Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Guess this Means We Are Veterinarian Approved!

Quote of the day from one of our emails...

"You're the best - spreading your name and site around like a dirty rumor!!!"
- Sarah (A Real Live Veterinarian)

Friday, March 28, 2008

This Week's Friend of Fiona is...

Fiona has poured over the pictures, she has spent many a sleepless night contemplating, she has balanced all the factors...and this week's Official Friend of Fiona is...


Let's face it, there are not many things cuter than a floppy eared boxer and Daisy is just about the cutest floppy eared boxer we have ever seen. Look how adorable her pink Cherry Jubillee collar looks on her with her smoochy-poochy snout? Don't you just want to smoosh those gorgeous jowls of hers? Congrats Daisy - pick any collar out of our shop as your reward for being the Official F.O.F. this week. (if your boxer paw can't work the mouse on the computer have your Dogmom help you email us with your choice)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's Spring right?

We are TIRED of winter! It snowed in Chicago again today!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Product in the ol' Etsy Shop

Lucky Fiona Introduces Aluminum I.D. Tags

Well we're creative souls in the Lucky Fiona studio and we enjoy taking on new projects. We set out to make a new item for our Etsy shop to compliment our stylish collars and thought ID tags would be a great idea as well as an important thing for all dogs to wear. We love the aluminum tags we see at those high end doggie boutiques - but we don't love the high end price tags attached to them! Alex (Chief Fabricator and Best Hubby in the World) started tinkering with metals and came up with our own Lucky Fiona version. We think they are just as stylin' as the high end ones at half the price! Plus Alex gets to play with metal which face it sounds a lot more masculine than "I'm cutting pretty fabric for my wife". Check out our new tags at Etsy - we can't wait to see the creative sayings people will choose for them! (perhaps a contest?Hmmm...)

Monday, March 24, 2008

F.O.F. Meg Responds to High Honor of Winning Weekly Contest!

Dear Fiona,

I'm so excited that we are friends!! I had a friend once that looked like you, but my mom sent her away. I was so sad - I looked out the window for a week waiting for her to come back. (Mom says she got adopted and moved to California.) I'm so happy to have a new friend!! My mom brings all these gold dogs around and I don't like them very much. All they want to do is carry things around. They don't know anything about pointing birds. What do you like to do? I like to bark, bark, bark all the time. I also like to dig! I love how mud feels between my toes! I have a big yard with two big trees and there are lots of squirrels and birds. I spend all day patrolling the yard looking for bird and squirrel shadows and BARKING! I must be doing a really good job, because Mom says that she has been getting letters about my barking.

Right now at my house I have my sister Raleigh, a chocolate lab, and a foster brother and sister, Chance and Ally, that are Golden Retrievers. They are all old and don't like to play with me. I'll be 5 in July, so half as old as they are! I wish Mom would bring home a dog that likes to play.

We are a Lucky Fiona family and all wear your awesome collars. I love my "Silly Setter" collar. I'm an ACES dog and love helping other setters. Raleigh has the "Boxy Lady", Ally has the "Aunt Tilly", and Chance has the "Sharky". We are pretty much the best looking dogs in the neighborhood.

My mom is always taking dogs away and bringing home new ones. We're getting a new foster brother next week and our crazy Aunt Julie has already ordered him a collar of his own. She's pretty much out of control with the collar-buying, but I LOVE it! I wish I could wear two collars at a time to show them all off!

I attached some pictures of me (wearing my "Silly Setter" collar!) and one of me with everyone else. Since I do such a good job of watching the squirrels, my mom wants to get me the "Fluffernutter" collar. Squirrels beware!!

Thanks for making me your friend!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

This Week's Friend of Fiona...

This week's winner is super-special and a great way for us to spread the word about a very misunderstood breed and a tragic situation that took place in Atlanta. Pictured here is the beautiful Seven. How cute is she? She is one of the dogs that was confiscated by authorities from Michael Vick's dog fighting kennel. She has been under FBI protection and just recently has been able to go public and show the world how wonderful she is! She is in a terrific new home and is a great example of a warm and friendly pit bull. She is the spokesdoggie for CityDog Market which is opening soon in Atlanta and carries a full line of Lucky Fiona collars. Miss Seven looks darling in her Cherry Jubillee collar and we are happy to provide her with another free collar of her guardian's picking. She is a true example of a dog's ability to trust and show love even after being in unspeakable conditions. We've all followed the media reports in the Michael Vick case, it is wonderful to see one of the dogs so happy after such trauma. Congrat's Seven - you are Fiona's pick of the week.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Fiona Releases Comment to the Press

"Why I am the only one without a spokesfeline! When did everybody else get a spokesfeline? I want a spokesfeline! Wwwwhat? A cat? You mean that furry thing with claws that I like to chase and lick it's head is supposed to speak to the press for me? Of for the love of Sam, whatever."

Please direct all further inquiries regarding Fiona to Brody the Cat @

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Carter Responds through his Own Spokeskitty...

