Monday, June 27, 2011

We Love a Rave!

Thank you so much for making the greatest collars! I love your work, and your great eye for vintage patterns! Here are my 3 guys in the most recent collars I bought. They rock!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Please stop talking...

Years ago I had a mentor who was the lead technician of an animal hospital I worked at. She taught me a lot and was just one of those sponges of animal information who took great pride in knowing every current vet med protocol. While I owe Tamara a debt of gratitude for the many things I learned under her tutelage, the wisest thing she may have ever taught me was the following: "Don't ever mention at any social gathering you work for a veterinarian or with animals in general. You'll spend your whole evening wanting to slap people." 
Oh how this has rung true over the years. 
People are well meaning, they really are. But I'm sure many of you animal centered folks reading this can relate to people out there that try to relate to you by sharing heart-warming animal stories that they think are charming but really make your skin crawl. Who hasn't been at a party where somebody glues themselves to you looking for free advice about their animal companion over stupidly basic concepts? Furthermore, these morons always turn out to be somebody you have to bite your tongue with. Like your bosses' husband who sits with you at a charity animal adoption event and tells you in a hushed whisper "he would never ever adopt because you don't know what you're going to get with these shelter animals." Sure you can smile and through clenched teeth try to educate this person, but they aren't listening you. They're already telling you the story of Mopsy the poodle they purchased at a pet shop for $3000 who had behavioral issues and had to go to that "big farm in the sky". 
I love when people get breed specific too. I don't care what your chosen breed is, everybody once knew one in childhood that was horrible. I've heard this about my Irish Setters through the years like clockwork. Everybody has an uncle or cousin with an uncontrollable and mentally deranged setter that lived to be 28 years old back in 1948. I've also heard through the years the story of the family Irish Setter that they purchase and let loose to run upon arrival home and then fawn over how gorgeous the setter is running and then realize the setter has just taken off into the hillside forevermore. I always politely nod like I'm relating to the story but inevitably I feel the need to tell people to shut the hell up because that story is a plot line from the 1988 Chevy Chase film Funny Farm and not an anecdote of their life.
You think you can escape the insanity with your own family, because surely they understand your life working with animals, but I have found some of the worst offenders here. I've literally had a small stroke as my husband's Aunt (laughingly mind you) shared the sweet, sweet tale of the dog her kids brought home that she grew so tired of it's antics she opened the door and just let it loose so it would go away. I sat there glazed eyed thinking this is a nightmare of a tale, not a fun story we can bond over! 
I also love the well meaning questions you legitimately answer with rock solid veterinary scientific proof that gets brushed off. Like my Uncle who asked me why his son's unaltered adult male dogs lift their legs to urinate on everything and hump every leg that comes within reach and fight with each other. I explained 6 ways to Sunday how they should have been neutered early on to help curb these behaviors and I might as well have been speaking Greek. Another dinner party where I wanted to get slap happy. 
I find there is no escape. The shampoo girl at the salon asks you what you do for a living and the next thing you know your wanting to scream as you hear the story of Dozer the bulldog she left outside one summer day who died for "no reason!It was so funny!" Oh, and ironically it happened to be 92 degrees out that day and she left Dozer on a tie out with no shade. Not really funny, no. Tragic and sad? Yes.
How about the grocery check out lady who comments upon seeing you purchase butcher bones that she loves dogs too and "breeds them all the time if you are interested in puppies!" Gee, no thanks since I support rescue and have a concept of what backyard breeders are idiot. Or the neighbor who has a cat they want you to mystically heal because "you work with animals!" The cat is 16 and never been to the vet and can't eat because it's mouth is full of absesses the neighbors have ignored for a long time. They can't afford a vet mind you, but just bought a new RV and now want you to wave a magical wand and fix Toonces because I'm so good with animals! Hooray! 
I realize the wisdom now more than ever in my mentor's advice. From now on I'm going to tell people I'm in real estate, or telemarketing or Tupperware sales. They all seem like nice safe careers that won't cause me to cry or sever my tongue when you speak to me. Sigh.
 ~ The Head Bitch

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Buddy Up to Buddy Biscuits Now at Target!

* Fave Product Alert* 

My dogs love Cloud Star products - their first love will always be Buddy Biscuits, even if they are forced to eat the Grain Free Provenance biscuits by their evil DogMom.

For those days when I have to treat them to the Molasses Madness Buddy Biscuits I was thrilled to find they are becoming more readily available and priced well at some bigger ticket stores.

