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Friend of Fiona Ally Smith wrote a children's story inspired by her dog Eve

Friend of Lucky Fiona Ally Smith has shared this amazing first installment of:

The Adventures of Captain Christmas Eve Stinky Smith - - - 

It was a rainy summer day at the Smithpoint Inn and the puppies were restless, they wanted to play outside.
“Yes Cookie”.
“Mama, we want to go outside in the yard”.
“I know Cookie but it’s raining”. 
Eve was looking off into the distance at the storm front rolling in from the West. She knew this rain would be awhile. 
Eve called all her puppies to the screen porch. 
“Cello, Dexter, Riley, Jersey, Cookie, Bonnie, Clyde, Otto, Jake, Henry, Comet”. “Sweeties come close. I am going to tell you a story”. 
“A story Mama“? 
“Yes Riley a story”. 
“What kind of story mama”?
“A pirate story Dexter, so come closer”. The puppies snuggled close to their Mama, and they were all ears…

“ Long Ago and far away lived an infamous pirate, named Christmas Eve Stinkeye Smith”. 
“Yes Dexter”. 
“Mama what does infamous mean”? 
“Well my love it means famous for being naughty”. 
“Oooooh” the puppies said all together they knew all about naughty! Suddenly all eyes were on their Mama and the puppies were listening ever so closely.

Captain Stinkeye sailed the oceans with her Crew looking for treasure and places to bury it. She stirred fear in the hearts of all she met. Captain Stinkeye was infamous for her deadly stinkeye stare. At anytime at all she could remove the eypatch that covered her right eye and glare the strongest stinkeye that ever was. Her stare was so intense that she could freeze a pirate in his boots, forever.
Now Captain Stinkeye had been at sea with her crew for months. Her pirate ship the “Dewclaw” was heavy with treasure but light on supplies. The crew was running low on food and drink and the Captain could see that a storm was brewing to the West. She thought now was the perfect time to find a place to hide her treasure and gather the supplies they desperately needed.
“Riley, fetch me the map”.
“Aye Aye Captain”, and with a wisk of her coat, Riley,  Captain Stinkeye’s trusted first mate ran below to the Captain’s quarters and returned topside with the map and the Captain’s spyglass.
“Oh the spyglass, thank you Riley, I forgot, you are quite an excellent first mate”. “You always think of everything”! 
Captain Stinkeye studied the map. She paced back and forth on the deck as she read it. “Hmmmm”.”Ahhaaah”. “Hmmmm”. “Ah HA”! “Yes, that’s it”! “Riley set our course due East”. “Today we sail for Lucky Island”. 
With that the captain went below to her quarters to prepare. Riley shook her head, she did not think that this was a good idea but she did not want to alarm the crew. She was unsure, she did not know what to do.
Then Riley shouted in her deepest voice, “ALL HANDS ON DECK”! “Prepare to sail”! “Rig the riggings, hoist the sails turn this ship, Eastward. Today we sail to Lucky Island”.
Riley heard that Lucky Island wasn’t so lucky. She even heard some say that you’d be lucky to leave the island alive. She shuddered at that thought. The crew snapped into action and they worked together like a machine. They steered the ship to the East.
Captain Stinkeye who was below stowing away the map heard a solid knock on the door…thump thump thump….
“Enter”, the Captain’s old door creaked open and before the captain stood Riley.
“Riley, something troubles you”? Riley was surprised that the Captain knew she was nervous. “Speak freely my old friend, what’s on your mind”?
“Lucky Island Mam’”
“Lucky Island? Is that was worries you”? 
“Yes Mam’, yes Mam’ it is”. “Captain I’ve heard that the island is haunted, haunted by the ghost of Trader Jack”.
“Hogwash Riley” grumbled Captain Stinkeye.
“Captain I’ve heard that once you go there you’re lucky if you can leave alive”!
