Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Great Display Idea #357

Lucky Fiona Collars as art...we dig it!

We love when folks post their original ideas for displaying their Lucky Fiona collars. We give a thumbs up to Miranda for truly treating her Lucky Fiona Collars like "art" with this unique and brilliant storage/display system. Have an interesting way of displaying your Lucky Fiona gear? Email photos to

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Scrappy Raffle Winners!

Thanks to all who purchased $1 chances to win one of three wonderful Happy Scrappy Blankees. We raised $338 for Ohio English Setter Rescue. Congrats to our winners:
Cowboy Blankee - Lisa Marchetti
Doggie Blankee - Evelyn Simpson
Howl-o-ween Blankee - Jodi Jenkins

Check out our Facebook page Lucky Fiona on Facebook to see some of the Blooper videos as attempted to have an animal companion randomly pick the winners. Thanks goodness Alex stepped in and assisted us! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

$1 Raffle Chances to Win Happy Scrappy Blankees

The Doggie Bag Happy Scrappy Blankee

Lucky Fiona is proud to announce we have 3 more "Happy Scrappy Blankees" kindly made from donated fabric by OESR volunteer Heather B. 
Since last month we auctioned similar blankees we thought we'd change it up a bit and do a raffle to benefit Ohio English Setter Rescue this time around. Raffle chances are $1 each and each one sold will go on an index card and placed into a plastic baby pool and Pogue will pick a winner for each blankee on Monday May 28th 2012. To purchase a chance click here to go to the shop: Lucky Fiona Shop
The Cowbow Up Happy Scrappy Blankee
Video of his picks will be posted here and also on Facebook. 100% of proceeds go to help the dogs in OESR. Want to see some of the incredible dogs available for adoption or learn more about this wonderful non-profit organization? Click here: Ohio English Setter Rescue
The Howl-o-ween Happy Scrappy Blankee

Saturday, May 19, 2012

And now a word from our Judges...

*Head Bitch's Note - In order to keep our judges anonymous I have  changed any reference to real names to Mr. & Mrs. X