16 oz. Box of Buddy Biscuits (various flavors) 

Amazon ~ $4.10 + $4.95 shipping = $9.05

Local Dog Boutique ~ $7.79

Whole Foods ~ $6.49

Super Target ~ $4.39 *WINNER*

Do you have a tip on great pricing for a favorite dog product your pooch loves? Share it! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2 Dog Park Trips in 2 Days = Bath in the Baby Pool

Drippy Pogue
It's obvious from Lily's thrilled expression how much she is enjoying her bath.

Washing Lily's worries away!
* Don't you just love June? It's one of the few months of the year you can actually bathe your pooches outdoors. I fill up the old baby pool a few hours ahead of time so the sun will warm the water for bath time. Which I realize is nonsense since the dogs love the jump in the pool regardless, but it makes me feel better. The best part is it even takes Lily and Pogue a few minutes to realize they are actual getting a bath and not just having a pool party. After 2 days of dog park visits and mud wallowing, they were in need of some clean. ~ The Head Bitch

Good thing Lucky Fiona Collars are mildew resistant
because you need something to hold onto to keep Pogue in the water.

Dugan wisely hid inside.
Since he doesn't wallow in mud bogs he was dismissed from bath duty
today. Enjoy it have a grooming appt. in 2 weeks.

Monday, June 13, 2011

* New Feature* The Man Behind the Bitch

* Behind every awesome DogMom or DogDad is a kind, compassionate and ready-to-clean-up-the-dog-vomit partner. Once a month we will feature that special person whom you couldn't imagine not having by your side as you share your lives with four pawed pals. Know somebody that fits the bill? Tell us about them! You can win a free Head Bitch tee shirt! Email:

Zac performing spa duties this past weekend.

This Month's Man Behind the Bitch ~
Zac Crickenberger

What really makes a lady swoon? A man who freely and openly loves dogs and will do anything for them. A man who will make sure an "I live in a Southern Climate" basset hound doesn't get their paws cold in a freak  snowstorm. A man who will carry a not so nimble pooch up a steep flight of steps or kiss a dog full on the lips in front of his own human brothers. Talk about a catch. Let's talk about Zac!
Zac likes to make out with hounds.
Zac is 24 years old and married to long time Lucky Fiona fan Leslie. When first married in June of 2007 the happy couple had just 4 pooches, but big hearts for dogs in need soon added to their brood. The dog lovin' couple reside in the great state of Georgia with at any time 8 to 10 to something like 256 dogs. (just kidding,it's somewhere around 10) Leslie and Zac are rescuers who work very closely with the good folks at Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia . Their happy home is filled with golden retrievers, hounds of course and a wiley dachshund named Kirby. Most of the clan are permanent residents and some fosters, but all are loved equally. 
By day Zac is ironically a postal carrier which is traditionally a career choice where one fears dogs. Not this Southern Gentleman, he's all about the pups. Leslie reports she often swoons when Zac cuddles with failed foster attempt Mr. B and Zac literally drapes the dog over him for the simple reason it makes B very happy. 
Zac as a human Lucky Fiona Collar Rack. 
A guy who rescues and loves dogs with every ounce of his being? That's Zac. We thank Leslie for nominating him and we are proud to say Zac is one AWESOME "Man Behind the Bitch"

Saturday, June 11, 2011

When it Comes to Dog People Good Prevails...

You'd look this bad too if you sat outside all winter.
Just when I had given up hope of finding Lily's lost collar from the dog park last fall (see earlier post) I get a voice mail just a few days after my blog rant. Not only was this fellow park patron kind enough to call, she also left her name and phone number! So kind and concerned she also offered to drop my lost collar in the mail! What a switch from the vague and cryptic message from an earlier caller.

Laney's DogMom is a good egg.

So hat's off to kind-hearted fellow dog lover Amy. She and her sweet pooch Laney found Lily's very sad looking and weathered collar lost last September. Amy put the collar on the gate at the front entrance per my request. Hooray for kind-hearted dog park patrons! This Head Bitch thinks one good act deserves another so I am sending a custom Lucky Fiona collar to Laney as a token of gratitude. Thanks Amy for putting this collar mystery to rest. Hope to see you at the park soon, I'll recognize you by the well dressed dog.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Lucky Fiona Bottom of the Barrel CLEARANCE

We are clearing out fabric bins and have unearthed some super rare and retired Lucky Fiona prints! All collars in the shop are priced at $13 each! Super limited and super deals. All fabrics will be retired from current shop offerings in prep for the new website so don't miss out! Want to get free shipping on top of that? Simply become a blog follower and leave a comment here and we will forward you the free ship code. But wait! You are already a follower? Simple - email the Head Bitch at and request the code. Easy- peasy lemon squeezy. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Go Wide!