“Ridiculous Riley”! Smirked Captain Stinkeye.
“Riley we have sailed together for 10 long years”. 
“Yes Captain”.
“10 years and I have never seen you so nervous”.
“Yes Captain”!
“Riley we need an island where we can safely hide the treasure and pick up some supplies. Lucky Island is an old volcano island that is only a half day’s sail from here. The island has been uninhabited since the volcano exploded”.
“Aye Captain”. “It’s uninhabited by living people, but what about the ghost of Trader Jack”?
“Fairy tales Riley, stories to scare people away”.
“I knew Trader Jack, he was on old pirate who retired to that island and traded pieces of his treasure with visiting sailors for the supplies he needed. Trading allowed him to remain on the island living the easy life. Trader Jack left Lucky Island well before the volcano exploded” 
Suddenly they were interrupted by a loud shout of “LAND HO” which echoed throughout the whole ship.
“Riley there is nothing to worry about, now go topside and assemble the crew and drop anchor. We are going ashore”. 
With that Riley shut the captain’s door, and climbed topside to the deck. Riley had heard that Trader Jack was killed in the volcano explosion and haunted the island and all who visited it protecting his treasure from looters.
Captain Stinkeye smiled to herself and thought Lucky Island has a reputation for being haunted. That makes it the perfect place to hide my treasure. She smirked and climbed the ladder to the deck.
The captain paced up and down the line of crew members, “Dogs you are the best crew a captain could ask for”! 
“Here Here long live Captain Stinkeye”! 
Now that’s not something you expect to hear on a pirate ship. Pirates are scoundrels and liars and thieves. This crew is no exception but, while pirates are known for being naughty and Captain Stinkeye certainly was, she was different in how she treated her crew. 
Her crew had been with her since she stole the Dewclaw and sailed for adventure many years ago. The same crew no more no less. Captain Stinkeye treated her crew like family. She had a contract with them. If they signed the contract to sail with her and keep her treasure safe, she would share the treasure with them. Most pirate crews were loyal to the captain out of fear, but not the crew of the Dewclaw. 
Throughout the years the captain had rescued each and every one of them from their terrible owners and gave them their freedom. Because of that each and every one of them signed the captain’s contract and sailed the oceans with her. They were a loyal pack of pirates.
“Crew, I am putting the Dewclaw and her treasure in your paws while I take a small party ashore to Lucky Island”. “I need three volunteers to come with me”. 
Before the captain could even finish these words the entire crew stepped forward to volunteer. With a smile Captain Stinkeye called three names. “Henry, Cookie, Jersey ready the launch we’re going ashore”.
The captain turned to Riley. 
“Riley the Dewclaw is in your capable care until I return, be on the lookout,  pirates know this ship is heavy with treasure. Keep the crew safe, we will be back at dawn”. 
“Aye Aye Captain” and Riley saluted Captain Stinkeye.
Henry helped the Captain into the Launch and Jersey and Cookie slowly hoisted the ropes lowering it gently down to the water. Without a word Henry took up the oars and rowed them towards the beaches of Lucky Island.
As they got closer to the island the captain noticed that there was a coral reef that formed a ring around the island, an atoll.  The coral was sharp. It could easily rip a hole in a ship’s hull. This coral protected the island from pirate ships anchoring too close. The captain smiled and thought -yes, nothing but a small launch could land on the island this is a good island to bury my treasure! 

