Wednesday, February 10, 2016


The Basics
Cat's Name: Prince Harry of Wheaton aka Harry

Cat's Gender: male
Cat's Breed: Domestic Long Hair
Name of Guardian: Ellen 
Guardian's email address: on file
Where was cat born: He'd like to think across the pond but we're pretty sure it was east of the Mississippi
Where does cat reside now: Wheaton 
Rescue? What organization: Yes, West Suburban Humane Society

About You
What everybody notices first about you: My beautiful green eyes and red fur

Do you win others over with looks or personality, explain: Looks of course, but then they fall for my charm
One word starting with "P" to describe you: Perfect!Favorite thing to bark like a maniac at: bark?!? Please.... you much be mistaking me for some kind of uncivilized creature, I have a melodic purr.
Favorite person: Mommy 
Favorite other animal: I guess my brother Bart

Favorite human food: tea & toast

What human celebrity would play you in a Lifetime movie: That red haired, two legged fellow who was named after me, Prince Harry of Wales
Favorite Lucky Fiona collar and why: I have yet to fully appreciate my Lucky Fiona, my mom thinks its because it was to symbolize "A Kitty Convict" I promptly popped it off the moment it was put around my neck. I can't have anything ruffling my gorgeous mane!

What Cat is Looking for in Perfect Match
Male? Female? Open?: I think a fair maiden would work well. 
Are you a serial dater or looking to settle down?  I could be convinced to settle down with the right girl
Zero tolerance for this in another cat: Not recognizing my handsomeness

What kind of kisser are you: OOH...I love kissing!

Favorite place to snuggle: On the top perch of my cat tree so I can survey my kingdom

First love: sshhh, don't tell but I'm a bit of a momma's boy

What does the term "love" mean to you?   Love means lots of naps, belly rubs and just chilling on the couch watching netflix

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