Dear Shannon,
Let me begin by saying how honored Mrs. X and I felt to have been asked to judge this very difficult contest. At the risk of sounding like a politician, all of these dogs are winners to have such wonderful dog-parents that took the time and used such creative efforts to make a plea for their dog to win.
The entries were all very, very special each in their own way. Both of us had a few that we liked right away but we were also in agreement that were going to look at all of them very thoroughly and not short change any of the entries. 
I can say that right off the bat that the video entries grabbed our attention. However, there was a lot more to consider than just that. After all, Miss America is not chosen based just on her beauty. There are many factors in determining the winner and we felt that these entries deserved the same consideration. Some of the many things we looked at as follows:
1.     WOW FACTOR. Did the entry wow us right away? When we saw it for the first time was there something that really made us take notice.
2.     ORIGINALITY & CREATIVITY. There is no doubt that all of the participants made an effort just by entering. However we were also looking for things that really showed off how much thought, effort and perhaps cleverness was used to make the case for each dog to win. We looked at the written word, photos used, music used, video footage used. Was it funny? Did it tug at our heartstrings? Did it make us smile?
3.     SHOWING LOVE FOR LUCKY FIONA.  We looked for how much the entry mentioned wanting to wear Lucky Fiona Collars. It was not just a contest for cutest dog. Lucky Fiona is sponsoring the contest and the object was to win that Collar of the Month. We wanted the dogs to tell us how much they wanted that very special prize!
If you will indulge us, we are going to go through each entry and tell you what we really liked about them and give you an idea of our thought process in picking the winners. After that, we will list the winners!
Contestant 1. WALLY.
            We both agreed right away that he was a very cute little guy. From what we saw, there was very little doubt that his small stature packed a lot of personality. The fact that he is so small and wonderful, it is easy to understand why he has a hard time finding “off the rack” collars that fit properly for his size and personality. We loved the banjo/fiddle country ditty in the background. It really helps him to shine.
Contestant 2. WINSTON
            He is a really handsome fella. What a great story and it was very well written. We particularly liked learning about his special relationship with his dog-dad.  As a fellow dog-dad, that made me smile. The comparisons of P.F. Flyers making you run faster to a new-collar make naptime more fashionable was also a highlight for us. We would have liked a few more pictures of him though. Another strong candidate!
Contestant 3. ZOEY
            Gorgeous girl. We loved the music! (Big Rick James fans here) Very clever use of photos and videos. She has a lot of potential. She is a very cute girl and looks super lovey-dovey. We just felt that there was no mention of wanting to win Lucky Fiona Collars. If we based the contest just on cuteness, she’d be a strong candidate to win.
Contestant 4.  MOLLY
            Oh, what a sweetheart. The music and presentation were terrific. A real stand out. It showed us how wonderful she is and how much she really wants to win the contest. Poor thing deserves the spotlight for once. No more standing in the shadows of her gorgeous sibs. Her name could be Cinderella and the Lucky Fiona collars could be her glass slippers!
Contestant 5. GEORGE
            The opening sequence provided a lot of that “wow factor” we mentioned. He is a lad with such beautiful and soulful eyes. A regal looking boy who seems to personify elegance and grace. There was nice mention of wanting those collars and there is no doubt he’d look great in them!
Contestant 6. BUCKLEY
            Another very strong candidate! Aside from being such a handsome sweet boy with some of the most beautiful freckles ever, he does a great “basset ball”! Who doesn’t love leading man good looks combined with belly button lint? The sounds he makes can only be imagined and a video of these things would have been great. However, a Top Ten list is never a bad way to go either!
Contestant 7. JOEY RAMONE
            Besides having a GREAT name this boy’s hard luck story makes him a natural choice for a prize. The song makes that video even better! . A very handsome and rugged pooch that loves to swim and hates lonely basements makes the heart melt. However, this appears to be another entry where there was not a lot of Lucky Fiona collars mentioned. We felt that video would be great for finding him adoptive parents!
Contestant 8. PRANK
            Another entry packed with “wow factor”.  A video Top Ten list with some unbelievable photos that really show off the many faces of Prank. The entry had some cute and funny pictures as well as some great action shots. We also got lots of shots of some great Lucky Fiona collars. We also like learning how Prank got her name. Klepto’s cameos were also a welcome bonus. The music and style of the presentation were great as well.
Contestant 9. OAKLEY
            We really got a kick out of the million-collar pun. It was one time where pun WAS intended.  Another GREAT presentation with “wow factor” and some wonderful and well-rounded shots of a beautiful English setter. Such an expressive boy who seems to be easy going and a perfect companion. They certainly made mention of Lucky Fiona collars in this one. This entry would make a GREAT commercial for Lucky Fiona!
Contestant 10. SNOWBALL
            This entry really made us laugh. A simple song and a great video had a big impact.  This one had some originality and was fun to watch. We could really picture Snowball actually singing that song. This is one dog that we feel should never be upstaged by Kassie or anyone else.  Instead of collars, this pooch should receive a cell phone to call their own!
After a lot of debate and discussion, we felt that they should all be winners but we knew that we had to narrow it down to three. Being a judge is not easy….
1st PLACE - We chose Molly. That entry had it all.  “Wow factor”, charm, originality, and a real desire to wear Lucky Fiona collars. She tugged at the heartstrings but made us laugh at the same time. Cinderella got her glass slippers and Molly should get her Lucky Fiona Collars to make her shine like the star she is.
2nd PLACE – We chose Prank for all the reasons that we listed earlier. That entry made this girl a very close runner up.
3rd PLACE – We chose Wally. Again for reason’s listed earlier he was a top contender to win it all. He certainly has it all!
Mrs. X and I want to thank you Shannon for asking us to participate in this contest. We truly feel honored and we hope all of the entries know how difficult it was to choose a winner.
Mr. X 

The Winners

We were blown away by the quality of the submissions for the First Annual Lucky Fiona "MakeOver My Dog" Contest. We thank everybody for their time and heart felt effort in submitting their dogs' stories. Sadly, they all could not be winners, we had to pick just 3 to win the prize packages and the Head Judge had no easy task in doing so. 
Our Winners!

