Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Whip It. Whip It Good.

Lily likes to accessorize with
her Whiparound!

The Whiparound is BACK!
A favorite of Lucky Fiona fans brought back by client request. This heavy duty dog toy will become your pooch's new favorite thing as it makes an excellent chew and tug toy. Completely machine washable and made of very high quality anti-pill fleece. Forget about those skimpy fleece toys you see at dog events, the Whiparound is 32 inches long and 2.5 inches thick and can handle heavy play like a champ. Order one today in the Lucky Fiona Shop - we've included FREE SHIPPING on these while supplies last! 

Pogue just wants to chew the heck out if his.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday Dealios

Cyber Monday Dealio!
Today only - Monday November 28th 2011 
Get select Winter Collar Styles for 33% off, that's right just $10 each! Pricing already discounted in shop and quantities are limited so shop now. Sale ends at midnight Central Time so catch them while you can! Lucky Fiona Website

Friday, November 25, 2011

ONE DAY SALE 50% off Entire SHop

Black Dog Friday Sale 50% off your purchase of any item in the shop! (Including Collar of the Month!)
To get savings simply put code:
BLACKDOGFRIDAY in at checkout! Stock up on gifts for your pooch and others for this once a year sale!
(if you are purchasing collar gifts for others just let us know so we can gift wrap them separately with your order - heck we'll even include a howliday gift tag!)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Loving us, loving our dogs...

Denny & Beatrix in deep conversation
about the power of puppy kisses and
how they can heal any woe in life.

With Thanksgiving Week upon us many people will be having family come into their homes and experience their animal companions up close and personal. There is nothing that makes a DogMom/Dad more filled with pride than when your dog or cat turns up the charm on a person staying in your home. My Father-in-Law Denny recently came into town from New York to stay with us for a few days and it just tickled me proud every time one of our dogs or cats would be so lovey-dovey they were utterly impossible to resist. Somehow we humans take credit for this, but really it's all testament to the openness and willingness to love that animals possess. For me news of a house guest is met with anxiety and worry...must have the linens ready, special meals planned, entertainment! Ahhh! But for our animal companions it's all gravy. "Hey, you're staying in my house? Cool. Let me curl up with you." It's that easy.
So as my loyal blog readers are frantic polishing silverware and checking the thread count on their guest room sheets, take a cue from our animal friends. Just relax, snuggle up to the new human in your house and know an open heart is all you need to have ready.
Lily providing my Father in Law with a much needed arm rest
during his visit to our house.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Say Cheese! Silly Photo Contest

Beatrix looking left, Pogue's eyes closed,
Lily's tongue out! Perfect!
It occurred to me today while attempting to snap a photo of our 3 setters that I need to stop immediately erasing reject shots as I take pictures. The goofy photos sometimes are more satisfying than the so called perfect shots where all the dogs are sitting like statues and looking straight at the lens.
Life sure isn't perfect, nor are my dogs, so why do I take 400 pictures attempting to get that one perfectly perfect shot? Sigh.

Send me a "bad" photo and I'll pick the best one to be posted here next week and the the winner will get a Lucky Fiona Custom Collar Gift Certificate. Show us what you got goofballs! Email your entries to

If this is not a Holiday 2011 card contender I don't know what is.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Styles and Holiday Collars!

Great time to check out the shop -  new styles released including some brand spankin' new Lucky Fiona Howliday Collars. 
*As with all seasonal fabrics, we are often unable to reorder so shop early for the best selection.

The Give Me A Prezzie
The Atomic Howliday

The Mocha Loca

The Kringle
The Howliday Red Plaid

The Apple Butter

The Squaresville
The Howliday Plaid Green
The Balsam & Spice and Everything Nice
One Hot Tomato

The Gobbeldygook

The Flaked