The spokesfeline for Carter replies:

"HRH Carter LeDoux would like to clarify that the lady's honor has not been compromised. The fair Fee has done nothing encourage Carter's advances aside from being gloriously lovely. Carter further expresses... *haaaaaaaaack haaaack hrrrrrrrk kak* ...sorry, hairball. Carter further expresses his regrets about his previous inflammatory statements towards Yoshi. Although he will most certainly continue to woo Lady Fiona he will allow her to make the (obvious) choice herself. He bears his rival no malice although he would be pleased to have Yoshi join him in a walk-off so that he can swish his big fluffy tail around and prance… *ahem* I mean, so that he can give Fiona a good look at her competitors. HRH will be in the northern New York area this summer for a… a what? a camping trip? … how common… uh… a… a wilderness expedition and would be happy to drop in on Yoshi and his lovely sister, Punkin, and the rest of the pack."

-Lord Kennebec Ghirardelli Rufftuff

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yoshi Breaks Silence through Spokesfeline!

(from left to right: Cosette, Yoshi in seclusion, Punkin incognito)

MEOWNBC~Countdown with Cosette
Cosette, Spokesfeline for Yoshi speaks out…
I’ve been asked by the pack to represent Yoshi. At this time Yoshi is unaware that his beloved Sweet Fee has strayed, and unaware that Carter, popular member of his ACES Family has been courting his sweetheart. We feel that it would be in Yoshi’s best interest to be shielded from the harsh reality of a love triangle (or a square or polygon for that matter, and what about that white boxer Keagan on the blog, is he involved too!)
Back to my buddy, Yoshi, we are keeping the shades drawn as the news cameras and pupperazzi are camped outside, Punkin, Yoshi’s adopted setter sister is acting as a decoy so Yoshi and go out without being spotted (not more than he already is), continue his squirrel watch and run the fence line without being noticed. We are unsure how much longer we can keep our sensitive setter Yoshi, protected from this unfolding drama.
About Yoshi-he is originally from Ohio, and was rescued from death row. He dislikes water sports and innocently continues to vote for Carter who is currently in the Febreeze Photo Contest.
Oh, nice cat collars by the way.

Who is the Dog Stealing Fiona's Heart?

Carter the English Setter (pictured here left and right)

Dateline 3/19/08 - He lives in Ohio. He likes water sports and is apparently a front runner in the Fabreze Pet Photo contest. But who is Carter? Who is the dog behind the rumors that we first reported on yesterday? Reports are now widely circulating that Carter has challenged Yoshi to a Zoolander-like walk off to show he is indeed the only dog to have Fiona's heart. Sources close to Fiona report that she is torn between the love of the two handsome pooches and is seeking spiritual guidance. Pupperazzi has been "hounding" Fiona since the news broke and she has taken to only leaving the house in sunglasses and traveling in large black SUV's. We're still waiting to hear Yoshi's side of the story, but one thing is for sure, Carter is not backing down anytime soon.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Love Triangle Rocks Lucky Fiona!

SCANDAL! (pictured from left to right : Yoshi, Fiona, Carter)

Sources close to Lucky Fiona spokesdog and super-doggie-model Fiona are reporting the lovely setter is involved in a love triangle that corporate officials are trying to keep mum! For months now Fiona has been devoted to boyfriend Yoshi - a rescued ACES English Setter who resides in Brooklyn, New York. As recently as Valentines Day the two were exchanging love notes via their Dogster websites and keeping their long distance romance alive. But sources that choose to remain anonymous say Fiona has caught the fancy of Carter, ironically also an ACES English Setter rescue who resides in Ohio. "Fiona has a bit of the wandering eye, and Carter has been flowering her with attention" reports a person close to Fiona. A friend of the setter also tells us "Carter has basically issued a challenge to Yoshi as he will stop at nothing to win Fiona's affections."
Meanwhile company Head Bitch Shannon Barry released this statement to the press "I can neither confirm nor deny the recent allegations made against our company spokesdog Fiona. I think what remains important here is that the media respects Fiona's privacy during this difficult time. To see our new spring styles go to"
Is this supposed romance all just a publicity stunt to sell more collars? Will Fiona break poor Yoshi's heart? Will Carter do whatever it takes to win the spotty paw of dear Fiona?
Check in soon as this story continues!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

This Week's "Friend Of Fiona" is Meg!

Lovely Meg is our lucky dog this week and the official "Friend of Fiona" weekly collar winner! She is the beautiful doggy-niece of Lucky Fiona client Julie from Texas who is just about our favorite customer ever. (well that is besides all our other customers who may be reading this) Meg is a darling English Setter rescue and Fiona wants to point out that there was no favortism in her winning this week's contest. Just because Fiona and Meg are both English Setter rescues is a pure coincidence. There was no dirty politics here! (just dirty paws because of all the mud lately)
Meg looks darling in the Silly Setter Stripe which benefits ACES. Meg is deaf but it doesn't slow her down one bit. She enjoys spending time with her sister Raleigh the chocolate lab and running around like a wild woman. She also enjoys barking at shadows, sticks, birds, leafs blowing in the wind and imaginary objects.
Congrats Meg! You win a free custom collar!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

We Love Love Letters

Looky here a rave review for Lucky Fiona Collars from one very satisfied customer!
Oh thank you so much for the wonderful Poindexter collar, our chi Dexter looks
so spanking fresh and hip, and it is such great quality, so much better than ANY we've looked at, we are thrilled, he hasn't tried to scratch it off, and we'll absolutely be back!In fact Dexter blogs at dogster and intends to brag about his lovely collar and leave a link to your etsy page.
Have a wonderful weekend, and again THANK YOU!!!!

