Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fiona Just Started a Diet

*Remember Fiona, ice pops are low calorie!
Fiona is in a panic. She just found out the ACES (Another Chance for English Setters) yearly reunion will be held here in the Chicago suburbs this September! Now Fiona is not an ACES alumni, but she plans on crashing this shindig because Carter (long time crush/boyfriend) will be there. Swoon! To finally meet her dreamboat nose to nose!
Their romance has thus far been over the internet so this will be the first time *gulp* she meets him in person. I don't think I am telling tales out of school that Fiona often sends photos to Carter that show her at nice thin angles. She immediately started working out this afternoon and is planning a groom appointment a few days prior so she can have a good hair day. Oh the pressure. It's going to be carrot sticks for treats around here the next few months.
Then a really frightening thought hit her...what if Yoshi (ACES alumni) shows up? Yoshi is Fiona's Brooklyn boyfriend and personally knows Carter. There was a bit of an internet love triangle going on a year or so ago.
Who will Fiona pick if she meets these two live and in person? This is getting good.
Meanwhile I am doing what any good Dogmom would do for their furchild...I am attempting to bribe the ACES organizers to let us come to their picnic/event with promises of dog collars and donations. We are actual card holding members of the dog park the function is going to be at, so we may just drop in even without a formal invite! (nothing will stop my girl from getting the boy!) Stay tuned and who knows...maybe Lily will meet her Mr. Right there too?

For more information on the ACES reunion:

Monday, May 24, 2010

This Week's Friend of Fiona is Mr. Joey!

Dear Fiona,
I would love to share how incredibly studly I feel sporting the Tattoo Be Doo Collar. Us men of small stature get looked down upon (pun intended) but the air of confidence I have while wearing this 'bad-boy' collar is hardly over looked. I also have your Poindexter collar which I look quite dashing in, on days where I need to dress up. Thank you for your amazing work. I always feel wonderful when in your collars!
A forever fan,
Mr. Joey
Dog Mom: Sydney

* Oh Mr. Joey, you can stick your tongue out at us any day! We still think you are the most dashing fellow we have seen in awhile. Thank that wonderful Dogmom Sydney for sending in your photo as you are this week's photo contest winner and get your pick of any custom collar in the shop or a Gift Certificate for later. Have her give us a howl via email. We stick our tongues out at anybody out there who has not sent their photo in! Be an Official Friend of your pooch or kitty wearing a collar to

Friday, May 21, 2010

Who Killed Robbie Robin? A Murder Mystery

Oh dear. There has been a murder in the back yard this morning. I have pleaded with BirdMom's to keep their young out of the un-friendly confines of our fence but as we all know reckless adolescent birds like to rebel. This morning one such daredevil met a nasty fate. But the mystery begins here...who killed Robbie Robin? Here is what we know...
Estimated Time of Death: 8:45am -9:15am
Body Found in Middle of Yard - Feathers Ruffled as if Murderer "played" with kill
Suspects: Fiona, Dugan, Lily, Caelan, Sully and Brody
DNA testing has been inconclusive and CSI Chicago has not returned our phone calls so we are looking for your help in nabbing the killer!

Suspect #1 - Brody the Cat
Where were you at the time of murder?
"Yea, so what I was in the back yard you big palooka? What's it to you? I was just minding my own business sitting on the deck rail looking smug. You got nothing on me coppers, nothing. I ain't takin' the frame job on this one and ending up in the hoosegow so you can forget about it! So let's call this a day and you feed me some wet food. I ain't never heard of no Robbie Robin and you can't prove diddly on that rub-out! Oh sure, a bird turns up dead and you think it was the cat! Well I ain't talkin' and you can't make me, I didn't see or hear nothin'! Savvy?"
Probability of Murder: High

Suspect#2 - Dugan
Where were you at 9:00a.m. this morning?
"Exactly where I was at 7:00a.m. and 10:00a.m. and most likely where I will be at noon and 3:00p.m. Guarding the house while sleeping/shedding on the living room couch. I didn't even open my eyes for this mug shot so what makes you think I would wake up for some dumb bird in the back yard? Wake me when it is dinner time."
Probability of Murder: Low

Suspect #3 - Fiona
Can you account for your whereabouts between 8:45-9:00a.m. this morning?
"I refuse to say anything without my lawyer or agent present! Do you know who I am? I am the face and namesake of a major Custom Collar Company! Do you know what a scandal like this could do to me? I did not authorize that photograph! I am not even freshly groomed in it! I demand a phone call! I also want some room temperature filtered spring water in a cold ceramic bowl. These holding conditions are pitiful, I've stayed in 5 star hotels for heaven sakes. Say, how about a few free custom martingales for you in 1.5 inch width and we just forget all about this?"
Probability of Murder: Doubtful

