Monday, February 8, 2016


The Basics

Dog's Name: Emma
Dog's Gender: Female 
Dog's Breed: English Setter
Name of Guardian: Marcie P.
Guardian's email address: on file
Where was dog born: my mom thinks Washington.. I don't really remember but Seattle would be neat wouldn't it?
Where does dog reside now: Ohio
Rescue? Yes... What organization: Our English Setter Rescue

About You
What everybody notices first about you:  my eyes
Do you win others over with looks or personality, explain: both , but I seal the deal with my kindness and my comedic nature..
One word starting with "P" to describe you: patience
Favorite thing to bark like a maniac at : mysterious things out side the fence when I am outside by myself. 1) you can never be too careful and 2) it guarantees that I won't be outside by myself for long BOL.. those silly boys I live with always come running
Favorite person: I love my mom and dad
Favorite other animal: Do stuffed Animals count? Cuz I luv stuffies.. If not I do adore my brother Jack.
Favorite human food: everything of course.. if it's good enough for you then I want it.
What human celebrity would play you in a Lifetime movie: Melissa McCarthy
Favorite Lucky Fiona collar and why: the Dapple Memorial Collar
What Dog is Looking for in Perfect Match
Male? Female? Open?: Male
Are you a serial dater or looking to settle down? I am going to be 6 years old this year..I think I am ready to settle down
Zero tolerance for this in another dog: I don't like bullies, humping, or stealing.   I love to share but If you steal my stuff I will stalk you all over the yard till you give it back.
What kind of kisser are you: I give soft kisses
Favorite place to snuggle: in my mom's bed
First love: my first family.. but my new forever family is the best and I even love Gideon.
What does the term "love" mean to you? faithful adoration. . I will love and adore you no matter what. .

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