Friday, May 24, 2013

Makeover my Dog Lucky Fiona Contestant #873 Neena

Neena wants to be girlified.

Hi, Lucky Fiona!
This is Skywalker Borelli, Sky for short, and I wanted to tell you why I think my sister Neena needs a makeover. Back in the day she used to get spa days and have her nails painted and get all girlified. Well, then she discovered mud puddles at the dog park and while mud baths can be considered a spa item she looks more like a pig wallowing than a supermodel dog and so Mom quit taking her to the spa.
Lately, she seems to be sad and I think it is because she is the only girl in the Borelli Bunch now that Aspen went to the Rainbow Bridge. She doesn’t want to hang out with us 3 boys and I don’t know why since we are the coolest dogs on the block! I think it is because she feels ugly. She was probably made fun of or bullied before she became an ACES dog and Mom adopted her.
Mud bath
I think she needs to get out and about since I am always finding her either sleeping in Smokey’s crate or hiding in the bathroom. Duncan told me that Mom was talking about cancelling her gym membership and was going to start taking Neena for walks around the neighborhood. If she is going to be out in the world representing English Setters she sure could use a fancy makeover. I would buy her a new LF collar myself if I could figure out how to open my piggy bank.
Please consider Neena! I know it would brighten her up and maybe even Mom will take her to the spa again.
Much love and setter smooches,

PS - I have included Neena in her supermodel days, a mudbath pic, an everyday pic and a pic of me, of course!

Sky really cares about his sister to nominate her.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Makeover my Dog Lucky Fiona Contestant #587 Trinity

Trinity says "but I am elegant!" 

Hello there, To everyone at my favorite collar company; Lucky Fiona!!! My name is Trinity's Song of Ireland. I desperately need a makeover!!! I know I should be more elegant and stylish but I'm really a Tomboy at heart. I love rolling in the mud, I know I shouldn't, being I'm a well bred Irish girl, but I just can't help myself. But if I could have a Lucky Fiona collar subscription, at least I would look stylish!! Please consider giving me the best make over a girl could have!  :)

Love Always,
Trinity Marchetti

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Makeover my Dog Lucky Fiona Contestant #199 Teddy

And the Academy Award
for entry that made us cry the most
goes to Teddy! 
To see Teddy's submission click here:
Teddy's Story

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Makeover my Dog Lucky Fiona Contestant #511 Kassie

"I usually cover myself up with a throw or blanket is that I want to be clothed in a new collar monthly or else I have to hide." Kassie

Dear Head Bitch and guest judges,
I want to enter your make over contest.
My name is Kassie and I am an almost fourteen year old English setter. My birthday is November of 1999. I was adopted from ACES ( another chance for English setters) in December of 2005 and came to live in the beautiful region of northeasten PA, very near Lake Wallenpaupack.
I wound up in rescue because in my younger days, I was an escape artist. There was no fence high enough nor secure enough at the base that I could not jump over or tunnel under. I just had to go down to the pond and chase the ducks. It was in my blood. I am a bird dog, after all.
I led Dogmom a merry chase when I first arrived, but now not so much.
Dogdad said that this house was a dog Fort Knox as we have an invisible fence and a physical fence. If I jumped the gate, I would stay in the IF. Many was the time the dogparents had to come out and get me back.into the physical fence. I could jump incredible heights. However the beep warned me to stay close by.
My arthritis makes it hard for me to jump the fence anymore but I still enjoy digging big holes in the yard.
I take famotadine daily for my sensitive stomach and I eat special food for my condition that I would sometimes rather not eat. Makes Dogmom crazy when I won't eat.
I am not fond of the camera and I am very fussy about treats, so I can not be bribed to pose for the photographer. This is unlike the other dog in this house, my sister, Snowball.
I do love her. I have to look out for her all the time. If she is outside and wants to come in, then she sits on the porch and waits patiently. She does not bark, hardly ever. I tell Dogmom or Dogdad that she needs to come inside. Snowball likes to be outside where I like to be inside. It works out for the bestl.
I like my comforts. Being under a blanket or throw is just the best.
I adore all people, but small children are the best. I am so patient and kind and all I want to do is give them kisses. Dogmom tells me there is to be a new baby in the house in the fall. This is very exciting news for me even though the new baby will not be here all the time.
Please consider me for a make over, Lucky Fiona..
Your friend,
Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
~Roger Caras~

Makeover my Dog Lucky Fiona Contestant #924 Jackwood Elvis

Jack feels good, alright, oh yeah, hey, hey hey! 

