Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This Week's Friend of Fiona is...Molly!

Fiona is just so embarrassed that her "Official Friend of Fiona" weekly feature has been put on the back burner during her Dogmom's downtime post-surgery. Hence let's get it rollin' again! We are proud to announce the lovely Molly as this week's winner. She looks so refined in that deep snow in her custom "Linoleum Floor" style Lucky Fiona collar. That gorgeous coat of hers will look lovely with so many of our styles...wonder which one her Dogmom will choose as her prize for being this week's winner? Shoot Fiona an email at with your choice. To the rest of you out there - send in those photos of your pooch or kitty wearing Lucky Fiona and you could be an Official Friend of Fiona too!

Friday, February 12, 2010

St.Pat's Planning Meeting is still on!

Lucky Fiona Street Team

Thanks to all who RSVP'd - the planning meeting for the 2010 Naperville St.Patrick's Day Parade is still on for tomorrow Feb.13th at 10:30 a.m.
The Head Bitch won't be running laps around the room but promises not to fall asleep as the meeting time conflicts with her typical late morning nap.
Put on your thinking caps like the dogs seen here so we can clinch the "Best 4-Legged Entry" for this year's parade. Any last minute questions - call or email!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Thank You Friends

To All My Friends With Paws & Without,
I cannot begin to say thank you but I will try. The kind and caring thoughts, cards, phone calls and emails have truly boosted my spirits over the past weeks as I recovered from a knee replacement and some complications that followed. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such positive people and their positive energy.
Lucky Fiona has always been a personal business where we cultivate fellow animal lovers as not mere customers, but as members of our little Lucky Fiona family. Sure we may be wackadoodle-cuckoo-for-cocopuffs-over-the-top-infatuated over our animal companions but that little dysfunction makes us like a real family even more so, right?
I am back in the studio a few hours a day starting next week but the Man Behind the Bitch (my darling husband Alex) will still carry on the huge share of work around here along with some volunteer hours by our cherished intern Bee. I have never been more in awe of my husband than I have been this last month. On top of caring for me while I was bedridden he took care of all my dear babies...the dogs, the cats and Lucky Fiona.
We appreciate you sticking by us and your patience and compassion. Looking forward to spring and wellness and gorgeous new Lucky Fiona collar styles.
xoxo -

Message from Carter Le Deux & His Dogmom

Carter hopes his beautiful Fee's mom is feeling better. He asked me to send along some photos of himself since he seems to think that everyone's spirits are lifted by gazing upon him. I adopted Carter from Another Chance for English Setters and, although he is a "rescued" dog, I think that I'm the one who was rescued with that adoption. Carter is an active and michievious boy and he has taught me to find the joy in every single moment. Of course, he is wearing a Lucky Fiona collar. They are the only collars he will ever wear.

Friday, February 5, 2010

What You Can Do in a Lucky Fiona Collar

Dudley wanted to send well wishes to Lucky Fiona's mother, Shannon! He also wanted me to tell you that not only do Lucky Fiona collars make you beautiful, but they:
1. Help you run faster
2. Make digging your head in the snow so much more fun
3. Help you get out of "sticky" situations even
4. Make the ladies love you!

- Dudley & His Dogmom Lauren

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blog Readers have the BEST stories...

The stories and photos keep coming and are the best chicken soup for the soul to help Shannon recuperate. Send a blog entry that inspires to - Alex

I just saw Daisy's story and wanted to give you another Texas sized rescue!
In December of 2008 I got a really bad feeling that something needed to be done, somehow, someway for something I had no idea about... yet. I am a private rescue and I will pull the occasional animal when I have room but at the time I didn't have room. I was overrun with a litter of puppies that were dropped off, 7 adult dogs, 5 kittens and 8 adult cats. I started flipping through the high kill shelter lists and found an old sorry looking hound after a few days. There was no way he would have ever been adopted, too old, they had him listed as 9 years old. So I started making calls to see if someone could pull him and get him into a rescue but nothing, everyone was as full as I was. My husband and I made the decision to drive the 2 hours to 'bail him out' and bring him home the day he was released from stray hold. What we saw when we got there disturbed us to no end. He was nasty, filthy, stank and weighed almost nothing. We guessed he needed 20 pounds on him to look like a dog again and not a skeleton. He clung to us, begging to be taken anywhere but there, he howled and carried on when we left him to fill out the paperwork and sounded like a wounded wild animal when we had to leave him there. They wouldn't release him without being neutered. I had to go back later that week
He survived the neuter, wonder of wonders being as emaciated as he was. I picked up this 37 pound dog on 12/12/08.

He was promptly named Kelvin (ya know... Lord Kelvin?)
Long story short over the next few months he stayed ill though he did gain weight. He was finally diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure and we changed his diet, routine, supplements, etc. Since then he has totally become a normal goofy basset. Vet revised his age so we are now looking at 12 years old or so. He now weighs in at 54 pounds, we can't let him finish gaining his full weight because of the kidney disease but we were thinking he could have handled another 4 pounds or so. He is my velcro dog, I never could bring myself to adopt him out. His time is short but he'll never ever be left at a shelter again, he'll never go hungry again, he will never need again. He will have his cats and kittens and other old rescues that come through. He will have his rawhides and his homemade treats. He will never be cold.
Pretty good for an old dog nobody wanted and shoved into the night intake bins at a shelter. He's changed my life.
- Carmen Kraus

Monday, February 1, 2010

Dirty Dirty Story...

Okay...we appreciate the blog stories folks, keep them coming our way. But please let's keep 'em clean...this one is a little filthy! - Alex

Hi Alex and Shannon,
I wanted to answer your call for blog stories, here is a dirty one for you!
As Ginger's DogMom I found it only fair that I share her birthday week photos with her Lucky Fiona Family! California has been pelted by rain the last month, giving Ginger endless hours of playing in the mud. My little girl was out running-a-muck in the yard this particularly rainy day; as her DogMom and DogDad were inside making hot coco to warm our bones. When I went to the door to let her in I was greeted by a half Dalmatian and half chocolate lab!! (She is a Liver Dal but without a doubt had a few more brown spots then usual). Boy was her tail wagging and when I took her photo she was defiantly sticking her tongue out at me just like a 2 year old would do! She was so excited to take her mom and dad down to the lawn where she proceeded to show us how she was helping the family by digging out the gopher holes (she always loves helping out with the family chores). In her Spring Chicken - Collar of the Month Club Collar- She played for hours in the mud! I only wish I got a photo of the whole lawn when she had finished her chores!
Best wishes and a very speedy recovery,
Ginger's DogMom