*1st Prize - MOLLY The Misfit One Fully Loaded Collar of the Month Subscription (includes extra wide widths or martingale add-ons if desired). 12 continuous months of customized collars sent to your doorstep to keep your dog looking fly.
($275 value) 
               Molly's Entry

*In ADDITION - A GUARANTEED Model Month in the 2013 Friends of Lucky Fiona Calendar wearing one of our not yet releasedLucky FiFi Couture One of a Kind Collars! (priceless)

*2nd Prize - PRANK One Custom Collar and Leash Set Gift Certificate plus a Lucky Fiona mini-paw wipe canister that attaches to any leash for on-the-go freshening up! ($55 value)
                 Prank's Entry

*3rd Prize - WALLY Organic Shampoo, Conditioner & Coat Spray Set in a custom fabric carry tote ($45 value)
              Wally's Entry

* We love this last featured Contestant. We don't know if it's because Snowball's DogMom sang an original song...or because Snowball never stopped licking that Kong toy.

The tightwad is Margie Harris.
My name is Snowball. I am an 11 or 12 year old English setter.
Even my owners are second hand.
I am a rescue. That is why I don't know my exact age.
The upstager is my housemate, Kassie. She is an English setter too.
She was not supposed to get in my music video, but I can only sneak use of the cell phone when I can manage so I did not have time for a reshoot.
I hope you will consider me for a shot at a prize. I am a good dog, except for swiping the cell phone occasionally .
I did not include my other human, John, in this entry because I know he would  be too enthralled with my beautiful singing voice and would want to enter me on America's Got Talent or something.
I don't want fame or publicity. I just need new duds.
Thank you -

* To view Snowball's Entry Click below:

Friday, May 18, 2012

Featured Contestant #9 is Oakley!

Some people would love to win a million dollars. Oakley however had his heart set on a million collars!To see Oakley's entry click
here: Oakley

Featured Contestant #8 is Prank and that's no joke.

We are going with another rocker for Featured Contestant #8. This is not a Prank. Oh what a minute, this IS Prank!
To see Prank's video
Click Here: Prank's Video

Contestant #7 is Up for Adoption and One Rockin' Dog!

We like the thinking with this entry...the dog is up for adoption. So if he wins this contest the person WHO ADOPTS him gets an awesome prize. Can you say win-win?
To see Joey's video 
click here: Joey Ramone's video

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Featured Contestant #6 Buckley

We love a good Top 10 List - check out Buckley's Submission! 

