Thursday, July 28, 2011

Now let's pause for some great photos...

Designing and getting the new website to function is a real pain in the patootie. So to lower my blood pressure after trying to load the gallery page of the site unsuccessfully for the 12th time I thought I'd take a break and just admire some photographs I took of Maizy - the recently rescued greyhound. Isn't this nice and relaxing? I agree. Sigh.

Isn't Maizy a pretty gal laying in the sunbeam?
Collar plug warning! Look at Maizy's gorgeous 1.5 inch width custom martingale!

Nothing cools you off like the hose on a hot day.

I love this shot - it looks like she is dancing!
- The Head Bitch
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pogue & Pillows...A Photo Essay

Since Pogue has made destroying my couch pillows an art form, I decided to make a little art of my own. I'm proud to present a Photo Essay I like to call "ForTheLoveOfAllThingsHolyPogue - StopEatingTheGoddamnPillows"
Take a few minutes to enjoy this photographic journey and please leave comments/critiques!

I call this one "RIP = R.I.P."

Here I used a little blue tone to give the viewer an impression
of blue skies and fluffy clouds.

I call this one "I'm Naughty, Yet SO Handsome."

This one I reverted to gritty black and white and call "Recession"
It is a social commentary on our failing US economy
and how it's just a big old mess like my living room floor.

I call this one "Smirk"

* This message really warmed our hearts as Roxy is a Joplin, Missouri tornado survivor. We will keep Roxy and all the four pawed and human residents of Joplin in our positive thoughts.
Thank you so much for Roxys collars, she loves them! We love the fortune cookie collar that was very sweet of you. We are needing good luck, she lost vision in her eye from getting hit by debris in the tornado and were hoping it doesn't need to be taken out and sewn shut.
Cathy Pawlus and Roxy

Monday, July 4, 2011

Relax's just mud.

Running, running, running.

This morning Alex and I went to the dog park with Lily, Pogue and my Mother-in-law Renate who is in town visiting. Our sweet Lily has been so on edge with the fireworks we thought a nice run before the temperature got too high was in order. However, I forgot one of the cardinal rules of dogparkdom. Do not frequent the park on a major holiday. It's sort of like going to Home Depot on a Saturday...totally crowded with people who have no flippin' clue what the hell they are doing. Hence we had to deal with dogs and guardians who decide the holiday is the right time to visit the off leash park for the first time. It's very hard to not just shake people by the shoulders and say loudly "Really? Really?"
Here's some tiparoonis & random observations ~
* If you never exercise your dog and think it will be a picture of agile magnificence after one trip to the dog park, you is wrong. Yes I'm talking to you man with the fat chocolate lab who doesn't understand why Mocha keeps flopping down in the shade and wheezing as you call her to play.
* Dogs are not figurines. They will run and get dirty and if there is mud they will go into it. This is an off leash park. If you don't want to risk your dog getting um, dirty, then DO NOT come to the off leash dog park!

Lily doing her pig-wallowing-in-the-mud impression.

* Dogs are not figurines. This means you angry dude with the black mixed breed who started swearing like a sailor when his dog followed my setters into the mud bog. Yes it's true, my Lily and Pogue are a bad influence and the types of friends you will want your dog to stay clear of.
* Attention lady with the Aussies. We know you have herding dogs. We know you think you are better than everybody else because your dogs are soooooo flippin' smart. We get it. Aussies = you're cooler than all of us. Whatever.
* Young couple with the chihuahua in the polo shirt. Why? Honestly. Why are you here? Your dog hates everybody but you and does not want to be on the ground. The mall is open. Why are you here?
*If you came to the park more than once a year frantic man in the Abecrombie shirt, your dog might actually come back to you instead of running like a wild banshee dodging you as you fruitlessly try to lasso him with your leash.
* They provide doggie doo-doo bags for free! There are bag dispensers at the entrance and throughout the park. There are garbage pails everywhere! You are not invisible Labradoodle people, I can SEE YOU acting like your dear Sebastian did not just take a giant dump in the middle of the walking trail...but he did. Pick it up morons.
* Umm, no they are not long haired dalmatians. Yes I am sure. Sigh.
Bad seeds. Don't follow them if you know what's good for you Mr. Airdale.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

We Love a Rave!

I put the picture in the review, and am attaching the picture here. My babies look so adorable in them, and the quality and workmanship is awesome!
Thank you so very much for going out of your way to make The Pointdexter for Charlie. It's perfect. And I can't get over how cute my little pinup pooch Arya looks in her Barry.
I will most certainly be purchasing collars from you again in the future. Closer to Yule, I'm thinking the pooches will need holiday collars!

 ~ Happy Etsy Customer