Friday, February 22, 2013

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Lucky Fiona Studio CLOSED Feb. 16-18

Bee our intern is in charge of the
studio so don't
drive her too batty.
* Please note Lucky Fiona will be closed February 16th, 17th & 18th so the Head Bitch and Alex can travel and attend a very important meeting for Ohio English Setter Rescue. All emails and orders will be archived accordingly and processed starting Tuesday the 19th in the order received. Thank you for your understanding that part of our passion for dogs and saving those in need is as important as the beautiful collars we create for your pooches. Email w/any questions or concerns.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Match #31 Beatrix & Scout & Adam & Guinness

Beatrix runs this contest and will pick 3 Love Matches if she wants to chumps. 

 *Not content to take just one beau Beatrix has decided to match herself up with 3 boys who can fulfill her every whim. When she said no one man can claim or tame her...she meant it. 

- Scout - Bea loves him because she too is a big play growler that loves to go inside to outside to inside to outside. (repeat) Bea likes gentleness and so does her Scouty.

 -Adam- is Bea's perfect dinner & dancing date as she too loves pizza, ice cream and cheese. He also has Bea excited over his "moves like Jagger" He may be an older gent, but Bea likes a distinguished older man to squire her about town.
 -Guinness -
Bea said Guinness had her heart the minute he stated he didn't want no "honky-tonk" girl in his bio. Bea knows Guin Guin can appreciate her many college degrees and achievements. He's also damn good looking and hates squirrels like she does. 
Guin Guin

Love Match #30 Maizy & Jack

* Jack is looking for a dame with long legs and Maizy's got a set of gams that go on for days. Maizy is a sucker for longer ears. These two are planning a bi-coastal relationship (he in Washington State, she in NYC) and will use their frequent flyer miles from business trips to visit one another twice a month. They want to keep it casual since Maizy doesn't want anybody touching her and Jack doesn't want to share his bed. 

Love Match #29 Pixie & Leo

*Leo and Pixie are both high energy runners looking for somebody to keep up with them. Beatrix predicts they will be one of those annoying couples that runs marathons together and makes their own wheat grass juice. 

Love Match #28 Jasmine & Charlie

*Let's just put it out there. Charlie is already married and looking for a pretty little thing to look nice on his arm on a Friday night. Jasmine likes admirers. We have the perfect Sugar Daddy scenario. 

Love Match #26 Hanna & Gibson

*Hanna just wants to run and run and Gibson is looking for an exotic looking gal with long legs and long hair to chase and make his Love Match. 

Love Match #25 Lucy & Sage

*Sage likes setter girls with swishy tails who are easy to get along with and zero drama. Lucy is already married but willing to cheat on her husband Charlie and bi-polar. Sometimes Beatrix likes to make oddball Love Matches just to see what happens. 

Love Match #24 Mara & Yoshi

*Mara and Yoshi are two chill dogs looking who appreciate a calm, relaxed relationship. Mara and Yoshi both love long walks and complaining about their siblings.

Love Match #23 Maybellene & Oakley

*Maybel knows Oakley is a little bit of an older man but he loves ear nibbles, she loves ear nibbles and let's face it...Oakley is a hunk. Maybel is just recently pulled from a shelter and does not know how to play with toys so she's hoping Oakley's piggy will help her learn. 

Love Match #22 Izzy & Waylon

*These two are looking to keep things casual. Waylon is looking for a sweet and energetic gal and Izzy fits the bill. Izzy likes wrestling and Monster Trucks and Waylon is from Kentucky. 'Nuff said. 

Love Match #21 Truby & Alex

*Truby likes to gaze at her own beautiful reflection and Alex states he's so good looking a chick has to be a "babe" to be seen with him. If these two can stop admiring themselves for a few minutes they may realize they are the perfect Love Match. 

Love Match #20 Addie & Milo

* Addie is a trouble maker looking for a casual relationship. Milo is a "player". Both love to play outside, shred stuff and not be tied down.Thankfully both are fixed or they would turn into an episode of "16 Dog Years and Pregnant" 

Love Match #19 Pixie WiggleBottom & Pogue

* Princess Pixie Wigglebottom talks a lot about demands and her needs and what she insists upon from a Sugar Daddy and wanting the best of everything and how she prefers being pampered in the lap of luxury and loudly insists that from a man and how he better treat her like a Princess or else... 
Pogue is deaf. Love Match. 

Love Match #18 is Lillian & Sebastian

*Chasing birds in the great outdoors make these two a great match. Their perfect date would be strolling out in nature looking for winged creatures and then cuddling up in the comforts of home. 

Love Match #17 Polly & Popper

*Beatrix loves a good May-December romance and Polly and Popper fit the bill!She can teach this young guy what it's like to date a cougar. Sweet Polly also needs a man who is not afraid of thunderstorms and Popper is deaf. Love Match! 

Love Match #15 Fiona & Huckleberry

*Beatrix calls it "Puppy Love" and young Fiona and Huckleberry are just looking for a little innocent fun. No romance for this young kiddos. But plenty of romping puppy fun! 

Love Match #14 is Daphne & Jake

*Jake has a great sense of smell when it comes to scavenging for food in a locked garbage can. He figures a hound can help him in his quest and Daphne is the perfect hound for the job.She is light colored and smaller, just what he asked for in his bio.Both love to play and snuggle and share snacks. 

Love Match #13 Molly & Rusty

*Molly likes to kiss you and Rusty has breath that smells like the chocolate shake he just stole off the counter. Can these two rescued pooches make a Love Match? Beatrix says YES! Both love adventure and running off leash. 

Love Match #12 Snowball & Baxter

*Snowball is in the Witness Relocation Program and Baxter had a sketchy past too. Both are looking for a serious relationship, nice play and Kongs stuffed with peanut butter. Snowball likes feathers on a dog but Baxter is an "honorary setter" who was adopted through OESR so that should count. Both like to lay on the couch and find sunny spots. 

Love Match #12 Briley & Lily

*Briley is a gentleman looking to court a lady proper with supervised dates, gentle paw holding and picnic lunches. Lily was knocked up by a guy that never called again and ended up in a shelter, vowing to never trust a man again. Can these two spotty souls make it work? Can Briley teach Lily that love can be gentle and kind? Beatrix thinks so.