Within minutes the launch landed on the beach. Henry, Cookie and Jersey dragged it over the sand into some bushes hiding it from view. 
“Cookie, Jersey” the captain said. “You are smallest and the quickest”. “Take this list and search the island for the supplies we need. Meet us back here at dawn. If there is any trouble blow this horn and we will find you”. 
The captain handed Cookie a beautiful shell horn that she could hang from around her neck. Cookie and Jersey disappeared into the jungle and were out of view within seconds. 
“Henry you are the biggest and the strongest”. “You will come with me”. “we are looking for a place to hide our treasure”. 
Henry and the captain headed off towards the old volcano looking for a secret hiding place where the treasure would remain safe.
They hadn’t gotten far when Henry said “Captain do you see that”? “What Henry, see what”? “That sparkle through the trees….there do you see that”? “It’s moving”. 
The captain took out her spyglass and looked through the trees and to her surprise she saw a shining orange glittery light. It was moving back and forth. 
“Captain what is it”? The captain was thinking about her conversation with Riley and the Ghost of Trader Jack…no it couldn’t be. 
“I don’t know Henry but let’s follow it and see”. They followed the orange glittery light closer and closer to the volcano and then they heard a rustling in the bushes….
”Who goes there”? Captain Stinkeye said. “Oh captain it’s you”…suddenly Cookie and Jersey came out of the bushes. “Captain we saw this glittery orange light it kept moving this way so we followed it”. Henry nodded his head, “so did we”. 
All together the four pirates followed the shiny light a bit further up the volcano base until there was a clearing below. “It’s a village Captain”! Jersey was right it was a village with three beautiful English Setters wearing shiny orange jewels in their hair and around their necks. 
The island had people? How could this be, so much for the island being haunted. Haunted schmaunted thought the captain, how could she hide the treasure here now?  The captain looked at her small away party. “I will need a volunteer to go with me to the village”. Before the captain even finished her sentence all three dogs stepped forward. “Well then I think we should all go together”!
The captain and her team hiked down the volcano base and slowly crept silently towards the village. Then “Achoo”! The ladies were startled, “Achoo”! The ladies turned around and looked right at the foursome. Captain Stinkeye, Cookie and Henry turned to their right and looked annoyingly at Jersey. Their cover was blown.
“Achoo”! Jersey sneezed again and the ladies screamed in fear. They could not believe that there were pirates on their island!
Then Captain Stinkeye spoke, “Ladies stop”! “What is this village, where are you from”? The ladies did stop. They were so surprised to see that this pirate was a woman like them. They had never seen a girl pirate before. “Who are you they said”? 
“Her name is Captain Christmas Eve Stinkeye Smith” said a deep thundering voice from behind them. The captain and her crew spun around to see an old pirate casually standing there.
“Trader Jack I presume”? She asked because he had aged some since the last time they met. 
“How are you Stinkeye”? The two old friends embraced. 
“Jack I thought you left the island before the volcano blew”? 
“I did, I did leave, but my treasure is here, I had to come back”. “The volcano left molten lava over the door to the cave where my treasure is and I moved back in so that I could unearth it. I couldn’t leave without my treasure”!
“Of course” said Captain Stinkeye. “Who are these ladies, where did this village come from”? 
“Oh Stinkeye, these are my daughters Fiona, Adeline & Lily”. “They came to keep me company because I knew it would be awhile to dig through all that cooled lava rock”. “It’s just me now, my wife Sable died years ago and since I retired pirating my daughters have become my non pirate crew”.
“Hello ladies”. The captain removed her hat and bowed. 
“We noticed you though the jungle trees, we noticed the sparkle of your lovely orange Diamonds”! “Diamonds that’s what they are…orange diamonds”? “That’s right Stinkeye”. “The volcano created orange diamonds when it blew. I find them as I dig through the lava rock to open the cave”.
“They’re amazing” said Cookie. “They’re beautiful” said Jersey. “They’re orange”! said Captain Stinkeye.  With that Fiona and her sisters removed the collars that they were wearing decorated with the rare orange diamonds and presented them to the Captain, Cookie and Jersey. “Wow this is the nicest collar I have ever seen” said Cookie.” “Ooh it’s so sparkly in the sunlight” said Jersey “Ahh it’s orange” said Captain Stinkeye!
“Jack where is your ship”? 
“Well it was anchored right outside the coral reef that surrounds the island and during a big storm the anchor line snapped and the ship hit the coral,  ripped the hull and sank”. “So here we stayed and built this village”. 
“So you’re stuck”? 
“Yup stuck” said Jack with a wink of his eye. 
“Worse than being stuck though, is that that since the volcano no one ever comes to visit the island so we can leave”. “There is some story about the island being haunted”. 
“Yes Jack I’ve heard the story”. “Apparently the island is haunted by you”! 
“Oh, well then that’s why no one visits and I have no one to trade with. That is why we are stuck”.
Captain Stinkeye chuckled to herself…
”so let me see if I have this straight? You have no ship, but you have a crew. You have treasure with no one to trade it with because the island is haunted by the ghost of you, but you’re alive…oh that’s rich Jack”. 
“It is quite a problem Stinkeye”.
As they talked Trader Jack’s daughters prepared a delicious meal for their guests. 
Cookie, Jersey and Henry feasted with delight while the Captains continued to discuss the situation.
Suddenly everyone turned their heads towards the volcano…BAHOO BAHOO. 
“What is that”? said Cookie.
“Who is that” said Henry. 
Trader Jack snapped to attention. 
“That is the alarm”! 
“The alarm, who’s sounding it?” said Captain Stinkeye
“we are all here”? Trader Jack told Capt Stinkeye to come with him and they left Cookie, Jersey & Henry at the village to defend his daughters. 