Dogs Deserve Better
A Basset’s Tale
It all started with an ad on Craig’s List; male basset for sale is all that it said.  A local rescuer, Leslie Crickenberger, who volunteers with the Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia, saw the ad and could not sit by and let this poor, unaltered boy be discarded to another irresponsible owner.  BHRG does not take owner surrenders, so Leslie was going out on a limb here to rescue our boy.  She was able to convince the president of the rescue group to take a chance.  When Leslie contacted the family, they told her that the basset had been living in a 6 x 
6 pen in the backyard for the past year (YES…I said YEAR!) because they had gotten a new English Bulldog puppy that did not get along with him.  Needless to say…the bulldog lived inside.
Hearing this, Leslie jumped in her car and drove to their home.  It was raining extremely hard on this particular day.  She pulled up to their house, and rang the doorbell.  The wife answered the door with the bulldog right behind her…inside, warm, and well taken care of.  When Leslie told her that she was there for the basset, the husband came out and led her to his pen in the backyard.  There he was…soaking wet, covered in mud, and shaking from being so cold.  Leslie didn’t hesitate.  She swept him up in her arms, mud and all, and without 
second guessing placed him in her car.  
Leslie’s first stop was to the vet.  The basset was severely under weight, unaltered, had a double ear infection and they discovered him to be heartworm positive.  With all this to overcome, he ended up having a fairly long stint at the vet.  He was neutered, treated for heartworms and well taken care of.  Once he was ready to be fostered, Leslie and her husband were there to take him in.  Once they got him home it was obvious that he was 
unsure about being inside a house.  He was very shy and even hesitant to cross doorways.  They worked a lot with Buckley, not only with house and crate training, but also on how to trust people again and how to get used to being an inside dog.  
On November 4, 2010 my husband and I attended the annual Basset Bash event.  We were interested in adopting a hound, and had a few we were interested in meeting.  Well, needless to say, we only met one of those bassets.  The first pen we walked up to held this precious, tri-colored male with the sweetest eyes you have ever seen.  My husband leaned over to say hello and our boy jumped up and gave my husband a kiss right on the lips.  Well, it was over right then and there.  Wesley was convinced this was our boy and we did not need to look any farther.  We filled out our paperwork and were able to take him home shortly after.  He came to us with the name of Pilot, but my husband immediately thought he looked more like a “Buckley”.  So, that was it…his new official name was Buckley, and from that day forward his life has been filled with soft beds, lots of hugs and kisses, plenty of food and water, and amount of love that all dogs deserve. 
Shortly after Buckley came to us, we found him to be epileptic. We witnessed his first seizure early one morning when we were getting ready for work.  Having discovered this about him confirmed our feelings that we were meant to have Buckley.  Growing up I had a dog that was severely epileptic.  This provided me with an understanding of the disease that made it easier to handle it when the news came back about our boy.  I also have a keen awareness of what to look for and how to properly handle myself and Buckley during a seizure.  
With my past experience, when we witnessed his first seizure I knew exactly what was going on and how to handle it; my first instinct when he collapsed was to look at the clock so I could time the duration  of the seizure...I would not have known how important that was without my prior experience.  This boy was meant to come to us, not only to make our family complete, but because we were already equipped to provide a dog with 
special needs with a suitable home.  His seizures are few and far between, but no less scary.  Buckley can sense a seizure coming and makes sure that he is right next to his DogDad when it starts.  All seizures he has experienced at our house have started with him secluding himself from us for a few hours (just lying in another room – which is strange for him because he always likes to be right with us), and then right before it starts, he 
finds his DogDad.  Once he reaches him, it is almost immediate that he collapses and begins seizing.  His seizures are currently infrequent, but we are prepared to handle it if his case becomes more severe.  
Buckley had a crummy hand dealt to him at the beginning of this life, but this will not shape how he spends the rest of it.  His new life suits him much better and he is well taken care of in our home.  He is truly a part of our family and we could not imagine our lives without him!
I believe Buckley truly deserves this Lucky Fiona make over.  While he has the life every dog deserves, his life was not always so sweet.  This boy has made a transformation from a cold, wet, scared and dirty hound to a pampered pooch that deserves to have his transformation complete with a Lucky Fiona makeover. 

Below you will find a list of 10 important things we love about Buckley…

10 Important Things We Love About Buckley 
1. His Freckles.  Every freckle on 
Buckley’s body was placed there for 
a reason. I am certain of this, 
because their placement is close to 
perfect.  The number, the 
distribution and color range of 
freckles are fabulous…I am positive 
they do not get better than this.

2. His Sounds.  Buckley’s many sounds 
can be heard throughout the day.  
Imagine a lethargic, floppy, fullgrown basset hound.  
Now imagine
him stretching, rolling over, chasing 
bunnies in his dreams, and yawning 
after naps.  The sounds he makes 
range from high pitched whimpers 
to gurgling growls that are hard to 
describe and can only be 
experienced.  They are magnificent!
3. His Body Temperature. When the 
temperature drops, having a dog 
with a normal body temperature of 
around 100 degrees is better than 
any Snuggie you can buy.  It’s true!

4. His Nose.  While he has a great nose 

for hunting, this is not what I am 
referring to.  We are in love with the 
smell of his nose…yes, the smell.  It 
is intoxicating.  When he comes up 
to you with that wet snout, it is 
almost impossible not to grab it, pull 
it to your nose, and take a great big 
breathe in.  He loves this to, because 
he can sneak a few kisses in 
5. His Floppy Ears.  The signature sign 
of a basset hound…long floppy ears.  
While they are natural collectors of 
scent, they are also the perfect 
accessory for any droopy eyed 
hound.  They are marvelous!

 6. His Infamous “Basset Ball”.  While 
setter’s have the “setter roll” bassets 
have the “basset ball”.  This is a 
sleeping position where they curl up 
in the tightest possible ball.  You can 
even pick him up in this position, set
him down in a new location and he 
will not budge.  We have come to 
love the basset ball!

7. His Belly Button Lint.  Yes…he gets 
it, and every time we collect it, it is 
just as funny as the first time.  It is 
amazing how much lint a basset’s 
belly button can collect in such a 
short amount of time.

