Wednesday, February 3, 2016


The Basics
Dog's Name: Zoey
Dog's Gender: Female
Dog's Breed: Heinz 57 (the shelter had me listed as a lab/rottweiler mix)
Name of Guardian: Nicole 
Guardian's email address: on file
Where was dog born: Ohio
Where does dog reside now: Columbus, OH
Rescue? What organization: Adopted from CHA

About You
What everybody notices first about you: My ferocious bark! Oh, and how pretty I am.

Do you win others over with looks or personality, explain: Both looks and personality. I give them my best puppy dog eyes and rub my face on their legs and then lean on them. They can't help but pet me. 

One word starting with "P" to describe you: Paramount
Favorite thing to bark like a maniac at : Other dogs, people in uniforms, and anything that comes out of nowhere and startles me.
Favorite person: My mom
Favorite other animal: My long time friend, Ripley. He's the best dog friend ever!

Favorite human food: Chicken, peanut butter, and popcorn

What human celebrity would play you in a Lifetime movie: Shirley MacLaine 
Favorite Lucky Fiona collar and why: The one I'm wearing in the picture (forgot the name) because it's my very first LF collar! <3

What Dog is Looking for in Perfect Match
Male? Female? Open?: Male. I'm not that friendly with the females.
Are you a serial dater or looking to settle down? I'm over the serial dating scene. It's time to settle down in my old age.
Zero tolerance for this in another dog: Hyperactive! Nothing worse than an immature mongrel bouncing around on your head. *eyeroll*

What kind of kisser are you: Lots of tongue, but not sloppy. 

Favorite place to snuggle: Someplace soft and warm. Couches are really nice. 

First love: Ripley. What can I say? He's the best!

What does the term "love" mean to you?  Respect. Respect my space and I shall love you always.

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