As the captains ran toward the volcano Jack explained that he had 6 daughters, 3 stayed at the village and 3 stayed at the treasure cave by the volcano. The alarm was sounded by the girls at the cave and that meant only one thing…PIRATES!
Captain Stinkeye ran even faster hearing that word. She was worried about her own crew anchored off the island. When they reached the cave they saw Jack’s daughters tied up to trees…but unharmed. Pirates were in the cave. Jack and Captain Stinkeye freed the girls and told them to run to the village with the others. Captain Stinkeye climbed the tree and took out her spyglass to keep watch on her ship. The Dewclaw was safe. Pirates came from the north side of the island. They did not even know that the Dewclaw was here.
“So Jack, tell me about this cave”. “Is this the only entrance”? “Yes Stinkeye it is”. “The lava had sealed up the cave entirely. This little hole we carved is the only way in or out”. 
“Excellent Jack…then we wait”!
Captain Stinkeye thought to herself, well there probably was only a small party of pirates inside, because just like she had to anchor far off the island to avoid the coral reef so would this pirate. “Jack who do you think is inside”? “I don’t know, no one has been to the island since the volcano exploded except…wait I bet you that it’s Captain Jean-Claude Pierre”.
“That smarmy sailor always tried to cheat me when he came to trade”. “He tried to cheat a pirate…can you imagine. I never liked him”.
“Well he probably thought like everyone else that you died on the island when the volcano blew and came to take your treasure”! “We’ll  have real a surprise for him”.
Jack and Captain Stinkeye got comfortable and waited for the visitors to exit the cave…Captain Stinkeye removed the eyepatch from her right eye and folded it neatly in her pocket…Trader Jack chuckled because he knew what would happen next. SHUFFLE SHUFFLE they heard the sound of boots climbing near the mouth of the cave and one by one 4 sailors emerged.
Without a word Jack and Captain Stinkeye tapped the tallest on the back and they all turned around with great surprise. 
“Hello gentlemen or should I say scoundrels”? 
“So Jean-Claude it’s you here to steal my treasure”, said Trader Jack. 
Captain Jean- Claude Pierre’s mouth dropped open so far he couldn’t speak, then he gasped “you’re alive”!
“Oh yes”! “Alive and well and those were my daughters that you tied to the trees, so you came to steal my treasure”? 
“Dead or alive, pirate laws apply” and without hesitation Captain Stinkeye glared without warning the strongest stinkeye she had ever glared. Staring down all four together they were all frozen in their boots and became statues in the sun.
“Well Jack that’s that”! 
“What do you mean”? 
“Well here stands Captain Jean -Claude Pierre and crew”. “To the north is his ship. You’re free to go”! 
“You can commandeer his ship and crew and leave whenever you like. Those are the rules of Pirates if you take the ship the crew becomes yours too”! 
“You’re Right. I’m free”! “You really are famous for rescuing people. Even pirates”! “Captain Stinkeye laughed, Jack let’s just keep that between us…it’s bad for my image”.
Trader Jack blew the shell horn three times BAHOO BAHOO BAHOO. “That’s the all clear signal to the girls”. With that Captain Stinkeye took the eyepatch out of her pocket unfolded it and placed it back over her right eye. The two old friends walked back to the village to check on Jack’s daughters. When they arrived they saw everyone eating and drinking and laughing together. 
“Father! Father”! 
“Girls this is Captain Stinkeye Smith she is going to be taking over this island”. 
“Yes, seems we have a new ship and are about to set sail”. “We can leave”! Adeline and her sisters screamed for joy “Finally”! Fiona slowly bowed her head though. 
“Fiona what’s the matter”? 
“Father I like living here. I like being on the island”. “I like finding the orange diamonds and making things beautiful with them.” Trader Jack didn’t know what to say, he thought all his daughters loved sailing on his ship. 
“I do love being at sea Father but I love it here too”. 
“Yes Lilly”? 
“I want to stay with Fiona”. Trader Jack was amazed. 
Suddenly Captain Stinkeye spoke.
“Jack I have a plan. We are old friends. I like this island, you like this island. You need a break away from the island. My crew needs a break from being at sea”. “Your daughters will be safe here with my crew”. “We will stay, and bury my treasure on the other side of the island away from the volcano, away from your treasure”. “When we are done we will stay a bit then set sail. You can come and go as you wish, but you need a new name. People think that the island is haunted, haunted by you. Let’s keep it that way!” “Your treasure is too difficult to move from that cave with the lava rock so leave it. I nor my crew will touch it or the orange diamonds at the volcano.” “The orange diamonds are very valuable and will be perfect for you to trade with. Fiona and Lilly can keep their home here, and they can mine the diamonds and care for the crew and we will keep them safe”. “You can return with any supplies they may need and when you need a break. So what do you say”? Trader Jack said, “I say I need a new name, what can it be”?
Captain Stinkeye thought for a minute and whispered privately to Fiona who then quickly ran to her hut. Captain Stinkeye took her sword and touched Jack on both shoulders and said 
“I hereby re-name you Captain Jacque a L’Orange”, Fiona ran back from her hut and placed an orange diamond studded eyepatch on her Father’s eye.”Here now no one will recognize you and you will be famous for your orange diamonds”. 
Then Captain Stinkeye looked at Henry. 
“Henry you are the bravest of my crew”. “Would you please escort Captain Jacque a L’Orange to his ship and ensure that his new crew respects his authority”? 
Henry snapped to attention “Aye Aye Captain”! 
“Henry we will rendezvous with you both here at the Island on Christmas Eve for celebrations and you will return to the Dewclaw at that time”. 
“Aye Aye Captain”!
And with that Henry and Captain Jacques a L’Orange headed North to take their ship. Captain Stinkeye instructed Cookie and Jersey to return to the Dewclaw with supplies and ask Riley to send the crew and treasure ashore to the island with the launch. The Dewclaw was about to take an adventure of a lifetime- a vacation!