Suspect #4 - Sully
Where were you this morning between 8:45am-9:15am?
"You know where I was young grasshopper. I was in my Vintage Birdcage Cat Bed you made for me when I decided your decorative bird cage was a great place to lay down in and contemplate the universe. I was doing my morning meditation of course. Being a Zen Buddhist you know I would never hurt another creature. I am saddened by the news of one Robbie Robin but hope that in his departure from this earthly world he has found enlightenment and peace."
Probability of Murder: Nonexistent

Suspect #5 - Caelan
Can you explain where you were this morning around 9:00a.m.?
Ummm, hello? I was on your unmade bed. Like do you even know me? I mean for sure I do this every morning so why are you like, even bothering me? OMG... do I have to spell it out for you? I eat my breakfast at 7:00am, I go outside to do my business and carefully walk along the mulch so my paws do not get wet in the morning dew. I mean, ewwwww, it's so wet and gross. Then I get a treat and I go up and go back to sleep on my bed. Or your bed, whatever. I was like asleep dude when that bird got whacked. I don't even like birds so whatever. If the grass was wet I was not out there, I mean a weather report. It rained like all night. My paws are dry so like get a life already and leave me alone."
Possibility of Murder: Low

Suspect #6 - Lily
Can you pinpoint your whereabouts between 8:45a.m. -9:15a.m. this morning? "Sure! I was in the back yard tossing stuff around!"
What? "I mean, I was ummm, I don't recall."
Can you explain the dirt and scratches on your face? "Ummm, I ummm, well I, fell into a door or up the stairs or into a wall. Yes, that's it. I fell up the stairs and they were ummm, dirty and then a cat scratched me or it was a wall and I hit my head and now I can't remember."
Do you know or have you ever known one Robbie Robin? "Sure! I mean, no. Ummm, never heard of Rupert or whatever that name was you said. I mean I've tasted his feathers, but that doesn't mean you really know a guy. I mean, nope, I ummm, haven't met him and probably never will because he is dead. Not that I know that, I just heard it from one of the cats, I mean, ummm. No. Never heard of him."
Possibility of Murder: Very High

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This Week's Friend of Fiona is Clancey!

Dear Fiona,
My mom just bought me the 'Ahoy Matey' collar and I love it! I get so many compliments on our walks and at the dog park. My mom is glad the buckle is very strong because sometimes I like to try to chase cats or squirrels on our walks. I have have my eye on a couple new collars so you will be hearing from us soon!
Clancey McCune

*Yes you are hearing from us soon Clancey as you are this week's official winner of our Friends of Fiona photo contest! Have your Dogmom email us at with your pick of a free custom collar! Thanks for submitting your lovely photo and Fiona loves the way the Ahoy Matey looks on your stunning red coat. Bravo!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Don't fight with your sister!

*Fiona and Lily looking fierce but actually playing.

Oh setters. You love them like children and assume that they will act as such. Like real life brothers and sisters. That is until they really act like real life brothers and sisters.
Last week Lily and Fiona were taking part in their late afternoon chase. They do this pretty much every day, one will play bow and then a tackle will occur and then the great chase. I can pinpoint exactly the route of the great chase as the grass has been worn away in the shape of a racetrack as they loop the yard after one another. I love that they can get their ya-ya's out this way and play with one another. So imagine my surprise last week when the chase was interrupted with a yelp of pain - Lily had stepped on the edge of a garden tool I left out in the grass. The race stopped - Fiona's hackles were up nervously over this change in emotion. Before I could intervene, Caelan, our 7 year old Irish Setter and alpha zipped outside to take charge of the situation. She pretty much runs this house so I guess the thought of any emotion being out of balance was too annoying for her to let by.

*Our alpha Caelan with the sweet face. Don't be fooled. She'll rat you out in a New York minute.

