Wednesday, February 3, 2016


The Basics
Dog's Name: 

Dog's Gender: Female
Dog's Breed: Bedlington Whippet cross or Wirehaired Terrier cross
Name of Guardian: Elaine T
Guardian's email address:on file
Where was dog born: In a galaxy far, far away. (We aren't sure.)
Where does dog reside now: On a farm in Factoryville, PA.
Rescue? What organization: Griffin Pond Animal Shelter
About You
What everybody notices first about you: 
My fur.  Humans alway think the colors of my fur are pretty, and they call me "scruffy."

Do you win others over with looks or personality, explain: 
Definitely my charming, witty, and exuberant personality wins the day.  That and my ability to do a facial impersonation of a small monkey.

One word starting with "P" to describe you: 
Favorite thing to bark like a maniac at : This is very difficult, because there is a tie between the entire population of Northeastern squirrels and the UPS man.
Favorite person: Mom, Mom, Mommy, Mom, Ma, Mom
Favorite other animal: Piper the deaf Border Collie because he plays like a Terrier.  But I really like everyone.

Favorite human food: 
Cheese pizza.

What human celebrity would play you in a Lifetime movie: Carol Burnett.  She has the same facial expressions, and she is perky.
Favorite Lucky Fiona collar and why: The Okey Dokey Artichokey because my Mom says I look the best in that collar, and because she named it, and that's why she was able to remember the name (she doesn't do names very well).  But I really do look great in that collar.

What Dog is Looking for in Perfect Match
Male? Female? Open?: 
I'm looking for a boy who likes squirrels, never gives up, plays hard and gives kisses.  He also needs to be able to keep up with me when I run the fence line.
Are you a serial dater or looking to settle down? Looking to settle down.  I like routine and once I'm comfortable with something or get my mind set on something, it's hard to get me away from it.
Zero tolerance for this in another dog: You can't steal my toys. You can try, but I will hunt you down and get them back.

What kind of kisser are you: 
I give tiny little kisses and hugs.

Favorite place to snuggle: Anywhere near Mom, Mom, Mommy, Mom, Ma, Mommy Mom.

First love: 
My puppies and my sister, Molly.  I had six puppies at the shelter.  They all found good homes and so did my sister, and so did I. 

What does the term "love" mean to you?  
Love means never having to say "HEY YOU....GIVE ME BACK MY TOYS!"

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