“Yes Cello”?
“Mama that was a good Story”! 
“Yes Cello it was a good story”.
“Eve, time for dinner”!
“Yes Dexter”?
“Mama why does the lady call you Eve”?
“Because Dexter that’s my name” 
“Oooooh” the puppies said all together. 
“Yes, Cookie”?
“Mama are you a pirate”?
“Oh Cookie it’s time for dinner and that’s a story for another day”.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Photo Contest for HOWL-O-WEEN

Poppy is looking forward to your entries

Facebook Page Photo Contest

Whoooooo wants your Howl-O-Ween photos? We do. Show us your animal companion in costume/Halloween garb now through Thursday 10/30 at midnight. Poppy will pick ONE Grand Prize winner. The prize? A 6 month COM subscription!!! Let's see what you got.
Facebook Group - Lucky Fiona & The Head Bitch Studio

Monday, October 13, 2014

Friends of Lucky Fiona 2015 Calendar - Call for Entries

2015 Friends of Lucky Fiona Calendar
Call for Entries!
We're creating a calendar and we need your photos to make it a reality! Submissions will be a $5 donation per photo which will benefit the shelter we adopted Fiona from - The Dekalb County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center. Years ago when we adopted Fiona this facility was more like a barn with dirt floors and no heat, over the years many improvements have come to assist the animals and we want to contribute so even more advancements can be made to this great facility.
Rules for photo submissions:
* Entrant must first purchase a $5 donation at
1 photo entry per $5 entry donation. 
A person can enter as many times as they like while purchasing as many $5 donations as desired. Donations will benefit the Dekalb County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center in Genoa, Illinois. A non-profit animal rescue facility. 
* Photo entry must show a Lucky Fiona collar IN SOME WAY. It does not have to be a full view but somehow recognizable as Lucky Fiona. We say this every year and still get photos of dogs and cats in other collar brands, we say to Lupine and Bella Bean "yeah you have nice collars but we do not want to see them on OUR CALENDAR! Go make your own calendar, phooey!"  
* Be strategic! Submit photos which may read perfectly for a certain month such as a summer scene for July or a winter scape for February. We are looking for fun, beautiful, silly, serious, colorful and interesting photographs. Keep humans and clutter out of photos! Remember that this calendar may sit in somebodies office like Kathy Schuh who has 800 co-workers, do you really think they want to see a photo of your dog with your dirty socks in the background? 
* Lucky Fiona and the Head Bitch retain the right to publish any entry photos on Facebook, the blog and the calendar itself. Please submit original photos or get the written permission of the artist if submitting an image that you did not personally take
* Please submit THE LARGEST POSSIBLE FORMAT FILE of the photo as possible. Be particularly careful if submitting a cell phone image for instance if your settings are set very low. Low resolution images will not be reproducible for the calendar. Images that are too small will be returned to sender so they have the opportunity if possible to fix or submit a different image in a larger format. 
* Lucky Fiona retains the right to reject any photos that do not meet the criteria above or have subject matter not suitable for reproduction on the calendar.
* 12 Monthly winners will get bragging rights and $15 GIFT CODES good in the shop.
* Cover winner will win $25 Gift code and mucho bragging rights as a SuperDogModel.
* $5 gift codes will be awarded to photos that will be featured as days in the month. We hope to feature 2 per month.
~ Calendars will be available for direct order from Shutterfly when layout is complete. Check Facebook for details after winners are named. 
Questions? Email

Monday, June 16, 2014

Makeover Entry Sassy

Day of adoption. Whoppee!

Dear Derby,
I want to start by apologizing for the late entry. My typist/mom has horrible ADHD and in spite of my efforts to remind her it is now nearing the makeover deadline. I am hoping that you are in the central time zone and that I am on time.

My name is Sassy and I am a 7.5 year old shepherd mix. My mom adopted me at 6 months from a shelter. My first mom wasn't healthy and had not anticipated what it meant to have a puppy. I was too bouncy. She surrendered me along with my puppy class certificates. I was top in my class but that wasn't enough. This isn't the best picture but this is the day my mom adopted me.

Neo Crazy Ears
At first it was just me and my mom. I loved it. She got hurt in an accident though and I had to stay with my aunt for a while. I missed her but loved having my younger cousin, Neo, to play with. I was so happy the day I got to go back home. I could barely believe it. It had been nearly 9 months. This is Neo. He has crazy ears.

Mom decided to adopt me a brother since I missed Neo. So along came Chance. He is a black and white pointer. This is Chance interfering with my mom taking my picture. He interferes a lot.
Chance and me

We added Rocky, a black and white pointer mix, and that makes three of us. This is me with my brother, Rocky. We are pretty tight.
Sassy and Rocky 

I love my brothers but I have noticed something that makes me sad. People don't pay as much attention to me as they do to them. I am starting to show my age a bit. A little gray under my muzzle. I have tears in each ear from getting beat up a couple of times as well. Maybe that is why? I went to the store with my mom the other day and all the staff said hi but they didn't want to take my picture. They always want to take my brother's picture. It made my mom sad that they didn't notice me.

NOTICE ME! I'm pretty darn special too!

I hope if I win that people will maybe notice how awesome I look in my new collars and take the time to get to know me. I am a super sweet dog. Faithful, well behaved, and a good sister. I put up with a lot of drama from Chance and have endless patience with Rocky.

What do you think Derby? Is there hope for me?

