Tuesday, February 2, 2016


 Success Story Bucky and Gemma

      So...when Beatrix matched these 2 last year little did she know it would be like matching up Princess Kate and Prince William..yes those royals....Though Bucky has never met his leading lady in person they seem to be the perfect match..She is a princess and seems to have quite the fan club wherever she goes (just like Kate!!)--just ask her mom! And Bucky being the handsome setter he is can turn a few heads too. They are both very sporty and each of them has medals and awards to prove it!! They send each other little gifts and treats for birthdays, holidays and well sometimes...just because!! Bucky also sends a little something for her sister, Lillie too;). Beatrix nailed them as a "power couple" when she matched them... So look out Will and Kate!! Next thing you know they will be on a world Setter your together!!! Need more proof...see their picture collage:) Beatrix we want your vote!!! ;)
 Sending Tail Wags...
       Bucky and Gemma

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