Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lilly P.'s Love Match Candidate #2 - Asher

The Basics
Dog's Name: Asher
Dog's Gender: male
Dog's Breed: American Cocker Spaniel

Name of Guardian: Vicki and Marissa
Guardian's email address:on file 
Where was dog born:  Moundville, MO
Where does dog reside now:  Chanute, KS
Rescue? What organization:  no

About You
Your most brag worthy physical feature: my luxuriously soft ears, with long Chocolate-colored wavy curls

If you could change one thing about yourself it would be: I would have an actual tail, not a nub. So I could wag it MORE

One word starting with "F" to describe you: Flying; I can jump the height of short buildings in a single bound; my body and ears go FLYING
Favorite time of year: summer, when the ground is dry; rolling in the dirt and dust is the BEST
Favorite human: Vicki; she's my mama 90% of the time; I stays with Marissa for shows, for grooming, and when my mama goes somewhere without me (HMPH!)
Favorite thing to do on a Saturday: sit on the couch wiff my mama; and bark at the mail man when he comes

Favorite thing to steal: the other dogs' bones. MINE

Favorite Lucky Fiona collar and why:  I look good in anything orange, green, or blue; it goes well with my Chocolatey fur; currently the Thatch Roof would probably look sexiest on me

What Dog is Looking for in Perfect Match
Male? Female? Open?: female; girls are purty
Are you a player or looking to settle down? Player; the more the merrier. I can't help but wag my nubby tail at all the pretty girls I see
Most important thing in a significant other is: that they want to cuddle and let me sit by them. I'm very loyal.

Turn ons: play time, chasing tennis balls together, long naps on the couch together

Turn offs: chewing on my ears!!! that hurts!!

Where you see yourself in 5 years: maybe doing some agility stuff; I'm pretty good at jumping, flying, zooming, and listening to my favorite humans so I can please them.

Lilly P. Love Match Candidate - Jack Reacher

Hi Beatrix,
I am Jack Reacher..
I would like to help Lilly overcome her fearfulness, because I am FEARLESS. I think we are well matched in that regard.

I feel badly for her that she was tied to a pole at Target. That place is enough to make anyone afraid. All the cars going to and fro. That is scary, not to mention the security breaks where they steal your credit card info.

I am not a humper..not at all. Girl dogs here are rather elderly and that would just not work. They would collapse and then where would  we be?  On the ground, obviously. But seriously, I would not want anyone to get hurt.

I question why Lilly wants to sneak under the fence.. The grass is not greener on the other side. Misery is living outside in a pen that was escape-proof. Now I am inside with a couch or human bed to lay on. My sister used to sneak under the fence, but she would get stuck in crawlspace under the house. It is dark, damp and filthy dirty under there. A bath was always in order after she tried her shenanigans .

I am a gentleman and I don't want to act like a mud marine on manuevers.   Maybe I can convince her that what she is doing is potentially dangerous, especially if she managed to get out and down on the highway.

I am not much of a digger but I do like to roll in the grass. Lilly could dig and I would roll in the soil. Really a perfect scenario.
I have a big heart and I would love a second Valentine.
Time is short and I believe in making the most of it.
All  the best,
Jack Reacher

Photo credit to Elaine Tweedy

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
~Roger Caras~

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love Match Winners...

Beatrix The Matchmaker's



Prizes ~

Favorite Couple ~ $25 Gift Code to each Cricket & Abbott

Oddest Couple ~ $15 Gift Code to each Dixon & Lily B.
 (Lily will donate her gift code to a rescue in need of a collar)

* LOVE MATCH ALUMNI STORY and winners will receive $25 Gift Codes each! 
Wally & Lucy

Winner's guardians please email to claim your prizes! Thanks to all for playing!

Love Match - Lilly P. & ?

Lilly is a lovely lady who wants to be wooed, share some snacks, dig up flowers and escape under the fence with that perfect man. Beatrix feels the perfect match is out there but hasn't been found yet from the bios we received. So we are putting a call out to all male dogs...tell us why you want to be Lilly's special man. When we find that perfect pup we will make a special Limited Edition Collar & Leash Set for Lilly AND her man so they will match. Send your bio to with "I'm Lilly's Match" in the subject line. Deadline is 2/19/15
Humpers need not apply.

Reminder of Lilly's details...
The Basics
Dog's Name: Lilly Pollack
Dog's Gender: Female
Dog's Breed: English Setter (possibly crossed with a hamster or other small boneless animal that can squeeze into tiny places)
Name of Guardian: why that my mom.. Marcie Pollack 
Guardian's email address: on file
Where was dog born: I am not really sure 
Where does dog reside now:Casa Del Setter (Painesville Ohio)
Rescue? What organization: I was found tied to a light pole in a Target parking lot and was taken to vets office who contact my mom who took me in..

About You
Your most brag worthy physical feature: My mom says my Amber colored eyes

If you could change one thing about yourself it would be: that I would no longer be scared of stuff and thangs 

One word starting with "F" to describe you: Fun
Favorite time of year: Summer
Favorite human: MY MOM 
Favorite thing to do on a Saturday: romp in the fields and chase those silly white moth things 
Favorite thing to steal: clean clothes right from the dryer.. Sometimes dryer sheets (I love to roll on those so I smell pretty) 

Favorite Lucky Fiona collar and why: the Gin Blossom because it's girly with out fluff 

What Dog is Looking for in Perfect Match
Male? Female? Open?:  Make
Are you a player or looking to settle down? I am happy go lucky but would love to find my true love
Most important thing in a significant other is: that they understand my idiosyncrasies and fearfulness.   And that they will sneak out under the fence with me..BOL! 

Turn ons: beautiful eyes.. 

Turn offs: HUMPERS 

Where you see yourself in 5 years: cuddling with my mom, loving life, 

What does the term "romance" mean to you?  Being wooed, sharing snacks, and someone to dig in the flowers with. 

Love Match - Junebug & Alex

Junebug loves little boys and nobody acts more like a 4 year old than Lucky Fiona's very own Alex. So Beatrix has matched them up! Juney is sweet as pie and looking forward to running in the blue bonnets with Alex and enjoying some tummy rubs on a warm Texas afternoon. Afterwards they will snack on some King Ca-y-ak and discuss future plans for a weekend at the Dirt.