Erin M.

Monday, March 10, 2008

This Week's "Friend's Of Fiona" Winners Respond to Winning New Custom Collars...

Jethro: "wellll, i don't rightly get all of the dang fuss about this collar stuff. i mean, they're purty and all but if i cain't eat it, then i ain't usually interested. but since my momma likes me to wear one all of the dang time, i guess i'd maybe like that there one with the spring chickens on it. thank you kindly, ma'am."

Scout: "ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod! someone thinks i look dandy? i mean, dandy?!?! that's, like, totally awesome and stuff! once i told all of the other dogs in the neighborhood they were like 'oh my god, scout! you are so totally awesome and we want to totally be just like you!' and i was like 'duh. i am, like, so totally awesome!' thank you thank you! i think i like the poindexter collar the best. it's, like, totally cute and it'll make me look smart and stuff. like, y'know?"

Friday, March 7, 2008

This Week's Friends of Fiona are...

Jethro & Scout hail from Austin in the great state of of course they are more bad ass than any other dogs in the whole dang country. Everything is more bad ass in Texas, right?
Scout is a yellow lab mix with one blue eye which she bewitches her enemies with. Jethro is redtick coonhound whom we imagine must speak with a deep Texan accent, I mean honestly how else could a coonhound sound?
Both look so dandy in their Lucky Fiona collars that we are naming them this week's Official "Friends of Fiona" Congrats, both of you have won a custom made collar of your choice! Their dogmommy Heather must be so proud!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Do Think About Other Things...

For those that think I just have tunnel vision when it comes to animals, today I prove you wrong. There is something else very important in my life that consumes my thoughts often. Another love in my life so to speak.
It is New York Pizza.
So enchanted am I that I have a photo of a New York pie on my work desk digital frame. So every so often when it shuffles to Frame #125 I can take a moment to sigh and drool. It's just not right that I am forced to live in the land of deep dish. It's just wrong I tell you, this Chicago style pizza, I mean why do we need that much crust? And toppings before the sauce? It's backwards and I will not accept it.
Okay, now that I have that off my chest we can go back to focusing on animal companions.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lucky Fiona Loves Kitties too...

Often people are either "dog people" or "cat people" but we here at Lucky Fiona are proud to say we adore both our feline and canine companions. We have finally perfected our patterns for kitty collars and are proud to present any of our fabric styles in a cat collar! We've gotten requests for awhile to do cat collars but we wanted to make sure that we could provide a cat friendly "breakaway" version and we have. Our cat collars will open if too much pressure is put upon the buckle, a safety feature to avoid any mishaps if a kitty gets their collar stuck on something. Our test marketers gave us the "paws up" so we are happy to present our creations to happy shoppers.
Our Lucky Fiona gives a howl of thanks to orange felines Jack and Fiona (hey! Love the name!) of New York who have been test marketing our products. This brother and sister duo are kitties with a high level of style and taste and they just love their Lucky Fiona Kitty Collars. Jack thinks the bell is great because it announces when he enters a room and that everybody should pay attention to him. Fiona loves the kitty charm and thinks it's high time somebody made a collar for cats that is just as fashionable as dog's have had.
Looking forward to hearing from cat lovers in the future and those people like us that share their lives with both pooches and kitties in harmony!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

F.O.F. - Be a "Friend of Fiona"

Are you a satisfied Lucky Fiona client who wants your dog to get their 5 minutes of fame? Send a photo of your pooch wearing one of our creations and we'll choose a weekly winner to be the official "Friend of Fiona". Email photos to or send through an Etsy convo. All "F.O.F's" will receive a free collar or a gift certificate for a free collar (in case they want to wait to order or gift to a friend) So keep those pictures coming! We just love them and could look at pictures all day fact my fantasy is to quit my day job and just oooh and ahh over sweet pup pics while collars just make themselves. Realistic, no?
This week's winner is the handsome Keegan! Congrats!

F.O.F. Alert

This week's Official Friend of Fiona...Keegan wearing "The Hank"!
Ahh yes, one of the best parts of this little dog collar business is seeing pooches from all around sporting Lucky Fiona style! This attractive gent is Keegan, whom Fiona now has a big puppy-love crush on. (who wouldn't? look at that sweet boxer face and floppy boxer ears!)
Thanks to his Dogmom for sending the photo and shopping with us. A free collar is yours to enjoy!