Thursday, September 30, 2010


Buy ANY Collar and get One FREE! Any style! Simply Purchase any item in our Etsy shop and list code "FALLFRENZY" in NOTES section along with FREE collar choice. LIMIT 3 FREE collars per household. TODAY only 10/30/10. Martingale and Extra Wide surcharges apply. DO NOT put free collar choices in cart or sale will be void. Don't forget to mention sizing needs in notes as well. Email or Etsy convos w/questions prior to ordering if unsure of how to take part of deal. Feel free to cross post.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This Weeks Official Friend of Fiona is Cosmo!

Hi there,
Here is my adorable female Boston Terrier – Cosmo, in her new Halloween collar. It is Boo-tiful!
Kristen & Cosmo
*Thanks Kristen for sending in adorable Cosmo's photo! We are pleased to announce she is this week's official Friend of Fiona and wins a FREE custom made collar! Please contact us to claim this awesome prize. For the rest of you pooch and kitty lovers, submit your photos to for consideration. Please remember your animal companion must be wearing Lucky Fiona in the photo to be an Official Winner. Thanks and good luck!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yippee for Harold! FREE SKULLY COLLAR W/Purchase Today and Tomorrow!

Harold Found a Home! Through the great efforts of OESR - Harold was pulled from the shelter today and has secured a home in Wisconsin! HOORAY! Let's celebrate this black and white pooch finding his way home with a cool black and white collar deal:
FREE SKULLY COLLAR with ANY purchase Today and Tomorrow. 9/23 & 9/24 only. Purchase any collar and then write the code 'HAROLD' in Notes of Etsy transaction and sizing needs and we'll add a FREE Skully collar in with your order. Limit 3 Free Skully Collars per household - extra wide and martingale surcharges still apply. While supplies last.
Email with any questions!

Urgent Foster Home Needed

*Cross post from OESR - URGENT - The shelter has agreed to not euthanize this dog TODAY as OESR is desperately trying to find a foster home for this guy. He is a sweet senior dog the shelter in Michigan is in love with - they simply don't have room or resources for him. He is emaciated and dirty, but his personality shines through. OESR will pay vet bills - just need a foster. Can you help? Email: or any of the contacts at

Last day for Harold! Cross post- this guy just needs a spot where he can lay on a dog bed and get some pets. Please make his last days here on earth good ones. I am sure he hasn't had many. Lets show him that people do care. He shouldn't have to die alone and ill in a shelter. He is in Michigan. Please decide you have room and a dog bed for this guy.
* Do you know anybody in Michigan that can assist? Please cross post!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

We Love Fabrics!

Here at Lucky Fiona we use only the highest quality of vintage reproduction fabrics that we take the utmost care in handling. We would never let a setter puppy steal your collar off the cutting table and drag it outside through the doggy door. (and in the unlikely event this would even happen we would certainly immediately re-make said collar...if it ever happened, which we're not saying it would, but if it did, we'd start your order over.) We also would provide a look-out dog to make sure no other humans sees this happening. You know, hypothetically.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Slight Delay for 9/3/10 Orders

Dear Loyal Clients Who Placed Orders 9/3/10 -
Just imagine the smell of fresh baked cookies and know your order is getting completed!
The Buy 2 Get 2 Free orders purchased from 9/3 are slightly delayed in getting out and are in the last phase of batch sewing. Delay due to my hubby's same- day surgery Monday and recovery yesterday and spending most of my sewing time today at the vet with Pogue the puppy! Orders will be shipped out in next 2 days - appreciate your patience, worth it for such a great deal. Email with any questions and thanks!
- Shannon

Head Bitch and Dang Good Baker

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

FREE Pally Collar - Today 9/14/10

FREE PALLY Collar with any purchase today!
Simply list the word 'Pally' in order NOTES along with any other ordered items. 1 FREE per client. Today only. Extra wide and martingale surcharges apply. Email with any questions.
FREE PALLY Collar with any purchase today!
Simply list the word 'Pally' in order NOTES along with any other ordered items. 1 FREE per client. Today only. Extra wide and martingale surcharges apply. Email with any questions.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Leave It! Freebie Collar TODAY!