Thank you,

Sassy Emery

Makeover Entry Fresca

It all began one day in September 2007.
  The plea came through for a young female English Setter in need of rescue.  Contact with the shelter was made and wait, oh NO there is not one, not even two, but THREE English Setters in need of rescue.  Miraculously foster homes were found for all three.  They were moved to safety, vetted and then, the wait for transport.  Finally, the transport filled for Saturday, October 13, and I was on my way to pick up my sweet setter foster.  I left the house telling The Clan, life will be a little different starting this afternoon, but it will only be for a few weeks, this girl is sweet and beautiful as can be, her new forever family will come along soon. 

The introductions to The Clan went well.  Ah yes, the adventures of bringing home a new foster…  The cats all were happily chased, the antique dresser danced upon, and Fresca began her lessons in house manners. 
CATS...they are NOT just for chasing!

I noticed Fresca had a terrible time with stairs and “crashed & burned” when running in the yard.  I knew she had a hip problem.  Sure enough after x-rays were taken, Fresca was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia.  Fresca’s made great progress, she plays and has the energy of a “normal” setter.  My vet can’t believe the x-rays belong to Fresca, that’s how much she has improved.
From her reactions to some males, we know there was abuse in Fresca's past.  Due to the patience, time and gentle nature of a very special young man down the street, Fresca has overcome her fear of young 
children, boys in particular, and is a little calmer around adult males.
 After close to 7 months of being available for adoption, without much real interest, we remained hopeful the right home would come along.   Then, one night as I sat on the kitchen floor at dinner time, Fresca walked into my lap, put her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss.  That sealed it, I KNEW Fresca was never leaving.  I believe Fresca knew the minute she walked into the door that fateful day in October, 6+ years ago, she was home……..    Foster failure, we don’t think so! Fresca, sweetheart, we all love you! 
 So, Fresca’s life has almost had a full makeover.  The last missing piece would be to win the Lucky Fiona Makeover contest!  Fresca’s coat is nice and short, collars stand out on her and she loves bright colorful Lucky Fiona collars!
Hi Collar Peeps, Fresca here!  You have no idea what it’s like living here with this grumpy old setter brother and those hissy cats.  Yikes what’s a girl to do?  Heck, I’m 8 years young and need something to help brighten me up.  Let me tell you, I’d feel sooo special if you choose me to win the collar contest.  Your collars are amazingly comfie and pretty too.

Makeover Entry Eve

I am a 10 year old German Shorthaired Pointer and my name is Christmas Eve Stinkeye Smith, my family calls me Evie for short…You’re laughing? Why? Do you think that’s a crazy name? Well I don’t, I love it. It suits me well and tells my story. You look like you don’t believe me, well let me tell you my story, and you’ll see….
I wish that I could tell you that in my former life I was an Italian runway model, or a French pastry chef, but I can’t because I wasn’t. I was a German stay at home mom, of sorts. I loved my children very much, but I was never allowed to keep them for long. I was always lonely.

My owner treated me poorly. I was not well cared for, nor well fed. I was not a pet, nor did I have a name. I did not have a family, nor was I loved. I was not happy. I was my owner’s slave.

Right before Christmas Eve my former owner dropped me off at the shelter in town. He no longer needed my services. I was no longer useful to him and so I was abandoned to strangers with no paperwork or any written proof of my existence.

Please don’t look at me that way, wipe those tears, don’t be sad. This is the happy part, this is where my miracle begins….

                    This is me at the shelter…I’m very scared.                                                        
 A lady I had never met before, (my Aunt Michelle) heard about me from a friend who saw me at the shelter.  Aunt Michelle knew the shelter conditions were unacceptable and right away she began work to find me safe haven. Rescue volunteers work miracles you know, and she immediately started the process to find my miracle, a real home.
Yeah, I flew in a plane and drove to
my new future, it was a ride well worth it.

Before I knew it I was sprung from the shelter and on the road again.  I stayed with the Bailey’s, a very nice foster family, I flew on an airplane with Pilot Dr. John Lee and in an instant I was in Aunt Michelle’s arms and she called me Eve. I liked it. Eve sounded so special, for the first time I felt loved.

Aunt Michelle took me to the vet to be evaluated. I was very busy while at the Vet. I was having surgery, and hanging with the techs and dumping over garbage cans and eating my E-collar and pulling out my sutures and one more chew of the E-collar….It was a strange place but I didn’t mind. I was safe and warm and fed. I was starting to heal and trust people. What I didn’t know was that during this time Aunt Michelle was speaking with her friends at NJ GSP Rescue about my miracle. They wanted to help too.

She was making plans to send me North in search of a better life with more rescue volunteers I had never met.  My Aunt Ranya and Aunt Sandy were making plans with Aunt Michelle to have my miracle begin in NJ. My mom tells me the story that the rescue goddesses (that’s what she calls Aunt Rayna & Aunt Sandy) were fighting over who would foster me first, they both wanted to take a turn while they found me a forever home…

And so once Christmas was over, and my sutures had healed, I spent one last night with Aunt Michelle and then was loaded up in a van full of very whiny puppies and on my way to NJ, taped up E-collar and all. It was a long ride to NJ. The puppies whined the whole way but I didn’t mind, it was so much better than where I had been living. I was on the adventure of a lifetime.

