Friday, February 12, 2016


Love Match #1 - Finch and Riley

Beatrix's Hollywood Couple Moniker - FiRi

Beatrix thinks these two will first bond over their love of tennis balls but then quickly realize there is more in common than round bouncy objects. Why they both also have deep deep love for their Mommies. (i.e. they can carpool to therapy together to explore this unhealthy attachment) Finch will fall in love with nuzzling Riley's velveteen ears and Riley will go ga ga over Finch's flopsy tongue. After all what girl doesn't love when a boy sticks his tongue out at her? First Kiss will take place - When both refuse to give up the same tennis ball. 

Love Match #2 - Maggie and Darwin

Beatrix's Hollywood Couple Moniker - MagWin

Beatrix thinks these two sweet pups are a match made in heaven. Both are do-gooders who are sweet as pie and love to give kisses. Darwin has a thing for burgers and Maggie loves salmon so Beatrix anticipates their first kiss will be over a surf and turf romantic dinner! Since both are seeking snuggles Bea thinks these two will form a cute little kelpie-bo-jack-pretzel of soft fur!

Love Match #3 - Zoey and Amadeus 

Beatrix's Hollywood Couple Moniker - ZoAmi

This independent couple work according to Beatrix because both know the importance of giving each other space and in today's techno-savvy world its not just's on trend! Dating will mainly happen over Skype and texting for these two. They'll have 3 hour FaceTime sessions discussing their love of chicken and distrust of people who come to the front door. 
First Kiss - Beatrix predicts this will happen via Avatar in a video game. That way nobody actually has to touch one another or disrespect each other's space...but the emotion is there! 

Love Match #4 - Harry and Isabel
Beatrix's Hollywood Couple Moniker - HarBel or IzzaRy

Beatrix feels these felines are a truly purr-fect pair and not just due to the fact they are the only two cats that entered the contest. Isabel thinks she's a bearcat and Harry believes himself to be a royal. They're both a little nuts which is what makes them an even stronger couple. Delusions are strong in romance. 
First kiss - While Harry is preparing for his coronation Isabel is using her ninja moves behind a thick velvet curtain to sneak up on him and lay a wet one on him. 

Love Match #5 - Gracie and Scout 
Beatrix's Hollywood Couple Moniker - GraSco 

Beatrix first linked this couple together over a love of stuffies but they are much deeper than that! Have you seen a better looking couple? With Scout's sweet spots and Gracie's big smile these two kids can't lose at love! Plus they both are on limited diets to keep their tummies on track.
First Kiss - Neither are big on kissing so they prefer to swap stuffed toys as a symbol of their love. 

Love Match #6 - Adele and Hank Williams (H-Dub)
Beatrix's Hollywood Couple Moniker - DelDub

Beatrix calls these two her ultimate power couple. They are the Brad and Angelina of the Lucky Fiona collar wearing family. With startling good looks and personality these two are ready to walk the red carpet or bark at the mailman with picture perfect poise. A smattering of sexy spots between them we expect these good looking love birds to adopt a bunch of puppies from foreign countries and buy a villa in France to raise them in. 

First kiss - After a star studded paw-ty H-Dub would take Adele to a moonlit terrace and smooch her till her toes curled. Paparazzi would capture the whole moment from the bushes. 

Love Match #7 - Billie & Xaver 
Beatrix's Hollywood Couple Moniker - BilVer

Beatrix calls this her Cougar-young-buck romance of the year. Billie is wise and has seen the world. She's had puppies and lived in a shelter, she's seen things. But she's full of happy energy and needs someone to keep up with her. Xaver is a happy young adult with more good looks and bravado than he knows what to do with. Billie is Mrs. Robinson and Xaver is whoever Dustin Hoffman played in that movie. Can't you see Billie seductively taking her stockings off while drinking a cocktail? Xaver sitting there dumbfounded?
First kiss - Xaver licking Billie's head sloppily while she takes his paw and teaches him how to kiss her snout slowly and with purpose! Billie will be the woman that teaches Xaver all about the world. 

Love Match #8 - Emma and Randy
Beatrix's Hollywood Couple Moniker - RandEm

Beatrix adores this LOVE MATCH because its two of the sweetest snouts around. Emma and Randy both know what's important in life and that is forever families and coming from rescue and appreciating love! Both adore stuffies and their canine siblings. Beatrix thinks these two have a real shot at making it the distance because they are so down to earth and have kind eyes. After all eyes are the window to the...squirrel! Did you see that squirrel?
First Kiss - While sharing a peanut butter filled Kong toy their eyes meet and then slowly, slowly Randy moves in for the deep smooch. 

Love Match #9 - Beatrix and Mason
Beatrix's Hollywood Couple Moniker = MaBea

The beauty of being the Matchmaker is that you can pick out your own LOVE MATCH and nobody can say Boo. Beatrix has a sparkle in her eye for sweet Mason. She likes his deep amber eyes and soft fur and that he too wants to rid the world of geese. Beatrix realizes dating the Matchmaker is a high profile relationship but she thinks Mason can handle it because he lives with a strong Head Bitch already so he knows how to roll with it.
First Kiss - After a run at Springbrook dog park the "it" couple go to drink from the same water bowl and tongues and snouts get all mixed up in slobbery passion.

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