Wednesday Dealio 9/8/10 ~
FREE "Leaf It" Collar w/Any Purchase!
The leaves are changing and Fiona says give the people and their stylish pooches a Fall Freebie! Simply Purchase any collar in the shop and list in NOTES SECTION ONLY the code "Leaf It" and we'll include a FREE custom Leaf It Collar with your order! 2 Free Collars per household (with purchase of 2 or more collars) Martingale and Extra Wide Width surcharges still apply. Convo on Etsy or Email for details or any questions.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Puppy Love

This is Pogue. He's 5 months old. He's deaf. He's a setter. Formula for mayhem in any typical household.
Except we're not typical.
My husband and I have lived with setters for the last 15 years. We have discovered we are completed jaded by setter hi-jinks. When Pogue jumps into the bathtub and leaps up to steal the loofah hanging on a hook and then looks at us like "Yeah, I got it suckers" our response is to well... giggle.
It's not normal.
So smitten by this breed we have come to know their every move and motive. We will commonly say to each other "well THAT was rather Setterish" or "oh, my that was an A-Plus Setter Move". We so love these dogs that their deviance has become charming. My husband has a very well thought out theory that everybody in a multi-setter household was lured into the lifestyle with a "Sucker Setter". This is an unusually well behaved, serene and perfect dog. 15 years ago we had our dear Seamus. The Irish Setter rescue that never needed a leash, never counter-surfed, was best friends with the cat and never destroyed anything and charmed everyone he met. On his deathbed I searched my mind for one naughty thing he ever did and there was nothing. He was the perfect dog.
So why not rescue another setter? (this is where setter karma bites you on the ass)
Dugan was and is the world's most misbehaved dog. After 10 years with him we are so use to his anticipated naughtiness we have molded our lives around it. We have special doors and knobs to keep him out of places he likes to rampage (like the pantry) We have not left a shoe out or a food item unattended on the counter, stove top or grill since his arrival. He's never going to be leashed trained. Save your breathe. I've been to trainers, vet behaviorists and spent $600 on no-pull training devices. I walked him one summer rain or shine 100 days in a row in an attempt to tame his leash-frenzy. He is 12 years old folks, he still acts like a wild mustang on a leash. My therapist has told me to just accept it and move on with my life.
More setters followed - Caelan the Irish and Fiona the English. Their occasional slight naughty behavior was taken in stride. We worked hard on rewarding them for not following any type of Dugan example. Really nothing they have ever done holds a candle to what we were used to and then the Setter Gods above sent us Lily.
Lily the little pocket setter might as well have had "Sucker Setter" stamped on her forehead. Sweet, demure, tiny and velcroed to my side. She listened when called. She would never take something that was not hers. She sits on the floor in the bedroom and tilts her head as if to say "Perhaps I could join you on the bed? Only if you invite me silly, anything else would be rude!"
So thrilled with Lily we were lured into a state of mind that taking another setter would not be so bad. After all, look at Lily!
Then last week came Pogue, or as we like to call him "Dugan Junior".
He should have rocked our world. But he kind of just rumbled it a bit. He sits next to my Buddha statue in the garden with my dianthus hanging out of his mouth...roots dangling. I laugh and wonder if he is seeking zen. He scales the furniture like a mountain goat and panics when he can't navigate himself off a corner coffee table without dropping the coaster he's gnawing. We snicker and discuss if we should get tile coasters next time we go to Target as they are more durable. We love him.
Underneath all the puppy trouble making is a brilliant dog. He knows his sign language thanks to his incredible foster mom Danica, and is so smart he picks and chooses when he wants to actually acknowledge our frantic fingers signing "no!" His fur is soft and when he cuddles he melts all over you like hot butter. When he gets sleepy and gives your face soft kisses you don't care if he destroys your world like a hurricane. You just feel so in love.
I think underneath it all he may be a "Sucker Setter" too. You just have to look very hard and listen with your heart. Just as he cannot hear we have to tune out some of the naughty too and watch the signs. All signs point to love at this point.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Buy 2 Collars Get 2 Collars FREE SALE!

Friday Hurricane Fiona SALE! BUY 2 Get 2 FREE!
Simply order/pay for 2 collars IN YOUR cart and LIST 2 FREE COLLARS IN NOTES. Today only. 9/3/10 * Limit 4 FREE collars per household. Extra wide and martingale surcharges still apply. Convo w/questions

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This Week's Friends of Fiona are Oskar & Jack! are photos of the dogs for the weekly photo contest. I just love your collars and am a big Lucky Fiona fan!
Oskar is in the "Wonder"and Jack, the ES is in the striped "Carter" collar for OSER.
* Thank you Jennifer for sending in such lovely pictures of your sweet pooches. We are pleased to announce they are this week's official winners and Friends of Fiona! Please contact us at with your picks of free custom collars for Oskar & Jack! Woof!