The Tiger Woods of the Dog Park ~

Dear Teddy,
Today I received a very troubling email and photograph from your "other" girlfriend outing your relationship. I'm sure you'll recognize her snout. While she is very pretty Teddy, the news of Cara's existence has been quite a blow. I really thought we were going to try to make this long-distance commitment thing work? Apparently I am but a fool, one of many pretty ladies who keep your company! Did you think I wouldn't find out? I mean for the love of tennis balls Teddy...she's wearing a Lucky Fiona collar! (and although it is hard to say out loud she does look lovely in "The Veronica" in the 1.5 width, the colors are fabulous on her coat, sob,sob, sob.)
Cara - Teddy's NYC Gal-Pal

I thought our time together in upstate New York at your country house was special. Remember when we both gazed at each other next to the crackling fire near your favorite spot next to the wood stove? How about when I let you steal my marrow bone without even an ounce of anger? Did it mean nothing to you Ted? I thought I was somebody special Ted Williams Jr.! I'll have you know that I just don't sleep over other dog's houses on the first visit like I did with you! I'm a lady...and you sir are a tramp!
I should have known never to get mixed up with a Rhodesian three times my size. Fiona told me it would never work out, but I lost my head over your strong shoulders and unparalleled fashion sense. Was I just a weekend holiday fling? I'm just a Silly Lily I suppose and another notch on your wicker lounge bench. Next thing you'll be telling me that Lola (the pretty black furred girl who came over right as I was leaving that Sunday morning) wasn't a relative. She was a cousin of yours, right? What? She was adopted? Oh no, I am a fool!
Signed -
Lillian Piper Rose (a.k.a. Lily)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Dog Centered Resolutions for 2010

The Head Bitch has a few to throw in the ring. Would love to hear your dog related resolutions...please comment!

* I will learn to breathe in, exhale, smile and say nothing. I will practice this technique whenever I am introduced to a person (like my husband's boss' wife) who brags about the purebred-designer-mixed-breed-Puppy-with-papers she just purchased at Petland for $2300.
* I will not buy any more dog beds or cat beds. We have them in every room in the house and the dogs and cats still prefer our furniture to lounge on so why do I bother?
* I will try not to spend more time on preparing the dog's meals than my husband's dinner.
* I will accept that Stuffie Toys with Squeekers have short life spans. They are the Great Danes of the Dog Toy World. Nothing I do or say can save them from a bitter end via overzealous setters. I will not spend more than $5 on a stuffie regardless how "indestructible" the sales person swears it is.
* I will not spend more on the dog's grooming than I do on my own hair care per month. No more drugstore hair dyes in a box so Dugan can get Eucalyptus De-Matting Shampoo and Conditioning treatment at the groom shop.
* I will be the person my dogs' think I am...this may take more than a year to master, but heck you have to start somewhere!