8. His Flexibility.  Believe it not this boy 
is quite flexible.  He will lie on the 
ground to chew on a toy and his 
back legs will be in a perfect split 
position.   I have even found him 
drinking water in this similar 
position…he loves it, so naturally, 
we do too.

9. His hunting instinct.  Bassets are 
bred scent hounds that have the 
second strongest nose (behind the 
bloodhound).  Buckley not only has 
an amazing drive to hunt, his 
instinct is spot on.  He knows exactly 
what to do, and he does it well.  We 
have him signed up for a “Fun with 
Nose Work” class in June to further 
his hunting experience. 

10. His Boyish Good Looks.
Do Bassets get more good looking than this?
I don't think so. But don't worry his good 
looks don't go to his head. He is handsome
but the sweetest boy you'll ever meet.
And we love him for that.     

Contestant #5 is George

And now in the left corner...ready to go head to head with some very stiff competition in this year's MakeOver My Dog Contest is Lucky Fiona Fan Favorite GEORGE!
To view George's Video Submission Click Here:

Featured Contestant #4 is Molly

This entry brought out the tissues for it's heartfelt message. Please take a moment to see the story of Contestant #4 in the Lucky Fiona Makeover my Dog Contest. This is Molly's tail, oh wait, tale...
Click here to see Molly's Story

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Featured Contestant # 3 is Super Freaky

Check out Zoey's Super Freak Submission by Clicking Purple Text to the left!

Remember to submit your submission for our Lucky Fiona Makeover My Dog Contest to
To see full contest rules click here: Contest rules

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Contestant #2 Winston

Owner name: Elaine & Paul Tweedy
Dog's Name:  Winston
Age: 9
Breed: English Setter

Once upon a time in a land on the top of a very large hill that is no fun to drive up in the winter, there lived a dog named Winston.  Winston was not a very lucky dog in the earlier parts of his life, but somehow he became quite lucky (without the intervention of four-leaf clovers, rabbits feet, prayer beads or rubbing the tummy of a very fat statue) and caught the attention of some very caring rescue people and, as even greater luck would have it, the family that lived at the top of that disgusting hill.  The family lulled themselves into a false sense of security stating “we will foster Winston.”  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….oh, excuse me, back to the story.  
This delusion lasted for about 7 days, until the family finally admitted they had failed fostering yet again, and decided that Winston would stay.  So he was adopted.  (The husband’s therapy bills are mounting.)

In his initial days with the family, he enjoyed loving attention, good food, long long naps, and frequent disturbances by very loud deaf dogs who screamed. (Well, you can’t have everything!) This was something he was unaccustomed to, but certainly valued, and soon he began to blossom.  He gained weight, started using his hips and back legs properly again, and after particularly good naps, would do one or two runs around the yard.  He fell in love with his new Dad very quickly, and insisted with his pattern of two barks, then a space, then two barks, then a space, then two barks ad nauseum…that he wanted to be with his new Dad wherever he went.  His Mom, whose eyes would cross at about 15 minutes into the two-bark pattern, thought that was a fine idea.  That meant sitting in the barn sometimes while Dad was working there, or driving in the truck for hay and sawdust, or heading downtown for coffee.

Sometimes he would go somewhere with his Mom too.  Once she took him to a University to meet some students who needed to relax before their exams.  He really was just humoring her because he likes to be with Dad best (sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do).

In the end, both his Mom and Dad agreed he was a very very good boy, and wanted him to have all the things he may not have had in the many years of his life that had already passed.  And, in the end, all things in the house at the top of the very bad hill met with his approval….well, except maybe for the cat that steals his bed, or the scaredy-cat dog who keeps following him around, or the screamer dog with the orange ball, or the fact that there are 12 steps to the bedroom, or the problem that exists when his Dad waits until he has totally settled in a chair to announce that it’s time to go to bed—what’s up with that anyways!