I awoke when the van stopped. The doors opened and it was chilly. I breathed deeply and knew I was somewhere new. Suddenly I realized a crowd of people were standing there. I didn’t know anyone. Now I know because my Mom told me, that they were foster parents there to collect the puppies. I remember seeing Uncle Brian & Aunt Jenny for the first time, they were there picking up Prancer. There were so many people. I was worried what would happen next.

 Once the puppies were unloaded my miracle became visible.  I could see my new family waiting for me. My Christmas miracle had already happened before I even left for NJ. My family had already adopted me, and we hadn’t even met. That day, they took me home and gave me the rest of my awesome name and the rest is history…

Hey wait! Don’t stop reading now! This is the most important part. This is where I tell you why I need to win the Lucky Fiona Makeover. This part is very important so please, listen carefully….

You would think that a dog like me would want to retire, once I was adopted in NJ that I would just kick back and live the good life…but I’m not that kind of girl. I was ready for my real life to begin, and begin it did, first things first I needed a career change.

I hung up my ovaries, and slipped on a rescue vest and now I’m a teacher. I work with my family to teach others about the dogs that I left behind who are birthing puppies in the same conditions I was.

We go to cool events with the rescue and meet all the people who are there. Some like to pet me and give me money so that the rescue can save more pointers and get them the medical care that they need. All of my friends go to the events too. I love to spend the day with Riley, Henry, Dexter Martin and Cookie….We always have a lot of fun being together and stealing all the bully sticks on the sale table.
This is my favorite part "Meet the Little Ones!"

The children who come to these events are my favorite part. They like my spots and they think my ears are soft. Some of the children though are afraid of dogs…these frightened children are my favorite and for them I pull out my secret weapon…my Lucky Fiona Collar.

My mother loves to treat me and my brother Flapjack to these special collars. They are soft and special just like me. Wearing a funny collar makes children who are afraid giggle and realize that I am not a mean dog, because a mean dog would never wear such a cool collar!

I love to wear my “Hootnanny” collar and my “Terra loves Hedgehogs” collar…the kids think that they are adorable like me…Then they feel comfortable petting me and it gives my Mom a chance to speak with their Mom about saving more pointers.

Winning this makeover would allow me to have a new collar for every event I go to this year, WOW! Can you imagine how many children I can reach with that kind of bling?

I am a beautiful dog and I know it. I am so lucky that the scratchy brassy fur that I had in December has been shed and my beautiful Liver & White fur has grown in. I am soft and special just the way I am. Having a neckwear makeover however is exactly what I do need.

Being rescued has given me confidence. I know I am lucky to have a family who loves me, and a job that fulfills me and even a special name that defines me….bur having a new collar at every event is exactly what I need in order to properly teach my story and reach the frightened & shy children.

What did you say? What about the stinkeye part of my name you ask? Well that’s my pirate name and that’s a story for another day….

Love and Kisses,
Christmas Eve Stinkeye Smith

This was my first day ever at a beach. Ocean Grove, NJ.



Friday, June 13, 2014

Makeover Entry Tucker

Tucker's Video Entry

Makeover Entry Hot Rod

Hi Lucky Fiona, 

My name is Hot Rod and I am a basset hound.   Pretty obvious I know.  Not really sure why they called me Hot Rod because my foster family says I putter around more than zoom zoom, but maybe in my younger years I was a zoomer. I am around 10 now.

So here is my story as I know it.  I lived somewhere in southern Georgia and lived outside my whole live,  didn't really know there was this place called "inside"  Then these nice people with Bhrg and Pilots and Paws came and got me and told me life would be better.  And they were right!   Now I am living with my foster family and sleeping on comfy furniture and beds.  Pretty nice I must say!  I have lots of health issues, chronic ear issues, thyroid problems which caused me to lose weight instead of gain and have to have lots of eye drops daily too.  You can see why I need a makeover!  My foster mom and dad says it will take a special person to adopt and love me, but I think they are already my family.  After all who else would love me with all this drool I sling every day?  If I had special collars to wear every day can you imagine how awesome I would look?   I would show all the families how great I am and I would be able to walk around looking very handsome. 
I will be waiting to be picked because I know I am very worth it.  :)

Thank you,  Love Hot Rod

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Makeover Contest Entry Jack Reacher

Jack is looking for a style makeover!
Hey  there, Derby!
Jack Reacher , here. I am in urgent need of a Lucky Fiona makeover. They tried to make me over when I was released from the small pen I lived in for the first five years of my life. Apparently I was a matted and mud encrusted orange belton English setter. So they cut off  a bunch of matted fur and gave me a bath. They must have been in a hurry because the haircut looks like a real hack job. I should not be ungrateful, I got out of the cage and I was getting people attention, which for me, is a wonderful thing. But I digress. Allow me to tell you my story.
My name is Jack. I existed in a small pen with my other dog friend in southern Virginia, until a kind neighbor convinced my owner that that sort of solitary confinement is no life for a gregarious fellow like me. I needed to be with people and to learn some basic manners. Another Chance for English Setters stepped in and my buddy and I were rescued.
I traveled from southern Virginia to my foster home on Long Island in March of this year. Talk about culture shock! This country boy was amazed at the traffic, all the people and the bridges. The bridges are so high and I am afraid of heights. I stayed with a lovely couple for a few weeks. I was getting fed twice a day and I had water available whenever I wanted a drink. I learned that one must answer nature's call OUTSIDE. That is a work in progress, but Mom says I am making huge strides.