Submission by Jackwood E. Logan.  The “E” is for “Elvis, by the way.


Peggy is so busy taking care of Moi that she hasn’t submitted an entry to the Lucky Fiona Makeover contest.

In truth, when I hear the word “makeover” I think of “bath” and “toenail clippers”.  Ouch!  I hate those.

But then I found out that if I win this contest I will win a COM!  Wowsa!  That got my attention!    You see, I heard Peggy say recently that I already have eight Lucky Fiona collars and that my wardrobe is more stylish than hers, so I don’t need any more right now.  Let me just say this about that.  One is a Christmas collar so I can’t wear that year round, so that one doesn’t even count.  Seven collars are not enough for a stylish dog like me!!

AND I LOVE my Lucky Fiona collars.  I’m a rescue dog and I used to walk around with my tail between my legs, but when I am wearing a Lucky Fiona collar I just FEEL good, you know?  When I am wearing a Lucky Fiona collar my tail just won’t STAY between my legs - up, up, up it goes, like a flag waving back and forth as I saunter down the street.  God, I look good!!

So I DO need more Lucky Fiona Collars - it’s like getting your hair done, ladies!

Let me describe my makeover needs. 

Pros:  I have lots of natural attributes - nice conformation, long silky hair, big brown eyes, and a long tail.

Cons:  I do tend to lick my chest a bit which makes it fluff up and look messy.  I used to do that in the “shelter”  where I was imprisoned for 6 months because I was so bored and scared.  I used to lick my legs and paws too, but I don’t do that so much any more.  I have a couple of teeth that were worn down when I got Peggy.  She says it is because I chewed on the metal bars of my prison.  I’m thinking if I am wearing a snazzy Lucky Fiona Collar, no one will notice my teeth, because I DAZZLE in my Lucky Fiona collars!

I don’t like to have my paw fur trimmed, so I look like a hobbit. 

And there is my tail.  I don’t like to have it brushed.  Full stop.  But I do like attention and I do like to be brushed all over so when Peggy gets to my tail, instead of running away, I get closer to her.  That’s right, closer. I get as close as I can and I sit on my tail - so close, she puts her arm around me and gives me a kiss on the head.  This makes me very happy!

P.S.  I also have stinky belly.
In closing, Please Please pick me and keep a little rescue dog's tail flying high!
Thank you!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Makeover my Dog Lucky Fiona Contestant #641 & #642 Lillie & Gemma

Lillie is not afraid of a little deer poop.

Lillie would like to win a make over because since her little sister came along, she is getting less attention. Her sister is super jealous and lillie needs something to make her pop out in a crowd a little better. Not to mention that Gemma eats her collars and drag her around on the floor by them. Lillie also has a tendency to roll in nasty deer poop and mud puddle so we do a lot of collar changing around here.

Gemma would like to win her very own make over because she is a white dog that doesn't mind getting dirty. In fact, I bathe her almost every week and have to wash her collars every 3-4 days. Gemma loves nothing more than running through mud puddles or rolling in rabbit poop. She would like her very own custom collars so she has extra ones to change into when she gets too dirty

Gemma likes her mud!

Makeover my Dog Lucky Fiona Contestant #643 Della

To View Della's Submission click
here: Della's entry

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Makeover my Dog Lucky Fiona Contestant #628 Bailey

Bailey is a man who knows style
and isn't afraid to flaunt it!

My name is Bailey but you might have known me when I was called Rocky Fallon. You see, OESR rescued me from a very bad situation last year and I got to meet some wonderful people even though I was very scared of them and spent a few months living with a very nice lady in the mountains. It sure snows a lot there! I finally met my new mom and dad early this year and now I'm home with them and learning how wonderful it is to have a family that loves me, a nice comfy bed to sleep in, and plenty of food and water.

