Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Love Match Success Story Derby and Jack

Displaying Jack-Derby-Love-Match-2016.jpgDisplaying Jack-Derby-Love-Match-2016.jpgDisplaying Jack-Derby-Love-Match-2016.jpgDear Sissy Bea,

It's almost Valentine's Day and I am so excited to tell you that Jack and I are celebrating two years of puppy love together! You sure did make us a happy match -- thank you for being the best matchmaker ever!!

You wouldn't believe how much Jack and I have in common...we both love to take naps as often as we can, explore the great outdoors, play with our doggy friends, nibble on special treats, and snuggle with our mommies because they love us so much. We don't think life gets much better than that. I bet you would agree!

Not only did you bring us together, but our mommas had a chance to meet last year at the English Setter picnic and boy did they get along well. What fun they had! Maybe this year Jack and I can meet up for a playdate, too. That would sure be a nice way to spend a summer day...paws crossed!

♥ Lots of love from us both! ♥
Derby & Jack

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