You don't have to be a Greyhound to wear an extra wide 2.0 inch width collar! Look at recently rescued Sally from the Valley! (Hudson Valley that is) She is one bold BITCH and wears that 2.0 wide custom "The Barry" Martingale with swagger! 
You don't need to tell Sally about style. She gets it.
Thanks to Sally's DogMom Beth for sending in her photos and also kudos for adopting a dog in need. You're one cool Head Bitch Beth! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blog Follower Contest Winner!

Leslie Crickenberger YOU are our winner! Thanks for being a blog follower and for getting a few pals to join too. You win a free Collar of the Month Subscription! Tell her more about it Sam!
(deep announcer voice booms)
"That's right Leslie, every month you will receive a custom made Lucky Fiona Collar in your mailbox. Contact the Head Bitch at to claim your prize! That's a $250 value and it's yours just for blog following! Wowza, congrats Lucky Lady!"
(announcer leaves because there is nothing else for him to announce and he gets paid by the word so really this is a small gig for him)
* Want a chance to win your dog a Lucky Fiona Collar customized to their size and personality? Easy! Simply become a blog follower and encourage like minded dog lovers to do the same! We'll draw another winner when we hit 100 followers, so get the word out. Be sure to leave a comment telling us who sent you if you were referred - the person who refers gets additional chances in the drawing. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Magical Moments with Our Dogs

Pogue trying hard not to notice appetizer snack pillows behind him.
Everybody wants at least one "magical" moment story with their dog. You know, the ones like you read about in James Harriot novels where our animal companions show a capacity for love and understanding we never knew imaginable. Moments that make your dog superior to Lassie saving Timmy's ass (again) in an abandoned well, barn fire or impending cattle stampede. You know what I'm talking about. The moments where you look at your dog and understand what all the hullabaloo is all about. Your dog is special. Your dog is amazing. Your dog is going to be in the next goddamn volume of Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul!
Sadly, most of the time your dog is just, well cute. Or obnoxious. Or doing things that make you seriously wonder if they were dropped on their head a lot as a puppy. Nobody is writing a Disney screenplay for a live action movie about an incredible golden retriever who breaks into the garbage bin and vomits on your duvet after eating rotten cheese. Yet these are the day to day activities of our dogs, which I guess makes it even more divine when they finally do something magical. 
I'll be honest. I did not have a lot of faith that Pogue was anywhere close to the magic. In fact I kind of resigned myself to the fact that this deaf little holy terror would provide comic relief to our lives and that would be his lot in life. We have accepted that we will never be able to put toilet paper at human usage level as long as he lives with us. I sneak couch pillows into the house like a crack addict so my husband doesn't see them Pogue has destroyed so many. My $85 sunglasses were found cracked in half floating in his doggie pool last week. This is kind of the way it goes with Pogue Mahone. Sure he understand sign language, but he also understands like a hearing dog that just because we are signing "return to me those boxer shorts you hijacked from the laundry bin" doesn't mean he has to. We call it deaf-dog-selective-hearing. 
So imagine my surprise today to have a full blown magical moment with Pogue. It was late afternoon and I was laying on the couch half watching a movie. A storm was rolling through so I had the curtains drawn and Lily who is storm phobic, pawing at me. I shifted on the couch and allowed her up close to me and wrapped her in the light blanket I had on me. She does better when swaddled so she was close to me wrapped in my arms, shivering in fear with every clap of thunder. I drifted off to sleep...
A few minutes later I felt a bit more crowded and felt Lily had stopped shaking. I opened my eyes to see Pogue had joined us on the couch. He was on the other side of Lily, completely stretched out and laying half over her. If we were a sandwich Pogue and I were the bread and Lily was the meat. He was licking her snout and then covering her chest with his head as if to say "I'm here, don't be scared." What was incredible was as long as Pogue was pressed up against Lily she did not shake and shiver and actually fell asleep while the storm finished it's path. 
It was so endearing I didn't move an inch and feigned sleep to see how long they would stay this way. Pogue stayed molded into Lily until the rain passed and then jumped up, ran to my desk and stole a pen which he proceeded to mangle. I know naysayers will argue this was a fluke, that Pogue didn't know any better what he was doing. But I know it was magic. It was two animals understanding what the other was in need of. It was a moment I will not soon forget and will try to hold onto next time Pogue is ripping my peonies out of the ground. If just for those few minutes...Pogue was good. That my friends is magic.