Caelan is what I like to call well, okay, I call her a bitch. This scrawny little puppy mill reject took over the throne when our two older males Fergus and Seamus passed away 6 years ago within months of each other. We naturally assumed Dugan our eldest male Irish would take over as alpha being he was such a brute, but imagine our delight in seeing out emaciated little 35 pound rescue dog boss 78 pound Dugan around and well, me.
It was cute the first few years. Now we realize her royalty act is no act. You better have a cookie after she goes potty. There are no exceptions to this rule and goddammit we were the idiots to potty train her with food, so who are we to argue? She is the first to rat somebody out. She'll go and bark a very distinct whiny bark if Lily is chewing the TV remote or something she shouldn't be. She'll alert us by coming to us and growling if Dugan is downstairs in the garbage. She sits at the doggie door and "allows" Lily, Fiona and Dugan to come back in the house at her discretion. At night she cuddles up to my husband and gives me daggers as I move her off my side of the bed. No fool - she "pretends" to curl up on a dog bed until she hears me sleeping then slinks her way back onto the bed next to him. I have feigned snoring and watched her with one eye slit open and she actually gives me a once-over like "yea - she's out!"
So it was no surprise she was not having any of this tension during Lily and Fiona's play time. She went over to put her neck over both of them in an effort to chill out and the next thing I knew I had 3 girls in a cat fight. Well, no, actually a dog fight. Snarling and biting included.
It lasted all of 15 seconds and Lily had a scratch under her eye and Fiona had some slobber on her back and Caelan had a chomp on her ear. Nothing stitch worthy.
As I cleaned the minor wounds with some novalsan I gave all of them a stern lecture about "loving your sisters!" This included some snippets I am sure my own Mother has said in the past as a Mom to 3 daughters. "You have friends come and go, but you're sisters for life!" and "Why would you hurt your sister, you love her, you'd be lost without her!" and the infamous "Don't bite your sister!" (one I specifically remember as I bit my sister Beth in 1978 because she was going to the drive-in with the neighbors and I wasn't old enough to go and was jealous so I bit her arm. I spent the evening with the taste of Zest soap in my mouth after my Mother made me chomp on a bar for breaking the no-biting-your-sister-rule)
So I guess my speech worked because Lily and Fiona went back to playing and Caelan perched at the doggie door to commence doorman duties. It then occurred to me after all this talk of loving your sister that I had not actually spoken to mine in a week after a little argument we had. I went and picked up the phone, the taste of Zest soap still strong in my memory.
Love your sisters. Don't bite them. My new credo, thanks to the setters.

*Playing even though Lily looks like Cujo.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Friends of Fiona Photos...Where are You?

Hey folks...there's been a slowdown on the old photo wagon! We want to see your pooch or kitty wearing our collars! We will pick a weekly photo winner who will receive their choice of a FREE custom collar or if they choose a Gift Certificate for a Free Custom Collar to use later or gift to another or a shelter, etc. etc.
So let's see some pictures! The rules are simple!
* Photograph must be yours - no professional images owned by others. Large format images please.
* Animal companion must be wearing Lucky Fiona collar - doesn't have to be fully showing, but must be recognizable as a Lucky Fiona collar. (that means you kind lady from Arkansas who keeps telling me the UpCountry collar pictured on her rottie is a Lucky Fiona...ummm, I make every collar. I know our styles by heart...really, I do.)
* You give us permission to use said awesome photo on our blog.
Questions? Comments? Entries?
* Thanks Duffy & Dudley - pictured here to illustrate our cause!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lucky Dog!

Hi Shannon,
Just wanted to send these images of our Rusty in his handsome collars from the drawing!
Thank you so much, we LOVE having beautiful collars to match our beautiful boy.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Goat Collar Update

Shannon & Fiona,
Hi there! The collar is amazing! It is perfect for her!! I tried very hard to get a cute photo of Lilla with Ginger in their new collars. It sort of worked! The collar could not be more perfect for her! Thank you.
~ Ayres (Lucky Fiona Official Dogmom and NOW Official GoatMom!)
*Editor's Note ~ Lilla's Custom Goat Collar is made from a heavyweight decor fabric for durability in the barnyard. We added a large bell so Ayres could hear any goat high jinks happening. "The Lilla" is lime green and pink it is indeed machine washable if she does not eat it first! Available by special order - so email if interested!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lucky Fiona News on a Tuesday

The People Have Spoken & Have Scalded Their Arms to Show LF Love -

Loyal Friend of Fiona and husband of SuperDogmom Leslie...Zac. This man actually took these collars out of the Steam Dishwasher while scalding hot to show how loyal to the brand the family is! Some of these styles are years old but look good as new after a steam clean! Thanks for burning your arms off for this picture Zac and we are pleased to say Leslie ordered more collars this week as we continue Buy 2 Get 1 Free!
- * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * -
Bleat! Bleat! Bleat! I need a Collar!

Welcome Lucky Fiona's newest customer...Lilla the Pygmy Goat. She is one foot tall and just about the cutest thing we have ever seen. Lucky Fiona Dogmom Ayres in California rescued this little goat from her local animal control. Originally 28 goats were dropped off and taken by a gentleman who proceeded to eat them for Sunday dinner. All but this little gal who he said was so sweet and dog-like he couldn't bring himself to make her an entree. So back to the shelter she went. We of coarse fell in love with this little gal and donated a first ever Lucky Fiona Goat Collar to her. We just shipped it off as Lilla's Dog-sister is a Collar of the Month recipient. We can hardly wait for pictures. (i.e. we will be stalking Ayres until we get photos)
- * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * -
Buy 2 Get 1 Collar FREE continues today! Any style! Limit 3 FREE collars per household! Martingale and extra wide width fees still applicable. Enail for details and take advantage today.