I had to visit a veterinarian. For any other dogs reading my story, the vet's office is a place to avoid. Trust me. They do unspeakable things there. They poke you with needles, make you sleepy and then they cut off your balls while you are unaware.  They say I am now fully vaccinated and neutered. I could have done without this. At least they pet me and gave me treats after the "incident' and told me what a good boy I am, so in retrospect, maybe it was not so bad.
My foster told me someone was coming to see me on Easter Sunday. I was excited. I love company. Then I heard the news I was waiting for. I now had a 'furever' family!!! I was going to live in a house, eat good food regularly, and just be loved. It was my dream come true.

I was wearing an orange plastic coated collar . It poked and chafed. My new sister loaned me one of her collars, albeit grudgingly, a LUCKY FIONA collar. It is so stylish and comfortable. I certainly look dapper. But, I want to have collars to call my own. It will be the topping on the cake of my rags to riches story.
Your pal,
Jack Reacher
PS I am enclosing some pictures of me with my new family. There is even a baby here sometimes that does not care if I kiss her or eat her cheerios. The boy throws a ball for me and we play video games together.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. _ Roger Caras

Friday, June 6, 2014

3rd Annual Makeover My Dog Contest


It's that time again! The 3rd Annual Makeover My Dog Contest is here. Grand Prize is a one year Collar of the Month Subscription! New this year - - -The 2013 makeover winner Derby will be the one to pick our new winner and pass along the crown to a deserving dog. Here are the rules:

* Submit your dog's story and why they feel they should be the official Lucky Fiona Makeover Winner. Submissions must include a photo of some kind. Videos, slideshows or text and photos are all acceptable. Be creative! Be sure to include your dog's age and breed in entry. 
* Send entries to by midnight June 15th. Entrants allow Lucky Fiona the right to publish entries on blog and feature on Facebook. Winner will be announced on June 17th. 

Here's a few words from Derby about her reign the past year...
Derby pre-makeover. A hot mess of style.

Hi Auntie Shannon,
Derby here. Sorry it has taken me so long to write you, but I am busy being a wonderful host and playing in the Spring weather. This winter was a rough one and I may or may not have gained some "fancy skin" from lack of outdoor socializing at the dog park.
I just wanted to send a quick report on how I have blossomed into quite the pretty girl this year, all thanks to Lucky Fiona's Makeover Contest.
A quick recap:
I had only a couple collars. Mom tried to put them on me to dress me up, but DogDad insisted that "bird dogs should have orange collars". Boy has he come around, too! Not only do I have two whole racks of collars, DogDad even has favorites and picks a fresh one for me to wear for every month! The pink and gray mustaches collar is one of his favorites. I just had my bath time -- now I can jump in and out of the bathtub all on my own and I'm a very good girl for the whole spa treatment. Hair done, nails done, ear cleanings, brushes...I love it all, but getting new collars has been the most fun ever! I know those little packages they come in! I get so excited, I would jump up and down and try to put it on myself, whether DogMom was ready for me or not. It was so much fun I couldn't contain myself! I am so proud to be a Lucky Fiona Girl!
Now my time with the crown is over and it's time to pass the collar craziness onto another deserving doggie (or cat maybe? I don't know all the rules.) I can't wait to pick a winner!
Derby post makeover, refined and elegant. 

I've included some before and after photos to be used at your discretion. I have faith no scandals will ensue.
With lots of love and kisses,

Derby xo

Friday, May 16, 2014

Little Collar on the Prairie Trivia...LAST QUESTION!

Trivia #5 -
Question #5 -
In an effort to sabotage Almanzo and Nellie's Dinner Date what ingredients did Laura swap in the kitchen that resulted in a "hot" dinner date?
(correct answer is BOTH ingredients )

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Little Collar on the Prairie Trivia

Question #4 -

* What was the name of this Little House on the Prairie character? (first and last) She was a young love of Albert's that dreamed of running away with him and getting married and wearing yellow flowers in her hair...until she met a tragic end. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Little Collar on the Prairie Trivia

Question #3 -

Trivia Question #3 -
When the residents of Walnut Grove started coming down with Typhus and Doc Baker could not find the root cause after making people stay quarantined on their farm, what did it end up being?