However, I have a big problem: I have two sisters and they are far better dressed than I am. I came with a very nice, old LF collar and my new dad got me a new LF collar of my own which I like, but my sisters have quite a few LF collars and when they play dress up, I can't play even though I'd really like to. My mom doesn't understand why we have to have so many different collars. She just doesn't understand how important it is for us to be fashionable and well dressed when we meet new people and other dogs! But my dad understands and tries to keep us in the latest fashion but he says that keeping the three of us in fashion is a big challenge!

My LF collars make me feel very special and help me to get over my anxieties. You see one ear is shorter than the other, my eyes aren't quite even and I walk a little funny but my special collars give me the confidence to be a happy guy and let my real personality come out. If you choose me to be your special makeover subject, I promise I will wear each of my new collars proudly and have my dad put pictures on that FaceBook thing so everyone can see how great I look.


Bailey Shefflette

Makeover my Dog Lucky Fiona Contestant #712 Derby (not Darby)

Derby needs therapy
because her sister is
a supermodel. Poor pup. 
To view Derby's video submission 
click here: Derby's entry

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Makeover my Dog Lucky Fiona Contestant #924

Joe is wearing a 4 year old collar...sigh. 

Dearest Lucky Fiona,

I'm DESPERATE for a makeover! My name is Mr. Joe, I'm an 11 yr old Boston. Even with all the loving I get, my collar is over 4 yrs old, 4 yrs!! *head hung in shame* I happen to have been diagnosed with Cushing's Disease and Diabetes and I'm constantly at the vet. Those amazing people have to see me in the same outfit month after month, it's a tragedy I tell you. At home, I not only have a kitty sister and a human brother, but to top it off, I have a new human brother or sister on the way in only 5 short weeks. I'm a boy who could use a little extra attention. I've included a picture of myself to give you a taste of the fun I have with my family despite their lack of attention to my everyday attire - Thank you for hearing my plead.

A forever fan,
Mr. Joe Szumski

Makeover My Dog Lucky Fiona Contestant #528 Ellie

Ellie is a self proclaimed "Hot Mess"
Oh my Lucky Fiona, I really need a makeover.  You see my Mom she loves me and she tries to keep my coat nice and neat, but it's always a "Hot Mess".  The children we meet on our walks say that one is Ellie she has "Big Hair".  It would be really nice if they referred to me as Ellie the setter with the really pretty collar.  You know collars to dogs are like necklaces to ladies...  We love to look pretty and wear pretty jewelry just like you ladies do.  The last time I saw the dogter, they laughed at all my feathers cause even with brushing and baths those feathers sometimes look like dreadlocks.  Lucky Fiona collars are soooo pretty and when a new collar arrives, I feel very special and well... Lucky to wear it.  So... I'm not a dirty messy dog, but I am a dog who needs new collars to make her feel special and look beautiful. 
Thank you for considering me for your contest.  Please make sure to let my Mom, June, know if you pick me.
Ellie VanDemark

Oh Ellie, don't stick your tongue out at style!

Monday, May 6, 2013

2nd Annual Makeover My Dog Lucky Fiona Contest!

Its that time again...    

                  The 2013 
Makeover My Dog 
Lucky Fiona Challenge!
Is your dog in a style rut? Does your dog often get passed over for attention at the dog park and vet office by more trendy and fashion forward pooches? Well your pup just may have what it takes to be our "Makeover" winner! We want to hear why your dog needs a little revamp in the style department. Winner gets a Collar of the Month subscription which will provide 12 continuous months of high fashion quality collars to your doorstep - a $199-$270 value. So tell us why your dog deserves to be madeover? Entries accepted now through midnight May 15th. Entries must be emailed to and the email title MUST say "Makeover my Dog Lucky Fiona" 
BE CREATIVE!Judges will be looking for originality! 
*Written entries must include a high resolution photo and must be 400 words or less. Videos or slide show entries also accepted. Please note submission of any materials to Lucky Fiona is permission to re-publish on the Lucky Fiona blog/website or on our Facebook page. Any transmission/technical issues in submissions is not the fault of Lucky Fiona and we cannot judge materials that are not properly submitted by midnight May 15th. Questions? Email 
So tell us Lucky Fiona friends...
Why is your dog in need of a Makeover?
2012 Winner Molly England
Her life changed
dramatically after
winning last year's