As part of their need to keep him looking his best at all times, Winston’s Mom and Dad entered him into this contest so that he could have his very OWN wardrobe and not have to share with any of the other pesky dogs in the house.  Winston’s Mom told him about the contest and said “Winston, I’m entering you into a contest, won’t that be neat?”  Winston lifted his head about .000006789 millimeters from his bed, looked at her with that quirky look he has and thought “what did she say about a treat?” (Sigh…)

Like P.F. Flyers used to make his Mom run faster when she was a kid, new collars make Winston’s naps a fashion event.  Certainly, going for hay, sawdust or coffee, one must look their best.  Napping in the truck is a difficult task (especially when Dad drives…Mom is writing this by the way and she can never nap when Dad drives—she has to hold on and grit her teeth…tee hee).  In his regal years, Winston needs to look, well, regal!  We hope you will see the light (or the nightlight in Winston’s case), and choose Winston as the winner of this contest. (The attached photo depicts the quirky look.)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Finalist #1 is Wally

Finalist #1 in the Makeover my Dog Contest is small in size but big in personality! To see Wally's entry go to: Wally's story
Keep those entries coming! Email to 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Does your Pooch need a Makeover? Enter our NEW Contest!

Beatrix knows style is something that comes naturally to her...but not all dogs are so lucky. As part of our commitment to help dogs in need Lucky Fiona Collars and the Head Bitch Studio are pleased to announce ~
The 2012 Lucky Fiona
Make My Dog Over Contest! 

1st Prize - One Fully Loaded Collar of the Month Subscription (includes extra wide widths or martingale add-ons if desired). 12 continuous months of customized collars sent to your doorstep to keep your dog looking fly.
($275 value) 
*In ADDITION - A GUARANTEED Model Month in the 2013 Friends of Lucky Fiona Calendar wearing one of our not yet released Lucky FiFi Couture One of a Kind Collars! (priceless)

2nd Prize - One Custom Collar and Leash Set Gift Certificate plus a Lucky Fiona mini-paw wipe canister that attaches to any leash for on-the-go freshening up! ($55 value)

3rd Prize - Organic Shampoo, Conditioner & Coat Spray Set in a custom fabric carry tote ($45 value)

Is your dog stuck in a style rut? Same collar month after month? Well we here at Lucky Fiona want to give your pooch a style boost! After all, part of feeling good is looking good and we know our custom made retro collars make many dogs look fabulous. Do you know a dog in dire need of a doggie make over? Well enter in our contest and be eligible to win one of 3 awesome prize packs!

Contest Rules and Regulations -
Contest Opens NOW and closes Friday May 18th at midnight. All entries must be sent to ONLY. Include your name, your animal companion's name, age and breed and your email address. Entries sent to any other email or via Facebook messages or blog comments will not be considered. Use of any photos/videos/mixed media and stories via the Lucky Fiona Blog or Facebook group by Lucky Fiona for marketing purposes is understood and allowed via your entrance to the contest. 
Lucky Fiona reserves the right to dismiss any entrant at their discretion. Winners will be announced Saturday May 19th 2012. 

How to Enter ~
Tell us why your dog deserves a Lucky Fiona make over. Make us laugh. Make us cry. But mostly make us laugh. Make us go "holy smokes that is impressive!" Your entry must include a photo of the dog and/or a video. You can write an essay, write a poem, write us a kooky form letter. Have your dog perform a stupid pet trick, sing a song, paint a watercolor portrait or do interpretive dance. Be CREATIVE! We don't care how you do it, but make us believe your dog is most deserving of a Lucky Fiona make over prize. 

We will feature some of our favorite entries on our Blog or Facebook group over the next week. Winners will be decided by an anonymous judge so Danica Barreau and Susan England cannot attempt bribing the judge. Questions? Simply shoot us an email at We're excited to see what you got dazzle us with these entries! 

Friday, May 4, 2012

New Style Release and SALE 5/5 & 5/6

New Styles are here! Check out the shop!

New and fantastic at Lucky Fiona!

9 new Intro to Summer Styles.
Shop our sale this weekend and get 25% off any order of
2 or more collars. Use code LILYSAYS in coupon code
box at check out for discount. Discount applies to collars, leashes, extra wide surcharges, martingale surcharges and 
Collar of the Month Subscriptions.
Questions about shopping, sizes or the sale? 
Email Bee at

The Come Sail Away

The Fountain Blue

The Give Nicole Her Candy

The Flour Sack

The Pixie Doodle

The Summer Plaid

The Hot Cha Cha

The Daisy Chain

The Cracker Jack